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Crescent Hope

Post Breaking Dawn, how will 16 year old Nessie react when Jacob tells her something that happened between them when she was just a baby? Meanwhile, all over Forks and the Reservation the wolves are being attacked by something... indestructible...


1. Race

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1. Race


Life was pretty good right now. You’d think being a half human-half vampire teenager would be awkward, but I loved it.

I was born 6 and half years ago, even though I’m 16 right now. My dad is a vampire, and my mom was human when I was born, although she’s a vampire now. I grow and learn much faster than humans. My parents don’t age, so my dad is 17 and my mom 18. Soon I won’t age either. I live in Forks, Washington. It rains almost everyday, and the days it doesn’t it’s very cloudy.

The only problem with being like this was that there were so many childhood things I missed, mainly because I hadn’t had a childhood. One of these things was school.

Sure, once I stopped growing I could go, but I never got to have any friends either. The only people I knew outside my family were family friends whom I rarely saw, and the few people who knew what I really was.

There were occasions when I went out with my mom or dad into town, but if we bumped into someone they knew, I had to be ‘a visiting friend’. It kind of got a bit lonely sometimes, being such a rarity, and not knowing many people.

I sleep and have a heartbeat, unlike my parents, and aunts and uncles and grandparents... well the vampire ones anyway. They aren’t really related, my grandpa Carlisle created my grandma Esme, my Aunt Rosalie, my Uncle Emmet, and my dad, Edward. My other aunt and uncle, Alice and jasper, kind of just showed up years ago, long before my mom came along. My dad made my mom, Bella, a vampire soon after I was born. We are the Cullen family.

I’m proud to be this hybrid of half-human/half-vampire, it’s who I am. Besides, I fit in better with humans than my family. Although my skin isn’t as icy cold as theirs, it is a little warmer than humans. My skin doesn’t sparkle in the sun like theirs, it glows. My eyes are the same beautiful chocolate brown that my mothers were before she became a vampire, which I love. My family’s eyes are all ranging from gold to black- depending on how ‘thirsty’ they are. They aren’t like usual vampires, they only hunt animals. I’m as fast and tough as my family, which is definitely a plus/ I can live on animal blood or human food, but to be honest human food is lumpy, slimy and tastes horrid most of the time. There are only a few human foods I’m willing to eat, eggs are one of them. Whenever I asked her why I loved eggs so much, she looked like she would blush if she still could, and mumbled something about a honeymoon. I figured I was better off not knowing.

“Nessie, honey, are you coming with us?” I heard a voice ask behind me. It was my dad. He had kind of short bronze coloured hair; he was lean like me, and around 6feet tall. I looked almost exactly like him, except my hair was almost down to my waist in beautiful ringlets. I get my curly hair from my human grandpa Charlie, my mom’s dad.

I hadn’t seen Grandpa Charlie is a while. He was one of the two humans who knew that my family and I weren’t exactly human. Although he didn’t want to know the whole story. I was glad he knew. I really loved him, and it would be awful if I couldn’t see him. I suddenly realized my dad was still waiting for an answer.

“Ness?” he asked again, getting my attention.

“Oh sorry. Where are you going?” I asked curiously.

“Your mom and I are going hunting.” He replied. Only now I noticed how dark his eyes were, they were almost the exact same dark golden brown colour as Jacob’s skin I compared absentmindedly.

Jacob was one of my best friends, and a werewolf for part of his life. He could phase from human to wolf anytime he wanted. It was so cool. I hadn’t seen him lately. Maybe he could come with us...

“No Jacob is... uh... out of town, sorry sweetie,” It was kind of annoying sometimes that he could read minds. Everything you were thinking he knew instantly, my mom was the only lucky one in this house, her mind was shielded somehow, and he couldn’t read her thoughts.

My dad looked kind of awkward. I thought nothing of it though, my dad didn’t like Jacob much. “No thanks, I’m not thirsty so I’ll pass.” I murmured, finally answering his question. Alice was taking me shopping soon anyway, and my dad spent ages hunting. He and my mom ran so slow. When we ran full speed it was like lightning, they barely ran faster than a human pace.

He chuckled once the ruffled my hair as he walked past. “I’ll see you later then; don’t max out Alice’s card whilst you’re out!”

I was planning a whole new wardrobe, so I wouldn’t make any promises. I heard him chuckling again outside, as he was listening to what I was thinking. I picked up a magazine off the glass coffee table, and started to leaf through it.

It was a few hours later when Alice’s small slender frame shot down the stairs, so fast she was almost a blur, an excited smile on her tiny face. A dark pixie bob was framing her face, the spiky ends coming out in all directions. It was her classic look. Her dark golden haired husband Jasper followed behind her, they were always together.

“Hey Alice, hey Jasper.” I said over my magazine.

“Hey Nessie,” she grinned, “Guess what I just had a vision of!”

Alice had strange powers like my dad, except hers weren’t annoying. She could see into the future. The problem was that she couldn’t see anything to do with me or Jacob and the other members of the wolf pack.

I put down my magazine. “Tell me,” I smiled back, her moods were contagious, or maybe that was just Jasper. He could change someone’s’ mood, just by being in the same room as them. He could make you feel any emotion at all. Plus, he came in handy during fights, I’d been told. “You know I’ll never be able to guess.”

“That shoe store in town just got those shoes in you’ve been waiting for, I reserved them for you, and we can go get them later!”

“Oh my god, thank you Alice so much!” I sang as I hugged her. Alice knew I had a weakness for shoes and anything to do with fashion, that’s why we went shopping together so much. “So when can we leave?”

“Maybe in about an hour, Rose wants me to help her get out all her summer clothes, and believe me, there are loads! Almost as many as me!” She laughed.Rosalie was renowned for her fashion sense, second only to Alice, and her beauty. My mom wasn’t really into clothes. Rose had to completely rearrange her closet every few months though, so she was always in on the trends.

“Okay, I’m gonna go see if Uncle Emmett wants a rematch after I beat him in that race yesterday! Uncle Jazz you want to help?” It was fun to race Emmett. He was the most competitive vampire in the family, but he wasn’t really the fastest. The only person in the house no-one would race anymore was my dad. He was lightning fast. I was glad I’d inherited that from him.

“No thanks! I’m gonna go catch up with your mom and dad, and anyway, I don’t want to be around when Emmett loses, those tantrums he gets himself into...” he trailed off smiling and shaking his head.I started smiling too. When he lost yesterday he almost ripped the forest down. It was hilarious to watch. Emmett was the strongest member of the family, he was very buff and had short curly black hair, and he was married to Rose, who with her long flowing golden hair, and the looks that any model would be envious of, was the hottest vampire in the world. No contest. Well I guess any model would be envious of any of the Cullens, we were all beautiful.

“Just don’t get dirt in your hair this time, you have to look good when we go out.” Alice mocked.

“Sure thing Alice, see you later,” I laughed.

Jasper and Alice sped off up the marble staircase, leaving me to go and find Emmett. I eventually found him on the edge of the Cullen lawn, helping Esme work in the garden. The garden was amazing, but my family were intent on creating perfection, as if we weren’t perfect enough.

“Well, well, little niece, how can I help you today?” He grinned menacingly, he already knew what I wanted.

“Well I’m guessing you want a re-match, but I wouldn’t if I were you. Isn’t it embarrassing enough having your butt kicked by your ‘little niece’ once?” I taunted him.

“No way. To your mom and dad’s cottage and back. Esme, will you do the honours?”

My grandma Esme sighed and rolled her eyes, but started anyway. “Take your marks...”

I flexed my muscles and got into a sprinting start position, as did Emmett.

“Get set...”

Emmett looked over at me and grinned. I just stuck my tongue out; I knew he was trying to throw my game.

“GO!” Esme shouted.

I sped through the air, already ahead of him in my first pace. The wind whipped at my face and I felt Emmett push himself harder. Suddenly he was right beside me, but my stride didn’t falter. Like Emmett, I pushed myself even harder. He’d obviously been practicing, but there was no way I’d let him beat me.

We both sped round my parent’s cottage nestled far into the deep woods, and I got the advantage on the inside track, I lightly leaped onto a branch and swung myself till I was practically flying through the air, gaining an advantage Emmett’s growls resounded beneath me as I gained further and further ahead. I leapt back to the ground a few meters ahead of him.

Then suddenly, new sounds, new feet speeding alongside us. I recognised my mother and fathers laughter. It seemed as if they’d appeared out of nowhere. My dad tackled Emmett to the ground with a swift bound. My mom and I sped ahead hand in hand, laughing together, whilst behind us Emmett growled furiously. I reached home before he even managed to get up.


“I think we can stay a little longer, don’t you?” Bella murmured seductively in my ear, a sly smile playing on her lips, “Everyone thinks we’re hunting.”

We were tucked up in our little cottage together, we’d gone hunting for about 25 minutes, enough to satisfy us, but Bella had other ideas and I certainly didn’t disagree. We’d been here for a few hours now.

“Well, Emmett and Nessie are planning a race and round our cottage is the usual route. We wouldn’t want them to know what we really get up to when we go ‘hunting’”.

“Who cares,” Bella whispered in my ear in-between her fierce kisses. She wrapped her legs round my waist, in a vice like grip.

On no Nessie is going to win again! Just great, she is showing off so much, maybe I could slip past her round the cottage...” I heard Emmett thinking furiously as he and Nessie raced towards the cottage.

“Ha-ha poor Uncle Emmett, he’s such a baby, he’ll have a huge tantrum when I beat him again.” Renesmee was thinking. I could hear the smugness in her thoughts.

“Nessie and Emmett are coming up fast, lets go help Nessie win,” I grinned and winked at my beautiful wife, as I unwrapped her from me.

“Anything to help your precious daughter,” she grumbled running her hand through her long mahogany hair. I just smiled and pulled her up from the bed.

We crept out the cottage so we were running parallel to Emmett and Nessie, through the thick jade of green. We laughed together as we saw the determination on the racers faces.

I leapt away from Bella and pinned Emmett to the ground in one swift move, he snarled ferociously as Nessie got closer and closer to the finish line. He eventually threw me off and pushed himself harder into the ground. It was too late though. Nessie had already won.


“Yes!!!!” I screeched, as I reached the house while Emmett was still on the ground, “Yes yes yes!”

“No” Emmett shrieked, angry as ever. I knew a tantrum was brewing, he was about to explode. “You cheated” he snarled at my dad and me. I just grinned; my dad had exactly the same expression on his face as me.

“Like father, like daughter,” my mom grinned at me, as Emmett stalked off into the forest, ripping branches from trees as he went.

I laughed and so did my mom and dad, I heard Alice’s tinkling laugh join in as she danced over to us, Rosalie was not far behind her smiling at me.

“You are incredible,” she giggled, “so anyway, Alice told me about your shopping trip soon and I was wondering if I could join you.”

“Rose, of course you can come! I’d love you to. Maybe if mom comes we could have an all girl trip ...” I looked over at my mom expectantly. I knew she hated shopping, but an all girl shopping trip sounded good right now. I could always hope.

“Of course I’ll come! We haven’t spent some time together in ages, and an all girl trip sounds nice, maybe we should ask Esme as well?” she said cheerfully.

I was so shocked, but I was so glad she was coming.

“Wow mom thank you! I love you so much.” I hugged her with happiness.

“So Nessie, how come you haven’t used your gift recently?” my dad asked curiously behind me.

I’d completely forgotten about my talent. I could put my palm against someone’s face and show them anything I wanted to. I knew it was how I would communicate a lot when I was younger, but I talk all the time now. I never really have any reason to use it.

“I don’t know, I guess I haven’t needed to,” I shrugged, by saying so I put my hand against his face and showed him a picture of us together. “I love you dad,” I told him.

“Oh come on, people!” Alice moaned, “Shops close in 5 hours, and we need to get going now so we can actually get some shopping done!”

“Sorry Alice,” everyone chimed in unison. Alice was so predictable; she was so impatient when it came to shopping.

“Let’s go ask Esme if she’ll come with us,” my mom laughed. We all started running towards the house.

It took us mere seconds to reach the huge house, where most of the Cullens lived. I guessed that Emmett had stalked round to the house sometime during our shopping conversation, when I saw him glaring down at Edward from a second story window. My dad just laughed and pulled me against him in a tight hug.

“Esme?” Alice sang as we reached the main hall. She spoke hardly louder than a human would in a normal conversation, but one of the good things about being vampires (or half-vampire) meant you had super hearing. Esme came from the high-tech study, smiling as always.

“So, who won?” she asked.

“Nessie did,” my mom said harmoniously “although she did have a little help from Edward here.”

“I should have guessed,” she sighed, “as if he would let Nessie lose to Emmett. Now I know why he was in such a bad mood when he got back to the house.”

“Anyway grandma Esme, me, mom, Rose and Alice are going shopping, and we were wondering if you’d like to join us?” I asked her.

“How could I miss an all girl outing!” she said, clearly happy to be invited along.

“Okay, we’re all happy to be going shopping, now let’s go! Bella, Nessie and Rose, you go in Bella’s Ferrari. Esme you come with me in my Porsche.” Alice said, faster than usual, irritated with our slow planning.

We all made our way into the garage; it had started to lightly rain, and Alice groaned, worried about her hair no doubt.

Jasper, my dad, and even Emmett came down to wave us off, and I absentmindedly wondered where grandpa Carlisle was. I guessed he was at work, he was a Doctor amazingly enough. I didn’t have any problem with the smell of human blood, but most of my full vampire family still lusted for it. It hardly bothered Carlisle at all, he worked with casualties all day, but everyone else tried to stay away from too many humans at once.

We waved goodbye to the husbands on the front porch as we pulled away from the driveway, to have a fabulous afternoon as a family.