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Crescent Hope

Post Breaking Dawn, how will 16 year old Nessie react when Jacob tells her something that happened between them when she was just a baby? Meanwhile, all over Forks and the Reservation the wolves are being attacked by something... indestructible...


2. England

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"Oh my god, these shoes are amazing!" Rosalie gasps as the server brings them out for me. "I can see why you wanted them so bad. Nessie, you know we have the same size feet, and-"

"Not a chance Rose, these are all mine" I grinned at her. She just pouted.

These shoes were a gorgeous teal stiletto, with lighter navy suede around the bottom edge. The ribbon wrapped round your ankles to make a beautiful bow on the outside ankle of your foot. They were perfection in my eyes.

"Mom, I can get them can't I?" I sang angelically. She was a sucker for a puppy dog face, and I was an expert.

"No problem," she said, reaching for her credit card, "but you might grow out of them if your feet grow anymore, so Rose might get them in the end." She winked at Rose, who smiled a huge smug smile. After mom had paid for the shoes she and Esme went off together, chatting.

Alice however was off in her own little world, shoe world apparently. She had about 3 different servers coming out the store room in a constant stream carrying boxes upon boxes of shoes. Alice was probably going to buy every single pair in the shop at this rate!

My mom Bella and grandma Esme were quietly looking round the small, ancient, but trendy shop. It was my favourite shop in the whole world. There had to be a million different shoes in there, which changed every time we went there.

They were pretending to be interested, but I knew that they'd rather be somewhere else... with their husbands probably. I wonder why I hadn't seen grandpa Carlisle round the house today. He was always probably working, I guessed.

I went to sit by Alice as the tilted her foot this way and that, so she could see a creamy pink peep-toe shoe on her foot, from every angle. Suddenly her face went very blank, and the server was trying to get her attention. I knew Alice was having a vision, I'd seen it happen enough times.

Finally she was back herself. "Sorry, I was daydreaming," she laughed to the server as an excuse; the woman smiled and gave Alice another pair of shoes.

"So what did you see?" I curiously asked her, once the woman had walked away.

"There are some other vegetarian vampires like us in the area, they smelled us and will come in the shop to say hello in about 3 minutes." Alice explained to me.

"Are they friendly?" I asked her nervously.

"Look people its fine!" Alice whispered smiling, as Rose, Esme and my mom had gathered round once they heard. "Go be normal!"

I smiled and laughed, when a bell signalled the shop door opening. Three vampires walked in the door. It was easy to tell from their golden eyes, pale skin, and beautiful faces, that they were just like us. Alice approached them smiling, with me, Rose, mom and Esme behind her.

"Hi," Alice sang friendlily, "I'm Alice, this is Rosalie, Bella, Esme, and Renesmee, or Nessie for short." She said, pointing us all out.

These vampires were about my age, one of them walked forward to Alice.

"I'm Amy," she spoke in a British accent, "this is Holly, and Shanti." Amy said, pointing to each girl in turn.

Amy had honey gold hair down to her collarbones, which fell in perfect waves. She was the tallest of the three and she wore some dark skinny jeans, and an olive printed t-shirt. Holly looked almost identical to Alice, except her hair was a wavy light chocolate brown that came just to her shoulders. She wore jeans and a white shirt, under a red jacket. Shanti had very long dark hair that was a contrast against her pale skin; she had huge doe eyes and looked the most nervous out of the three. She was wearing jeans too, and a floral print top.

"It's very nice to meet you." Alice smiled.

"Likewise. We are visiting America from England, and we love to shop!" Amy laughed. We all laughed with her. "Nessie, if you don't mind me asking, why your eyes are so human, and I can smell blood running in your veins. I can hear a heartbeat... you sound human?"

"Oh no it's fine; I'm just partly human that's all. I was born when my mom was human. This is my mom here." I told the small group whilst hugging my mom.

"Wow, you sound like one-of-a-kind!" Holly grinned. "Hey! You guys have the same eyes as us.... do you only live off animals?"

"Yup, we don't like to be monsters." Rosalie joked.

"So how many are you living like this?" Shanti questioned.

"9 in total, everyone except me as a husband at home." I told them. "We live in Forks - about an hour away."

"You're very welcome to come back with us and meet them, although we were planning on shopping a while longer." Alice offered.

"We'd love to; we were planning on shopping a little while longer as well anyway." Amy told us. "Maybe we could meet up later?"

Plans were made to shop for a few more hours, then go back he the house with the English vampires. They seemed very nice, and I was hoping we could be friends. I don't really know any humans apart from Grandpa Charlie or Sue. I grew too quickly, even though it was slowing down, but still, anyone that didn't know what I really was would get suspicious.

I had a once over round the shop, making sure there wasn't anything else I fancied, then Rose, mom, Esme and me helped Alice with all her bags of shoes. We made a trip to the car then went back into town. We walked at a slow human pace, but it really annoyed me, I wanted to be shopping faster.

"Hey mom?"

"Yeah Ness?"

"Thanks for coming with us; I know you don't really like these kinds of things"

"I like spending time with you and seeing you happy."

"I love you mom," I smiled back at her.

"I love you too Ness." She smiled back.

Shopping was Alice's', Roses', and my priority for the next few hours. We seemed to buy at least one item from every shop we went in, I had so much fun. In the end I did get to buy loads of summer clothes, as did Alice. We were only allowed to wear clothes once - it was the Alice law, I smiled to myself. We always had to be looking fashionable, and wearing clothes more than once apparently wasn't.

Rose came out the changing room wearing a deep red satin dress, which had a slit against her thigh. It reaches the floor, in a blood red cascade. And saying it showed off a lot of her cleavage wouldn't exactly be an overstatement. I think I heard the male shop assistants jaw drop open. I looked round. No, make that every single male in the shop was staring at Rose with their jaws open. I think one guy was about to start drooling.

"You look amazing Rose, now go back in that changing room before all these guys' wives and girlfriends come a get you for stealing their guys!" I laughed.

"As if any of them are good enough for me!" she giggled quietly as the guys looked away. "I am so getting this dress, it is amazing."

"Completely...." Alice trailed off and her face went blank. "Emm will like it too," she winked.

"Come on guys, I think that's enough shopping for today," Esme mocked, eyeing the huge pile of shopping bags piled up beside us. "Let's go meet up with Amy, Holly and Shanti."

We made our way to the main square where we found the English vampires waiting for us there. It seemed they'd out-shopped us, from the number of bags in their arms.

"So do you guys want to follow us in your car? Or did you run here?" My mom asked.

"We came by car; it's parked in the East car park." Amy said.

"Good, we're parked there too. Let run round the back roads to get there faster." Alice laughed.

We all sped off through back alleys, anyone who saw us would have seen a racing blur go by, and would have thought they were going mad. We laughed as we ran, and reached the car park in seconds.


I had to admit, I didn't really like these girls. They'd seemed to just pop out of thin air. They were nice and friendly; I guess I was just being a little overprotective of Nessie.

I drove behind Alice, with the English behind us. The sun was just setting behind the misty fog, and darkness was starting to creep in. WE turned the last bend in the Cullen drive and pulled our cars into the garage.

"Wow," Amy breathed, "this is your house? It's amazing!"

"Standard decor for American vampires," Nessie joked. "Do you guys live alone in England?"

"No we live with 3 of our sisters, Vicky, Ella and Lizzy. No husbands," Holly smiled.

"One day sis, one day," Amy shook her head. Shanti just rolled her eyes.

Nessie took it upon herself to give the girls a tour of the house, I could hear them still chatting away somewhere upstairs.

"So Edward, is Nessie okay up there?" I probed.

"Bella, love, stop worrying. They're fine. I can hear everything they're thinking," He soothed, "Ness just wants some friends that aren't family."

"Oh." I felt my face fall. I knew I was over-reacting. Of course Ness anted some friends that weren't family. Edward turned my face to his and kissed me. It was an intense sort of kiss. Not one that should be done in company. "Let's go to the cottage." I gasped, out of breath already.

Edward smiled my favourite crooked smile and took my hand as we raced towards the cottage. I heard Emmett laughing back at the house, and made a mental note to make him regret it.


"Eww gross," I muttered quietly to myself, as I saw my mom and dad racing towards their cottage. There was only one reason they ever went there anymore... "So guys," I asked the English vamps, "do you have any powers?"

"Powers?" Amy repeated confused, "Oh you mean like special talents? Yeah we do." She smiled. "Wanna see?"

"You bet," I grinned.

"Holly you go first," Amy said.

Holly grinned back at me and went to the huge bay window. "My skill comes in handy when we want to hunt. I can kind of call animals, and get them to do what I want." She closed her eyes and became very still. In the next few minutes about 20 birds of different breeds shot out of the trees and started circling the house, 3 grizzlies appeared from the edge of the forest at the same moment. As soon as Holly opened her eyes the animals appeared confused, and slinked and flew back into the forest.

"Oh my god that is amazing!" I almost screamed.

Amy laughed and went to stand by Holly. "Watch this." She grinned. She seemed to be staring at one small oak tree on the edge of the forest. It had been planted about a year after I was born. In mere seconds, where here once was a baby oak, there now appeared to be a 50 year old oak in its place. After a few more seconds it returned to its babyish size.

"You can make things grow and shrink?" I asked shocked. These people made my families skills look lame.

"Yup, anything," Amy smiled, "I can make hair grow too, which is kinda weird." She turned to Holly who suddenly seemed to have waist length milk-chocolate hair. "Except I can't make hair ‘shrink'."

"Thanks Amy," Holly complained sarcastically narrowing her eyes at Amy. "You know I like it short."

Amy just giggled. "Does it work on non-living things too? Like rocks and stuff?" I asked her.

"Yeah, it comes in handy during a battle. I can make walls out of pebbles," she smiled. "Shanti show her your talent!"

Shanti stuck her tongue out at Amy. "My talent is boring," she grinned. She put her hand out palm upwards and it looked like her hand was on fire all of a sudden. She closed her hand and the flames went out. "I'm trying to work on it....I can't do anything else though."

"Cool" I grinned, "You guys have amazing powers. All I can do is this..." I put my hand up to Amy's cheek and showed her the oak tree shooting up. She stiffened as if shocked but didn't move away.

"Amazing," she breathed, "so you can show anyone anything like that?" Holly and Shanti, not knowing what I'd done, relaxed as they heard.

"Yeah" I grinned.

We spent a lot more of the evening talking, we even went hunting together. Carlisle still wasn't home and I was starting to get a little worried, if he took the day shift he should be home by now.

Finally Amy, Holly, and Shanti had to leave, but they promised they would come and see me again whilst they were in the states. I was glad, they were really nice. We exchanged phone numbers and they ran downstairs with me, politely saying goodbye to everyone, and again promising to come back soon.

I watched them drive away, and walked back inside to find Edward explaining the girls' powers to the rest of my family. They all looked nervous for some reason. My mom looked as if she was about to cry - if that was still possible for her.

My dad suddenly stiffened and almost seconds later I could smell werewolf and heard 3 loud knocks on the door.

"It's Seth!" I sang. I could smell it, and I hadn't seen Seth in ages - I'd really missed him. I wondered what he was doing here...

I ran to the door and wrenched it open with a smile on my face. Seth's' expression sent a shock through my body, and my smile faltered. He looked completely frantic, and about to cry like my mom.

"What is it?" I asked him fearfully.

"She doesn't need to know," my dad hissed at him, suddenly at my side.

"Dad? Mom? What is it? Tell me? Please." I asked, my voice breaking on the last word. I was really scared now, what was going on? The only reason dad would want me to know would be if he thought it would upset me.

"You know already?" Seth asked, confused.

"Of course, Carlisle has been treating him all day." My dad replied. A little friendlier than before.

"Oh yeah... how come you haven't told Nessie, I mean, he is in really bad shape. His life is in real danger?" he asked.

"Treating who? Told me what?" I asked. My voice getting higher pitched with each word.

My mom turned to me, a grave look on her face.

"Nessie, honey. It's Jacob."

I felt my whole body turn limp as I fainted, and fell into my mom's arms. The last thing I remember seeing was my parent's shocked expressions.