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This is the sequel to Backfire, you must read that story to understand this one. I promise laughs will result, so go enjoy that one first! Emmett thought he could outsmart everyone in Backfire. Edward and Bella decide to show Emmett he's not the only one that can play his games. Will they succeed in getting back at Emmett? Edward's pov Innuendo's are present, mature teens and older only please. Cheers! I do not, nor ever will own Twilight or the characters presented his this story, they solely belong to Stephenie Meyer. They are just taking part in a funny little story I wrote for them to participate in :)


1. Chapter 1-Vision

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Twenty-nine days to an immortal should go by in the blink of an eye, but when you combine 29 days of celibacy and Emmett Cullen, the days tick by; every hour, every minute, every second. It’s the best form of punishment that could have been inflicted on such a person as Emmett. He deserved every moment he had to suffer without his precious Rosalie to tend to his every male need. Not that I feel bad for him in the least. Maybe now he understands the extreme tension Bella and I face on a daily basis. Just the utter fact that he wanted to bring embarrassment upon Bella authorized no pity on my part of his sentence. Oddly enough, Emmett hasn’t unleashed one single, solitary innuendo since the day his prank backfired, which has been invitingly pleasant . How he was able to actually pull off such a stunt was beyond me. Emmett hasn’t always been the ripest apple in the bunch. Still, Bella was waiting for the perfect moment when she could come up with something that would be beyond Emmett’s embarrassment and get back at him for even attempting to create such mortification on her part. Honestly, Bella as well as I, have yet to comprehend what a sacrifice celibacy is for Emmett, since we have yet to know exactly what it is that he has so unappreciatively given up, so that just makes the drive for payback that much more sought after.

Ironically, the day the brilliant plan was presented to us, was the anniversary date of Emmett’s release back into manhood.


“Bella, can you hand that end piece there on the bed?” Alice chimed; pointing to the ball laying on her bed that would secure the curtains onto the rod. She was perfectly balanced perched on top of Jasper shoulders stretched up on her tiny tiptoes, trying to hang her new curtains after she decided it was time to remodel their bedroom. Esme was opposite of the couple, with herself placed on top of my shoulders, holding the other end of the pole in place. Bella smiled brightly and spun heading toward the bed to retrieve Alice’s request. My eyes couldn’t help but gaze at her, obviously delighted that she was able to at least be of some sort of assistance to our task at hand. I was pleased Bella didn’t offer to be in Esme’s place. I dreaded the thought of her towered that high off the ground. I could just see Bella trying to stay balanced and hold the curtain rod in place at the same time....

“No way!!!” Alice broke into a fit of giggles as she leaned one hand against the wall to keep herself upright while in the air, Jasper holding frantically to her ankles, flashing concerned looks my way, clearly looking for an explanation. I glanced up at Alice furrowing my brow, questioning her.

At that moment, Alice’s mind had shifted from the current task at hand and I couldn’t help but seek her thoughts for the reasoning behind her sudden mirth. I couldn’t believe the images that flittered through her mind. Unable to control myself I grasped Esme’s ankles, causing her to bob up and down with my sudden burst of laughter. Bella watched in confusion as well as Esme and Jasper, all looking for details of our mystery elation.

“Edward,” Alice managed through her giggles as she gasped for breath, “this is perfect!”

“Ideal Alice, absolutely!” I released Esme as I sought control of my fits, and she gracefully floated to the floor as she stepped off my shoulders. Alice gave Jasper the signal and she followed suit. Bella made her way over to me, curtain ball still in hand.

“What is so funny?!” she contagiously smiled at our recent performance.

Edward. Alice made me send my eyes to her. I’ve got a plan for you and Bella to pull off the best payback EVER! And her thought out arrangement filled my mind, as well as the outcome of such arrangement. And it will work!

“Genius Alice,” my grin growing wider showing my razor teeth in utter satisfaction. “I can’t believe this!” Chuckles immersed themselves from my lips. I glanced at Bella and she was as wide-eyed as ever.

“Would somebody please like to explain to the rest of us what is going on?” Jasper raised his eyebrows. “This much emotion has to elate to something completely over the top,” he questioned with a smirk.

“Well, today is Emmett’s official day of freedom from the bonds of celibacy. So while he is out shopping with Rose today, they just made a decision on how to celebrate.” Alice explained as she accepted Jasper‘s arms around her tiny waist, smiling uncontrollably. “And Bella, you and Edward are going to finally get your chance to get back at Emmett,” she nodded toward Bella, obviously pleased with herself.

“Alice, um, how exactly are we going to do that?” Bella questioned. Looking at me as I took her hand, she bit her lip as she contemplated what could be taking place in our plan. Already putting the pieces together that it had something to do with Emmett and Rosalie’s personal time together. She definitely looked worried.

“Are you sure you want to do this today?” Esme in her ever-motherly protectiveness doubted our timing as she felt sympathy for Emmett’s void of physical affection. She instinctively crossed her arms shaking her head. I saw in Alice’s vision the reaction Esme would have as well and I knew she would find it entertaining, although, she would try to disguise it.

“Without a doubt!” I couldn’t conceal my exhilaration of the outcome. “Come on Bella, we only have...”

“One hour and 21 minutes before they get home,” Alice interrupted triumphantly as she bounced on her toes. Surrendering, Esme made her way out of the room and Alice and Jasper followed.

“Okay, this better be good Edward, we only get one shot at this,” Bella sighed and eyed me for confirmation.

I leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Love, you will never look at Emmett the same again.” I chuckled as I pulled back and cupped her cheek rubbing my thumb across it subtly. I grinned in satisfaction, showing my full set of sharps, and she smirked back pleased at the plan, unbeknownst to her exactly how this was going to pan itself out. But I did.

Yes, this was going to be a memorable day in the Cullen house.