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This is the sequel to Backfire, you must read that story to understand this one. I promise laughs will result, so go enjoy that one first! Emmett thought he could outsmart everyone in Backfire. Edward and Bella decide to show Emmett he's not the only one that can play his games. Will they succeed in getting back at Emmett? Edward's pov Innuendo's are present, mature teens and older only please. Cheers! I do not, nor ever will own Twilight or the characters presented his this story, they solely belong to Stephenie Meyer. They are just taking part in a funny little story I wrote for them to participate in :)


2. Chapter 2-

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“Bella?” She stopped in her tracks as we made our way down the hallway toward the stairs and turned herself toward me. A smug smile crept up on my face. “I didn’t realize what a great actress you are.”

The confusion spread across her face at the statement I made, not informed of our scheme that was going to take place. I was going to fill her in on the plan, but definitely not the outcome. I was going to allow her the grace of taking it all in for herself, so she could relish in the fact that she mastered the ultimate revenge.

“Neither did I. So Edward, what exactly is it we are going to do today?” she continued as we descended down the stairs to the living room hand in hand to where Jasper and Alice were lounged out on the loveseat, heads rested on opposite arm rests, legs entangled in each others. Each engrossed in magazines of their own personal choice, Vanity Fair for Alice, Maxim for Jasper. They glanced up at our approach and lay the reading material to the side and positioned themselves upright.

“We’ll fill you in love,” Bella took a seat as I motioned her to the empty couch. Alice positioned herself cross legged and clapped her tiny hands bouncing in excitement, absolutely elated we were going to pull this off. I flashed her another grin as I sat down next to my angel.

“Jasper?” I flew my eyes to meet his. He was leaned back, elbows each resting on the back of the couch. “Are you sure you can handle the one tiny addition to our plan?” He was obviously already informed by Alice exactly what was going to take place.

Edward, he’ll be fine. Remember? Alice’s eyes met mine with absolutely certainty in them.

“For sure Edward!” Jasper couldn’t contain his anticipation. If I’m prepared ahead of time, without a doubt I can handle this. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

“Okay then. Bella?” I turned my head my eyes boring into her chocolate brown pools that immediately sent my inward being into an electric frenzy. Just the thought of what we were going to act out later not only caused the venom to pool in my mouth in excitement, but charged the currents in my body at the thought of being so close to Bella.

I filled Bella in on the preparation, as Alice intermittently added the minor details and finishing touches I may have missed in the discussion that would find our revenge a complete success in every way possible. Alice even took it upon herself to call Carlisle at work to bring the added over-the-top-icing-on-the-cake prop that would make this believable beyond expectation. Carlisle was at first a little concerned at the request, but Alice assured him everything would be fine and Carlisle willingly agreed to help us. He remembered the embarrassing look on Bella’s face, and thought our plan was faultless. He was due to be home about 25 minutes before Rosalie and Emmett were to arrive. Alice and Jasper turned back toward their respective reading materials for the time being and Bella and I kept to ourselves on the couch.

“Edward, are you guys sure this is going to work?” Bella turned to her side and pressed her elbow into back cushion of the couch laying her head against her palm. She was still full of doubt, but I guess the situation at her last birthday party had her head spinning in worry.

“Love,“ I turned to her, copying her body movement “Alice has seen this outcome, it’s going to come out absolutely perfect. Promise.”

“What exactly is going to be so funny about this Edward? I really don’t see how what we are going to do is going to bring any form of rebuke on Emmett. Seriously, this isn’t quite what I had in mind for revenge.” I was surprised at the disappointment that crossed her beautiful features. I wanted to wipe it away, but yet, I wanted her to fully enjoy this as well.

“I’m not going to ruin it for you Bella, and the fact that you don’t know the outcome has allowed Alice’s vision to stay unchanged. Therefore, you are going to have to trust me on this one, and just thank me later love.” I used my free hand to tuck the stray strand of silk behind her ear and leaned in to grace her with a light feathery kiss to her lips causing more color to make its way up, turning them a luscious ruby.

“Mmmmm,“ I pulled away. “You may make this harder than it’s already going to be. I didn’t think that was even possible,” my breath hitched at the thought.

“I think I may just enjoy this more than I thought,” she whispered brushing her nose lightly to mine and kissed me gently on the cheek. She softly sighed and nuzzled herself into my side. I laid back taking up the length of the couch and curled my angel into my arms as I closed my eyes breathing in her lovely scent.

My mind began to wander.

I knew this prank was going to be a success, but the thought of what we were about to do brought many emotions within me. Not just the excitement, but the nervousness of what Bella and I were going to do. The enactment had to be realistic, and the thought of putting Bella in this particular position made me a bit nervous. The vision stayed true to form. I was exceptionally surprised Bella was going to be able to hold her composure throughout all of this. Maybe I assumed it was just acting, from the witness of Alice’s vision. Maybe what I was about to experience with her would be the true emotion she would surely experience had she thought this event were factual.

Edward, Alice pulled me from my reverie and I managed one eye open slightly to meet hers. She glanced up and her eyes peeked over the top of her magazine, squinting, boring a hole into me with her glare. Stop it, I can read your face, and it’s not what you think. Don’t change your mind you twit. It’s all for fun and you know it. Don’t be so cynical. Good grief Edward, can’t you just enjoy the moment and take it for what it’s worth, revenge on Emmett. Don’t lose your edge Edward.

I sighed and she replayed her vision in absolute accuracy laying out today’s future events. My chest rumbled in suppressed laughter and another smile found its way to my lips.

Yes, today was going to be a memorable day in the Cullen house.

Bella Swan was going to get her ultimate revenge.