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This is the sequel to Backfire, you must read that story to understand this one. I promise laughs will result, so go enjoy that one first! Emmett thought he could outsmart everyone in Backfire. Edward and Bella decide to show Emmett he's not the only one that can play his games. Will they succeed in getting back at Emmett? Edward's pov Innuendo's are present, mature teens and older only please. Cheers! I do not, nor ever will own Twilight or the characters presented his this story, they solely belong to Stephenie Meyer. They are just taking part in a funny little story I wrote for them to participate in :)


3. Chapter 3 - Payback

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The household was set to pull this off. Precisely, just as Alice envisioned, Carlisle arrived twenty-five minutes prior to Rosalie and Emmett. Alice bombarded him the second he walked through the door, she was in front of him in a flash, to Bella anyways.

“Ooooh, Carlisle, give me, give me!” she held her palms out and motioned with her slender fingers , she couldn’t stand still. Black spikes bobbing as he carefully set the prop in her hands.

“Perfect!” she squealed and zipped over to couch to hand it over to Bella. Carlisle was trying to keep the expression off his face, but his smirk broke through.

“Don’t worry Bella, you’ll handle it just fine, all you have to do is keep your mind on the task at hand and focus on Edward and you’ll pull this off without a hitch!” Alice chimed.

Bella stared at what was in her hands and wrinkled her nose at it in distaste.

“That’s disgusting!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her honesty. Oh, if she only knew. I often wondered exactly how she would handle watching me hunt knowing of the warm, luscious red liquid flowing down my throat. My Bella often tried to be braver than she should allow herself. I would surely have to carry her home unconscious if she ever truly got to witness such an event, and the scent of the blood would not be the cause.I was quite certain of that. Then again, knowing Bella, she would react in a way that would take me off guard, as usual, and probably take the entire situation in stride, watching with amazement. My ever surprising Bella.

Pointing at Bella and I on the couch, Alice laid the plans out for everyone.

“Ok, now you and Edward stay on the couch and act all lovey-dovey, which I know you won’t have a problem doing whatsoever. Carlisle,” she looked over her shoulder and then over at Esme who was just now coming down the stairs. “You and Esme are ‘going hunting’ so you’ll need to get outside and far enough they can’t detect you, but close enough to enjoy the show at the right time. We can’t have too many in the living room. Emmett has to think we really need him.”

Esme shot at look at Carlisle and he gave her a quick nod as he met her halfway across the room taking her hand as they headed out toward the back door.

“Jasper and I will be in here playing chess over there,” Alice nodded her head in the direction she referred to.

“Bella,” Alice looked over at her again clapping her tiny hands in excitement, “you are going to be magnificent! Okay, everyone, let the show begin!”

With that, Alice bobbed once and grabbed Jasper’s hand pulling him off the couch and leading him toward their destination.

Bella looked at me from the corner of her eye, and raised the corner of her mouth into a sly smirk.

“Showtime?“ she asked seductively. The glint in her eyes excited something inside me as I played along.

“Mmm yes, showtime!” I replied with a beam of my own and let a playful growl ripple through my chest. Bella managed a small giggle that she tried to hide with her small hand as it covered her mouth.

Precisely as Alice had predicted, Rosalie and Emmett came through the front door twenty-five minutes after Carlisle first entered the house. Emmett had the goofiest grin plastered across his face, every single shopping bag tucked either under his burly arms, or grasped between his fingers. Rosalie followed behind him with her designer purse hanging from her forearm, admiring him from behind. Emmett paused in the living room as Rosalie declined to acknowledge us and headed directly upstairs.

“Emmett. Are you coming?” Rosalie spoke over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow as she paused slightly before finishing her way up the stairs, disappearing into their room.

“Yeah, be right there,” he yelled in her direction. Then turned back toward everyone in the living room.

All eyes were on Emmett.

“Ladies and gentleman, today is the day! Today Emmett Cullen officially returns to his manhood. Yes, Emmett Cullen will get some sweet, sweet lovin’!” With that he took a bow, shopping bags still in hand, and with a wide grin spun around and bounded up the stairs.

Bella and I glanced to Alice who had one finger held up in the air motioning for us to wait, her eyes were lost while her mind focused entirely on what was taking place upstairs. Her other hand flew to her mouth and she bounced in silent laughter. Jasper just shook his head as he grinned from ear to ear and took a deep breath, holding it in place.

Suddenly, Alice gave us the thumbs up. I turned to Bella following Jasper’s language and held my breath to avoid any distraction. Giving Bella a quick nod so she was aware of my intentions, I let out a loud rumble letting it ripple from my stomach up through my chest, and hissed through my teeth. She fell backward onto the couch and I crouched, hovering myself over her entire body.

“Edward?” Bella’s voice shook loudly, which probably generated from her nerves at trying to pull this off.

“Edward? What’s the matter?!” she cried as her voice cracked on its way out. I let a snarl rip from my teeth and growled again as loud as I could.

“Edward! No!” Bella screamed as I looked her directly in the eyes watching the enactment playing out.

I winked at her and smirked, letting out another gut wrenching growl that built from the pit of my stomach snapping my teeth.

“Jasper, Emmett!!” Alice joined in with a scream just as Bella popped the top off the blood vile with her thumb sending the scent directly into the air.

Jasper playing his part overturned the chess board, flashing to my back, attempting to ‘pull me from Bella.’

Directly on cue, Emmett comes airborne down the stairs to Bella’s rescue just as Jasper ‘succeeds’ in pulling me from my position. We both stood up casually with matching grins and turned to face Emmett. Esme and Carlisle zipped through the backdoor and froze at the sight before them. Alice was still in her chair clutching her stomach in laughter.

Bella, oh sweet Bella sat herself half way up, propping herself on her elbows just as she popped the blood vile closed, mouth hanging wide open starting at Emmett as the look of shock spread across her features.

There stood Emmett in all his glory. Dressed from head to toe in a full out gorilla costume, fuzzy fur and all. The only visible part at the moment, was his round husky face surrounded by dark brown fluffyness.

“What?!” he questioned everyone in the room, particularly Bella.

“How....wha.....ugh!!!” His hands flew to his head grabbing a fist full of faux gorilla hair knowing he had been beat at his own game.

“Wow, um, Emmett,” Bella finally releasing her peals of laughter. “You....look.....sexy!”

“Yeah, take it all in Bella, you know you like what you see!” Emmett wagged his eyebrows at her and took the time to strut toward Bella doing a fake catwalk. The entire living room roared in laughter, which only increased as Emmett spun to strut toward the stairs revealing his bare butt cheeks in the cut out holes in the back of the costume.

“Nice Emmett!” Bella called out after him. He made one last look over his shoulder wagging his eyebrows at Bella once more before bounding upstairs. I made my way over to the couch shaking my head as I pulled Bella up.

Just when everyone finally settled their laughs we heard Rosalie shout from upstairs.

“Forget it Emmett, you killed the mood! I’m going to work on the BMW.” Rosalie sneered at Emmett as she trotted down the stairs flashing glares at the rest of us.

“Stupid, little human pranks...,” she mumbled under her breath as she slammed the front door behind her.

“Wait!! I thought I was your monkey man?!” Emmett boomed from upstairs. “ALICE, I have a feeling you had something to do with this! Bella, you’d better watch your back, you ain‘t seen nothing yet. I’m not through with you yet little sister!”

“Hey Alice??” Emmett wallowed from upstairs.

“Yes, Emmett?” Alice smirked at the rest of us.

“How long?”, his voice whined from his bedroom.

“Not a chance Emmett, you’re so smart, you get to figure this one out on your own,” Alice chimed, pleased with herself and our little stunt.

“Ugh! Stupid, little pixie.…Wow, I guess I do look pretty sexy in this thing, don’t I?”