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High Moon

Nessie has a good life, living in Forks with her family. She is engaged to Jacob Black, and has a house. It seems like nothing can go wrong until people start suspecting things about the Cullens, and they are forced to move away from forks. Will the move harm Nessie and Jakes new relationship, and what other problem are going to get in their way?

This story is completely writen in Nessie's POV and tkes place 18 years after Breaking Dawn started. I own nothing. Stephanie Meyer owns all. I only own my major obsession with Jacob Black.

3. Chapter 3

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I walked into the kitchen to find Esme cooking. On the stove next to her, I saw four pans heaped full of food. Jake and Seth were at the table with plates heaped full of eggs and toast. I looked over at a clock for the first time today, 11 o'clock AM. This will have to be my brunch. I must have woken up really late.

"Mmmmmmm. I smell something good!" I exclaimed as I walked over to Jake and plopped myself in his lap. No one gave me weird looks anymore when I did that because it had become a normality in my life. Jake happens to be a very comfy chair.

"It is good!" Jake said through a mouthful of food. He took a forkful of eggs and offered it to me. I ate it, and he started shoveling it in to his own mouth once again.

"Why are you here, guys?" I asked Jake. I didn't tell him to meet me here.

"Well, I wanted to see you, and I knew you were here. You told me you were going to be here this morning."

"Oh. That's right. We were going to come here after you ruined breakfast."

Seth laughed. "That's not surprising."

"No, it's not. It was only eggs, too." We all started laughing except Jake.

Then Seth started talking, "You wouldn't think a vampire could cook this good! I mean, she can't even taste it to know if it's good!"

Esme replied, "It's a mother’s instinct, Seth." She looked at me and said, "Grandmothers, too!" I smiled at her as she shuddered. "Being a grandmother really makes me feel old!" She set a plate of eggs down in front of me, and I gulped them down like no tomorrow.

Seth let out a big burp and leaned back in the chair with his hands behind his head.

Esme gave him a warning glance as he was about to put his feet up. "Sorry, Esme," he said after he turned beet red.

She laughed and looked at me shaking her head, "Boys will be boys."

I finished my breakfast and twisted around enough to look Jake in the eyes. "Oh, yes they will," I giggled a nervous giggle as Jake planted a kiss on me in front of Emmett, Jasper, Esme, and Seth. He just had to do that when Emmett walked in. Jasper doesn't mind shows of affection. It relaxes him when there's more than just anger and stress in the room.

Emmett, like always, made a big show of it, "Ew! Get a room!"

I just rolled my eyes at him, and Jasper felt my pain. He calmed me down and tackled Emmett. Jasper is always, always there for me. "Boys! Take it outside!" Esme hates fighting in the house. I didn't know if she didn't want the house to get hurt, or if she just didn't want to see it.

I laughed at Emmett, "Yeah, take it outside!" I just loved picking on Emmett. I put my hand up against Jake’s face showing him a picture of our first kiss since I couldn't actually kiss him with Emmett around. He is way too annoying.

My dad walked in the room and noticed what I was showing Jake. He looked at me funny and then left.

"What's his problem?" Emmett piped up.

I laughed, and Jake smiled, saying, "I have no clue."

"Oh, I think you have a clue," Emmett said. Always being in my business, he asked, "What did you show him?"

"It has to be something nasty to make Edward leave," Seth said.

"I sense it was a connection of love by what is radiating off of them right now," Jasper said. He never says too much, but I love it when he does. There is an accent on some of the things he says. It is so pleasant to listen to.

"Oh, ew. NASTY!" Emmett always suspects the worst.

I wasn't going to tell him what it was; he was going to have to find out for himself. "It was probably just a kiss," Jasper said, always sticking up for me. "I didn't feel anything, well, you know... uh. Hmmm." He got embarrassed and left the room.

"How's the house coming along, Nessie?" Esme asked in her motherly voice. She cares way too much about us.

"Great," Jake and I answered at the same time, both of us eager to get off the other topic, and then we laughed. Emmett took our quick reply the wrong way.

"Yeah, I bet it is great. You must be getting your use out of it," Emmett said in his very loud booming voice. He was smiling as he spoke.

I blushed and hid my face in Jakes chest. I could feel him nodding furiously, so I slapped him on his cheek.

Of course, it didn't hurt, but he pretended it did. "Ow! Abusive!"

I rolled my eyes at him, "Drama queen."

"That's king to you," he told me back. I laughed; King was a nickname I gave him when I was physically seven years old.

"Now, where would you call him that, Nessie?" I blushed... again. I was sick of Emmett's innuendos.

Esme laughed while she was cleaning up the messes. Werewolves ate so much it was crazy. Esme and I would know. We are the ones who have to buy all that food. "Are you done Nessie?"

My plate was empty long ago, and I didn't think I wanted anymore. "Yeah, I don't feel right." I got up and stumbled into the living room, with Emmett not far behind me.

Seth got up and went to the front door. "Bye, guys. Thanks for the amazing meal, Esme!" He jumped off the doorstep, threw his shorts on the ground, and phased. He picked his shorts up in his mouth and ran off to the house that he shared with Leah. They lived in Sue's old house since she moved in with Charlie.

I tripped, and Emmett caught me. He took me in his arms and sat me on the couch. "Do you know why my dad is acting weird?"

"He is always acting weird. He probably heard something going on in someone’s head. It always happens," he laughed. "You should see his mental break downs, but he would hide them from you, just like he hid them from your mom."

Emmett threw a controller at me. "Not now, Emmett," I was getting sick of his video game fetish. He was obsessed.

"Fine! I bet Jake will play with me!" he yelled. "JACOB BLACK!"

"Holy shit! Jesus, you don't have to yell. You could whisper and I would hear it. I bet Carlisle even heard you at the hospital," came Jake's reply from the doorway, "I'm not gonna play with you. I am going back to the house with Nessie."

"Why are we going to the house?" I seriously didn't know why.

"It's a surprise," he said pushing his eyebrows together. I was silently cursing him for saying that, even before Emmett said anything.

"Oh, A surprise." I felt like smacking Emmett across the back of his head, but I was too late. Rose was already behind him.

CRACK. Rose's hand hit Emmett's head like two boulders slamming into each other.

"ROSALIE! None of that in the house! No cursing either, Jake!" Esme was very protective, but as long as she doesn't know what goes on, it was fine with her. That is why she sends it outside.

I gave Rose a thankful smile when Jake slipped out of the house and exploded into a big wolf. He threw his pants on the doorstep, and I ran out the door and climbed onto his back. This is my most popular mode of transportation.

"He ain't gonna need those," Emmett said gesturing to the pants. I gave him a dirty-look as Jake let out a hoarse bark. It sounded like a laugh, so I smacked him, and he shut up.

I turned around and waved to the family as Jake broke into a run.