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High Moon

Nessie has a good life, living in Forks with her family. She is engaged to Jacob Black, and has a house. It seems like nothing can go wrong until people start suspecting things about the Cullens, and they are forced to move away from forks. Will the move harm Nessie and Jakes new relationship, and what other problem are going to get in their way?

This story is completely writen in Nessie's POV and tkes place 18 years after Breaking Dawn started. I own nothing. Stephanie Meyer owns all. I only own my major obsession with Jacob Black.

4. Chapter 4

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I woke up drowsily and looked over at the time. It was 6 o'clock? Holy crap! I must have slept for a long time. I actually only went to sleep at 3:30, but still, it was a while for the middle of the day. I rolled over to see one of my favorite sights in the world, my beautifully sculpted man.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up!" he exclaimed, "You were so tired. You're lucky I love to watch you sleep, or I would be with the pack right now."

"You don't love to watch me sleep! You just love to watch my dreams!" I exclaimed. "And why would I be lucky?"

"Well, you are lucky because of this..." He grabbed me and pulled me up on his chest and kissed me. You know—the kind of kiss girls dream about. It was the kind of heart-stopping kiss that just completely proves he loves you.

This is just one of the great parts of being an 'imprintee', as Emily calls it. Everything about him is perfect. Just for you. Another is that you know you are going to be loved for as long as you live, not just until your lover gets sick of you. They can't re-imprint on someone else, or fall in love with anyone else, that is just the way it works.

I pushed myself up using my arms and bracing them against his shoulders, I looked at him straight in the eyes, "I love you, so much." I told him this when ever I could. He just can't imagine how perfect he is.

"I know you do, and I love you, too." He gently took the locket that hung on my neck between his fingers. He opened it and read, "More than my own life, ain't that the truth." My mom gave me that locket before the Volturi came to visit. My mom, dad and Jake were the only ones who ever said that to me, and I know they mean it.

I laid my head back on his chest, and counted his heartbeats. Jake tries to count my heartbeats, but mine run too quickly. We relaxed there like that for ten minutes, until the phone ran. I jumped up off the bed and ran to the table and answered it in a hoarse voice.


"Nessie! We are having a family meeting. You need to come down to the big house. It is important. Bring Jake." We always called Esme, and Carlisle’s house, the big house, because we are always in one of the three. The Cottage was my mom and dad’s cottage, and the house (simple enough) was mine and Jake's house.

"Um, yeah, okay. We will be there soon. Bye." I didn't know who that was. I think it might have been my dad. If it was Emmett, he would have cracked up talking to me.

"Goodbye, Nessie" CLICK

"We have to go." I stated the obvious. He would have heard the entire phone call.

"I know." He was already up and getting clothes from the closet. He threw a pile to me. I put them on and started down the hall. I grabbed an apple from the counter as I went out the door.

Jake followed behind me, as I made way in to the big house, chomping down on my apple. Jake grabbed me and put me on his back.

"Where were you going?" he asked with a chuckle. I must have gone the wrong way, I was getting dizzy.

"I don't know. I think I will have to get Carlisle to check me out, I think I might be getting sick."

"Yeah. I have noticed that you were throwing up, but that doesn't mean you are sick. Maybe you just ate something bad. I am sure you're fine. I mean, you never get sick. It really worries me.

"I think I'm fine. I just want to douible check. I'm sure it's nothing.

"Okay, well, I think that we'll get him to check ya out sometime after the meeting."

"Yeah." I managed to get out before I drifted off to sleep.


"Nessie? Nessie, honey, wake up." I felt those familliar warm, strong, reassuring hands shake me awake very gently. "We're here."

"Oh, okay." I sat upright and found that I was sitting on Jake's lap on the floor, with the whole family staring at Carlisle and my dad. They were standing in the middle of the room with everyone looking at them. I was still dazed and dizzy.

My dad was giving Jake a death glare. There was only one reason why my dad would give him the stare and that would be because Jake is thinking of me, and not in the clean, dressed way. I squeezed his knee, and he looked at me and I shook my head at him.

I guess no one knew what the big announcement was, or what the big meeting was about. The Cullen’s rarely had meetings, because there were no secrets, in a house full of spying (Emmett), future-seeing (Alice), mind-reading (Dad), emotion feeling (Uncle Jazz), and all super-hearing vampires.

The meeting really worried me. Jake felt me tense up and he hugged me close, I leaned my head back on his shoulder.

"Dad, why are we here?" I asked.

"Well, Carlisle's car broke down at the hospital. It wouldn't turn on, so Rosalie and I went to go pick him up in the Volvo." My dad replied. Why would we have to have a meeting about this? It just didn't make any sense.

"While Rose looked at the car, Edward came in to tell me that they got there, and that Rose was looking at the car, and that she might be able to fix it." Carlisle continued.

"And I did." Rose exclaimed rolling her eyes. She always had to have some of the spotlight. Dad looked at me, as if he was agreeing with me. I smiled at him.

"Anyway, when I went in to get Carlisle, I heard some of the worker’s thoughts, and they were thinking about me, Carlisle, and the rest of us Cullens." What would they be thinking? And then my dad answered my question. "Since I haven't been to the hospital in a very long time, they were thinking about how I should have changed my appearance, but I looked the same as I did almost 18 years ago. How Carlisle hasn't changed either. How they never see any of us around. They knew we still lived in town but it was like we never existed, other than Carlisle coming to work."

I was confused, very confused. What was going on? Was Carlisle going to have to quit his job because of this?

"They started thinking about how we couldn't be normal, how we couldn't be human. Not just because we didn't age. I also think that some of them have been putting together the pieces."

At the end of the sentence, my mom started crying her tearless sobs. I didn't know why, because there was no reason to cry. She must have known what as coming next. A lot of the others lowered their heads, and looked at the ground. Jake rested his forehead on my shoulder, it was like everybody but I knew what was going on.

Carlisle spoke up because my dad went to go comfort my mom.

“Alice has already had a vision of this, and all though we didn't know when it was going to happen; we all knew it was going to happen at one point. Family, we have to move."

It took me a while to take it in. We had to move? I completely understood why, but it was really hard. I lived here my whole life, so far. But where are we moving to? I pressed my head into Jake's shoulder; I was starting to get a headache.

"We are going to live near the Denali's. In Alaska." My dad answered my question, but I supposed everyone, was think-asking.

"But what about the wedding? Will Jake come with us? What about the pack?" I didn't know I was speaking, until everyone looked at me.

"That is all up to Jake." Carlisle answered.

"Woah. It can't be all up to me!" Jake said really surprised. "I don't care what happens, as long as I'm with Nessie, and she's happy."

Then, everyone turned to me. Lovely. I have to decide what happens.

"Well, there's no question about it, we have to move. Nessie could stay behind with Jake and move to La Push or even stay here. But that is up to her." My father butted in. I guess he really was comfortable with Jake now, (minus his thoughts of me) if he would let me stay here with him, and away from the family.

I didn't even think about it. "I want to stay with my family, no doubt about it." I looked at my family; they all had relief and joy across their faces. Even Jasper, which was odd. He usually tries to contain his emotions.

It was silent for a while. I didn't know if they wanted me to speak, or what. Finally Jake broke the silence.

"We are off to Denali!" He said. I looked at him with pure love on my face. He would do anything for me.