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Second Chances

Life in Forks Washington is about to change forever. Two warriors who have lost their world to a great evil are being sent to the Cullen's to protect them and most importantly Bella Swan. Spike does Not stay dead! Crossover with Btvs. Post NFA, Spoilers for Eclipse and possibly Breaking Dawn.


2. Visions

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Chapter 2

The images that Edward watched thru Alice's vision were too unreal to believe. Even for their world, the horrifying picture of creatures and death were more than he could have previously imagined. He shuddered at thought of such things coming anywhere near him, his family, or his Bella. A warrior and her champion are being sent to us. This is her gift and his redemption, they have been sent to help us in the upcoming battles and to protect our world. We must help them, Edward. We must.

"Alice? Alice!" Angela waved a hand in front of her face.

Edward laughed to cover for Alice's untimely episode. "Is it naptime already, Alice?"

"Sorry, I was daydreaming," Alice covered before throwing herself back into the conversation.

Edwards's eyes locked on Alice's and pleaded for her to explain.

She tried; I don't understand all of it. It wasn't a normal vision, it was sent to me by something more powerful than we are. I don't think we're supposed to know everything. I hope that she will know more than us, but I do know that we will need them and that they will need us. I also know that you and Bella have to be the ones to meet them.

Edward nodded and then turned away joining in the conversation. "Maybe it's the battery," Edward offered to Mike.

"I just replaced the battery," Mike said in a wary tone.

Bella stood watching Mike's mystified expression, and knew Edward must be covering for something. He never spoke to Mike willingly. It must have been Alice's vision, Bella thought as they watched Mike get into his car.

Once they were inside their car, Edward turned wide gold eyes on his sister, "Alice, what in the hell is going on?"

Alice looked at Edward as if he were crazy, "Everything I told you and everything you saw is all I know."

"Perhaps you could be just a tad more cryptic, Alice?" Edward asked sarcastically. He shook his head. "There has to be more. Nothing you showed me makes any sense."

"Well I am sorry, Edward. Let me get on the phone and call the almighty powers and ask them to explain it to us." Alice then scowled at Edward before turning her head to watch the road.

Bella watched the exchange between Edward and Alice with increasing confusion. "Edward, what's going on?"

"I'm not sure Bella, Alice's vision didn't make any sense," He gave Alice an incredulous look, and then ground out, "When will they be here?" he paused "And how do you know that these people are really as good as this vision showed you. You said yourself that it was like it was sent by something more powerful than us."

"I don't know but the feeling of rightness is quite intense. As for when they will arrive, I'm not sure what the answer to that is, either. I will have to concentrate tonight on the future to be sure," Alice responded as Edward pulled up to the mouth of the Cullen driveway. She turned then and, with a wink and a smile, was gone the next instant, disappearing into the trees.


When Alice got home she told the rest of the Cullen Family about her strange vision and the visitors they could be expecting soon and then went upstairs to concentrate on when they would be arriving. She was also hoping to get a glimpse at the future struggles that these strangers would be helping with, but as she lay down on the bed in her room something incredible happened. For the first time in all the years she could remember, Alice fell asleep and dreamed of lives that were not her own.

The dreams where strange, like watching a movie on fast forward, people and faces flashing by, the feelings and the thoughts, however, where very strong.

Alice watched as Buffy was called. The pain and suffering of the experience was horrifying. She watched as Buffy fell in love and experienced the emotions as if they were her own. She watched her grow and become a strong and good person despite her emotional flaws, and then Alice watched Buffy die for her friends, for her sister, and for the world. It was the most heartbreaking thing Alice had ever seen. She wanted to weep for the poor girl. How the world could be so cruel? Then the nightmare started. She saw Buffy wake up in a coffin. She saw how her friends had selfishly ripped her from heaven and watched as Buffy's world fell completely apart and no one but her mate noticed. That's what this creature was, Alice was sure of it.

He was definitely her mate, always there in the background through everything. And Alice watched as Buffy resisted the pull, watched as she denied her feelings using her hate and rage from being ripped out of heaven, watched as the pull got to be too much for the vampire, saw how he almost did the most unforgivable thing and watched as the man returned to Buffy with his soul. Alice saw how Buffy's friends had caused a great evil to be unleashed and how in the end they turned their backs on her. She saw that no matter what the vampire never once faltered, was always there for support. She felt the love that Buffy had always denied grow and blossom, and then watched how the vampire sacrificed himself for her and the world.

Alice watched the most heart- breaking sight of all; Buffy became a shell of herself after her mate had died. She was no longer the women she used to be. She was a machine, fighting and going through only the simplest motions of life, and only for her family and friends. She threw herself into the most reckless situations hoping each time that it would be the moment that she could surrender herself and fall. At night she watched Buffy cry and beg for death, asking the powers to take her, so she might join her mate, wherever he may be.

She watched as the world came apart for Buffy. Watched as hell swallowed her world and Buffy watched her mate die in front of her a second time. Alice felt Buffy's inner battle as she warred with her need to keep fighting and the emotions telling her to give up. Alice watched in horror as the emotions won over her need to keep going, and she watched as Buffy fell.


Alice awoke with a hiss, Jasper and Edward where by her side in an instant.

"Alice it's all right we are here," Edward spoke softly, having experienced some of what Alice had seen he knew that she must be extremely disoriented.

"What happened?" Jasper asked. He had been beside himself when he had fetched Edward from Bella's house. The Cullen's had never experienced sleep among themselves before so they had no idea of knowing if Alice was even still alive, until Edward had got there and informed them that she was, in fact, sleeping.

"It's very hard to explain," Alice sighed, "I think I just experienced her life."

"Who's life? What are you talking about?" Jasper asked anxiously.

"The warrior who will be visiting us soon, her name is Buffy, she is the chosen one." Alice replied smiling at Edward.

Edward took a second to read Alice's thoughts and then understood. His eyes widened at the possibilities. "You mean the old stories, the ones Carlisle told us he had read while with the Volturi? You mean the girl whose power was strong enough to destroy our kind, the Slayer?"

Alice nodded her head. "How long was I out?"

"Five hours," Jasper answered. "I was so worried." He wrapped his strong arms around Alice and hugged her close. Hugging him back, Alice told Jasper she was fine and not to worry. She explained some of what she had dreamed and how they had to help this chosen warrior.

Alice explained that it would be important for the Cullen's to treat the coming girl like family. "She has lost her home and her friends. We must make this transition as painless as possible. "She will be a strong ally"

Edward, having now seen most of the travesties of the poor girl's life through Alice's thoughts, asked "What must we do? Myself and Bella, what is our role?"

Alice closed her eyes, picturing the future in her mind. "You must be in the clearing on Sunday, late afternoon."

Edward nodded his head, seeing through Alice's eyes as two powerful beings emerged from the forest into the clearing. They had much to prepare for. Very soon their lives would change forever.