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My singer

After over fifty years of belonging the vampire world, Bella finds her singer. ¨La tua cantante¨. She is not sure she will be able to resist. What will Edward do? Most important, What will she do?

This is my first story:) Hope you like it! I love critics! It makes your job a lot easier, so please review and tell me what you guys think!

1. 1. First Day

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After going through high school several times, I didn’t even have to pay the smallest bit of attention. It was kind of a ¨been there, done that.¨ as the years passed, the same subjects were seen. Didn’t science evolve? Or history? Or even English? It was kind of pitiful.

One of the best things was how I started to be able to ignore human blood more easily. It wasn’t such a crave anymore. My throat still ached, and I still feared loosing control, but it did feel much eased.

When it was time to go to school again, we moved to Portland. There were more sunny days here than in Forks, but we could still be out almost every day. We weren’t the only ones going to school, Jacob was coming and Renesmee was coming too. Alice and Jasper decided to take some time off, since they always went with us, and pretend to have graduated already. Rosalie and Emmet were ¨off to college ¨

Edward insisted Renesmee didn’t need us there, since she had Jake, but I wanted to keep an eye on her, at least her first time.

I had settled every class with Edward, except two of them. One, I had with Renesmee and Jacob -they were together every period-, and the other I had on my own.

On the classes with Edward all we did was hold hands and look at each other. I had perfected my shield, and sometimes I showed him my thought so he would stay synced and smile every once in a while.

The class with Renesmee and Jacob was fun; the desks were arranged in trios, which were really good for me, because I knew Jake would sit with Nes…Renesmee.

¨ Come on Nessie let me do it once! ¨ Jacob muttered. Renesmee was really into doing all the chemistry experiments on her own.

¨Mom.. I mean Bella please tell him he doesn’t know how to do these!¨ I told her to call me Bella, and call Edward by his name instead of daddy, since she looked almost our age, and we were trying to cover up what we really are.

I just smiled and nodded. Jake gave me a sore look and stuck his tongue out at me, and then at Renesmee and tickled her.

Once I had to go to the class on my own, I was a little nervous. I knew I wouldn’t hurt anyone, but I felt really uneasy.

I sat on my desk and lay back a little, while the teacher, Mr. Robinson started to introduce himself.

¨This is your Biology class. I’m Mr. Robinson.¨ He said while writing his name on the board. With such a common name, who wouldn’t be able to spell it? ¨Now each and everyone of you is going to say their names and a small introduction.¨

What? I wasn’t much of a good talker, even as a vampire. Edward always did the speaking. What was I supposed to say? ¨Hello my name is Bella Cullen, I am a vampire who is married to another vampire, and I have a daughter who looks my age and is hybrid, who imprinted to a wolf? ¨ I don’t think so.

When the first student started introducing and I lost in my thoughts while looking to the window, someone opened the door and hurried to the teacher with a late pass.

¨ You must be Parker.¨ Mr. Robinson said a little annoyed.

¨ Yes. Mike Parker. I’m sorry I’m late… My mom was having a meeting with the principal and they insisted I stayed and listen.¨ He said in a low tone, like if he was embarrassed about that, and I wasn’t supposed to hear.

¨ just go take a seat on an empty spot.¨

He looked around to all the empty spaces, and then smiled. To my amaze, he sat next to me. Everybody was looking at me, and I just noticed. What was so weird about a pale, beautiful vampire? I just pretended I was reading the text book I had read many times before.

¨ Hello. I’m Mike. What is your name? ¨ He said smiling wryly, flirting with me. What a fate I have, my lab partner was called Mike.

¨I... I am Bella. Bella Swan... well Bella Cullen¨ I said, a little uncertain whether I should say my last name or Edward’s.

¨ Why did… Oh shit! You’re married? ¨ Why had he just used a disgust face? I’m married big deal! I’m over sixty years old. It’s time.

I decided to turn around and pay attention.

¨We are doing some experiments today, and it can get a little smelly, so I’m going to put the air conditioner on. Put your sweaters and jackets on if you think it’s too cold.¨

After the teacher’s announcement, everyone put on their sweaters except for me and this Mike.

I decided to put it on, since humans would get cold. I had to blend in. Done this, I saw through the corner of my eyes Mike putting his jacket on.

Was he mimicking all I did?

Then the air conditioner went on. All the smells were flying through the air, and making my throat really achy. I hadn’t hunted in four days, so I was thirsty.

Everything got worst when the air reached Mike’s neck. I could resist. I could see my eyes turning black, and I could imagine how it would be like. I could even concentrate with killing him. His smell made me dizzy, and my throat was aching like never before. I was pledging to leave the room. He looked at me and smiled. I just hardened my fists and looked out of the window.

Then the worst happened; it was my turn to present.

How could I talk about myself when I was about to rip his throat opened and drink all of his blood?

¨My name is Bella.¨ I begun.