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My singer

After over fifty years of belonging the vampire world, Bella finds her singer. ¨La tua cantante¨. She is not sure she will be able to resist. What will Edward do? Most important, What will she do?

This is my first story:) Hope you like it! I love critics! It makes your job a lot easier, so please review and tell me what you guys think!

2. 2. Love or Death?

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I looked around the room, panicked. Every student was curious, trying to figure out what has happened. I couldn´t look at Mike anymore. I decided to get out of the class as soon as possible, but all my self control could do was sit.

¨She is not breathing is she?¨ Some student said. I decided to give a sore look to Mike so he wouldn’t look for me and ask me what had happened, just like I did to Edward so many times before.

He was scared, and I could feel it. His heart was pounding stronger and faster everytime, which just made me crave his blood even more. He got close, and looked straight into my eyes. Didn’t he know he was probably about to die?

The moment I saw my face reflected in his eyes, I remembered.I saw myself, back when I was a human; looking at Edward the way he was staring at me now. Then I remembered all the human memories that I still had in my head, and then I saw our marriage, our honeymoon, and Renesmee´s birth. I couldn´t do this.

I was not going to kill him. I became a vampire to be with the love of my life forever, and some kid with delicious blood wouldn´t ruin it. I would never kill a human.

I also remembered vaguely some conversation Alice was having with Jasper, In the hotel before I left to the ballet studio, before the whole mess happened. Jasper was also feeling thirsty, and since he was still geting used to the veggetarianism, the second he smelled a little girl playing near us, he could not control.

¨She has a family Jasper.¨ Alice told him, almost in a whisper, which I could still listen to. ¨She has a loving mom, a dad, and maybe even siblings.¨

Was that any help? Mike had a family. His mom would be waiting home with dinner, and his dad would come home later after work. His younger brother would ask him to help him with algebra…

I felt better. I decided to leave; I would call Alice and tell her to pick me up. Eventually Edward would find out and come too. But I just had to go somewhere else.

¨I am feeling sick.¨ All I could say with the little breath I had left. I took all my books and left hurried, a little too fast for a human, but I had to. I couldn’t kill anyone. I couldn´t kill him.

A few seconds after, Alice somehow showed up at the parking lot. I hurried next to her, and she hugged me.

¨I’m sorry it took me so long.. You were changing your mind a lot.. Then I saw you wouldn’t kill him.¨

I hugged her back, feeling somewhat save. Edward would be there in a few seconds probably, so I tried to organize my thoughts and think of what to say.

¨He is my singer isn´t him? ¨ I said panicked.

Then I saw Edward approach, and when he was next to me he whispered ¨Yes. ¨

Was he mad at me? Was he sad? Maybe he didn’t trust me…

¨What am I going to do? ¨

¨The same thing Edward did.¨ Alice looked at Edward, like waiting for him to agree or say something else.

¨It won´t work.¨ He looked depressed, like if this was a very bad thing happening to him.

¨I can just stop coming to school. Renesmee and Jacob can handle it. I don’t mind…¨

I stopped what I was about to say when I looked to their faces, scared and surprised, and Edward´s was also sad.

¨What’s wrong? What did you see? ¨

¨You… Bella you..¨

¨I what? ¨ I said in a high pitch voice. ¨I kill him? I try to? ¨

¨No… Bella you fall in love.¨

She was looking at me scared, while Edward was still looking at the floor.

¨No I don’t! I love Edward¨

¨ Wait… Did you just change your mind?¨ Alice said, while looking at me confused.

Then Edward looked up hopeful.

¨I... I was thinking on staying home with Edward. Or going away in a trip for a semester.¨

¨ the vision has changed… Bella I see you dead now! ¨

I couldn’t even straighten my thoughts. I had two choices; Or falling for Mike, which I didn’t find any reasons why I would, or dying. Which one would it be?

¨It doesn’t have to be that way.¨ Edward hadn´t participated much in this conversation, just his mood changes.

¨We will change it.¨ I said, kind of lost. I wasn’t sure what was on Edward´s mind, or on Alice´s, but there had to be other ways.

This was enough of a long day. I told Edward I would go home, he could come earlier with Nessie and Jake. I needed to be alone.

All I could think of was, How would I manage to keep both of us alive and not fall for him? What a long day.