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My singer

After over fifty years of belonging the vampire world, Bella finds her singer. ¨La tua cantante¨. She is not sure she will be able to resist. What will Edward do? Most important, What will she do?

This is my first story:) Hope you like it! I love critics! It makes your job a lot easier, so please review and tell me what you guys think!

3. 3. Coming Back

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I had made my mind. This Mike kid was not going to stop me. I would go back to school and just do my best not to mess up. What else could go wrong?

The next day, every one in the family was looking at me, staring deep into my eyes, like if they wanted to know what was on my mind. The truth is, the only things on my mind were Edward and Hunting. No Mike was entering this territory.

At school, Edward was very quiet, and Alice was constantly trying to find out what would happen.She couldn´t, and Iknew that, because I constantly changed my mind about what should I do. It was chaotic.

¨Morning stranger!¨ Mike said, once I sat in biology class.

¨Hi.¨ His smell was still painful, but not as much as last time. I had hunted and hunted all afternoon. Glutony, like humans would call it.

¨Why did you leave so suddenly?¨ He said approaching. Didnt his senses of survival tell him how dangerous I was to him? Didn´t something deep inside his core tell him to run away and never look at me again? He was so stubborn. And the thing that pissed at me off the most was; He reminded me of someone; Me.

¨I had to go.¨

¨You feeling alright now?¨


So everything was doing great. I had it control. Neither of us was dying, and I was not falling for him.

¨Im sorry Im late.. Oh hey Bella are you better from that flu?¨ Mr. Robinson said as he entered the room ten minutes late.

I just imagined Edward had told him something, so I followed along.

¨Healthy as a horse.¨ I said, a little nostalgic for my dad, who I missed greatly.

¨ Ok so today´s class is just some review for the quiz. I will give you some paper - Mike please give this to the students if you may- and you can review on your own.¨

He got up and took the papers. When he gave it to three students, Alice opened the door and raced to the teacher.

¨ The flu.. The flu is very dangerous. My dad, Carlisle says anyone can catch it. I think is best if I take her home.¨

¨Sure Ms. Cullen.¨

Had Alice been here to tell him I had flu before? What did she see? Did I kill Mike?

Panicked, I went as fast as a human could to the entrace with my books, and took Alice´s hand.

She whispered we had to run, but then some teacher went out to the hall, and we had to walk.

Two seconds later, I heard a paper rip, and skin opening.

¨papercut.¨ I whispered.

¨ Shit! Just don´t breath Bella!¨ She said even more panicked.

I didn´t listen to her, since human blood didn´t make me go crazy as much as before. But the worsethat could happen, given my luck,it wasn´t just some regular human with a papercut. Guess who was stubborn enough to cut with the papers from Biology review? And no, it wasn´t Bella Swan when she was a human.