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bella's love

What happens when jake and bella fall in love and edward wants her back?Disclamer : I do not own any of the characters except the ones i made up. Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com plz review i will not update uless u review and i reall yam hoping u like my first fic


1. second love

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 555   Review this Chapter

Jake finds Bella hurting. He is trying to hold her together but he just found out that he imprinted on her. He is trying his best to not show her that. She was hiding in her room. Finally a couple of days later she would finally talk to him.

She said "I have been thinking I have been feeling a weird pull between us and I don't know what it is."

"Bella, I am having the same feeling I just have to know do you love me?" Jake said

"Of course I do how could I not except it is more that just family love." she paused " I don't know if I can take it though."

"Can I have a kiss?" he asked

She said "Sure, what could it hurt?"

They kissed passionately, but Jake gets carried away. He starts touching me more than I would like I pushed him back. I was surprised no one has ever done that to me before, or rushed me like that. She got very mad.
" You are the worst Jacob Black!!" She yelled at him

"What did I do??"

"You know what you did, you are a dog!!"
"Yes I am Bella so what is the matter?"

"You don't even know...ugh you will never understand!!"

I stomped away what the hell was he thinking oh my god . He can't just do what ever he wants. I'm not used to people doing that why would he. I was at My truck by now. I didn't know where I was going but i was leaving.

Jake ran over to the truck and opened the door. What is he doing ugh why wouldn't let me leave. Fine I thought I will just go to my room again.

I locked Jacob out and put on some very loud music. So that I couldn't hear him, but that didn't work. Since I wouldn't open the door he climbed in the window.

"GET OUT" I yelled at him

"Not until you talk to me."

"You can't just do whatever you want."

"What are you talking about?"

"Earlier when you were touching me you just can't do that."

"What oh I'm sorry I'm moving to fast aren't I."

"Yeah you are."

"Okay you can draw the lines and I will not cross them."

"Clothes they stay on, no touching me like yesterday."

"Okay, are we cool?"

"If I get a kiss."

They kissed he put his tongue to her lips she let it enter. This time though Jake knew his limits. He didn't go beyond them even though I was thinking of changing them. I pulled myself tighter and tighter to him. I unlocked my door and let Jacob out.

"Pick you u tonight."He said

"Okay." Crap did I want him to pick me up.

When Jacob came to pick me up I did not want to leave my room. Except when he told me everyone now I really didn't want to come out. But I didn't want to make him sad so I went with him.

"You know you can talk to me about anything right?"Emily said

"Yeah, why?" I asked

"Jake told me how you hesitated to come, why didn't you want to come?"

"'cause well I don't know oh maybe 'cause I don't want to see us kissing or going over bored." I said

"I know how you feel i felt the same way."


"Yeah I do."