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bella's love

What happens when jake and bella fall in love and edward wants her back?Disclamer : I do not own any of the characters except the ones i made up. Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com plz review i will not update uless u review and i reall yam hoping u like my first fic


2. Chapter 2

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"Hey what were you guys talking about?"Jake asked as I walked outside
"None of your business,that's what."I told him
"Oh well we can see about that."he Said jokingly then kissed me
"Hey I thought you didn't want that Bells."Emily Said as she came out
Then I noticed we weren't alone I blushed then ran inside to the bathroom. Oh great I just did what I didn't want to do. Jacob was running after me but in human speed. Now he was outside the bathroom door.
"Come Out Please." He Said
"Is this about what you two were talking about?" He asked
"Maybe, maybe not either way it is none of your business."
"Please come out to talk."
I went out behind him Sam, Emily were there I tried to go back in the bathroom but Jake grabbed me.
"Hey were do you think your going?"Jake asked
"I don't know or care, let go."I said harshly
"No we need to talk."Jake said
"Then why are they here too."I said now angry
"we got worried."Sam said
"why?" I asked
"Plus they think I can't handle myself."Jake told me
"Can you guys leave I'll yell if I need you." I asked
"'Kay but i will be listening."Sam said
"No you will not." I almost yelled
"Calm down, bells don't want you to bust a vein."Jake teased
"Don't tell me what to do" I paused took a deep breath then said "Sorry I just ugh need to talk later."
"No we talk now."
"Fine." I growled "Can we sit I'm a little light headed."
"Course now, why didn't you want them to see you kiss me?"
"I don't know I just don't want them to every thing about us."
"Well they will still know."Sam said
I ignored him and said "I just don't want them seeing what we do or did."
"You did something with her."Sam yelled
"No now shut up idiot."Jake said
I ignored both of them went on anyway. "I just yourself or i will not be able to control myself."
"Okay lets go back outside."I said
"We need to kiss first."
He kissed me gently and passionately.Before he even put his tongue to my lips my mouth was open for it. I would taste him it flooded my senses. He had to stop us this time. I leaned my head against his chest and said "Now we can go."
He walked me outside people looked at me quickly then away.
"Bells."Emily called
I walked over to her and sat down.
"Yeah ." I said after I sat down.
"Your dad called he wanted you to stay the night at Billy's cause he's not going home cause he has more than twenty case files at work to fill out."
"No I have to go home I don't need dad there I will keep a gun with me."
"No the guys are staying by your dad except Jake is having a day off."
"Fine i am going to sit with Jake. Wait dose he know?"
"Yeah told him before he chased after you."
"'Kay"I said