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bella's love

What happens when jake and bella fall in love and edward wants her back?Disclamer : I do not own any of the characters except the ones i made up. Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com plz review i will not update uless u review and i reall yam hoping u like my first fic


3. Chapter 3

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chapter 3

"Hey." I said as I say on his lap
"Hey," He said then he leaned down and kissed me then it all happened again I wanted to take it to far. He pulled away just in time to stop me.
"Bells careful I don't want this to go to..." Jake said in my ear.
"Sorry." i whispered back
I laid my head against his chest.
Bells laid her head on my chest . Her breath change after a minute. She fell asleep then i heard her say"Jacob" I looked down she was still asleep.
"Jacob" she said again
Then a couple of minutes later she woke up again. Then I said "You talk when you sleep." "What did i say?"She asked "Oh nothing really just my name."I told her she blushed red. "It's okay." i said "I know but look at Sam."She said Sam was starting to look angry thinking i did something to maker her upset. I turned to her and said "Come on it is time to go to my house." "Well i need to get something to sleep in from my house."She said "No you'll just fall asleep there and then we'd have to stay so you can borrow a shirt from me." "Fine it'll be like a dress any ways." I laughed and started to leave. But San was in front of the door right after we stood up. "What is it Sam I have to take Bells to my house?" "Nothing just wanted to say goodnight." "Okay we'll see you tomorrow."Jacob said "Yeah night." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- While we were walking Bells almost fell flat on her face but I caught her. The rest of the walk she put most of her weight on me. __________________________________________________
I was so tierd. I almost fell flat on my face. But jake caught me. the rest of the walk i put almost all my weight on him. "Here wear this shirt." He said as he threw her the shirt he was wearing. "Will you please put a shirt on?"I asked "No it will be easier to keep you warm." "What do you mean?" "Well there is only one bed.So" I interuped him. "We are NOT sleeping in the same bed. I will sleep on the couch." He grabed me and said"Kiss me goodnight." Without saying anything i put my arms around his neck and pulled my mouth to his. I rubbed my tounge against his lips and he opened his mouth. I bit his lip he gasped.He pulled me tighter and now we lay on our sides on his bed. He had to stop the kiss. When he stoped we were both gasping for air. When our breathing was back to normal he said "I'll let you change." After he left i stripped of my clothes except my panties. I buttoned the middle three buttons. Then I went to the couch. I looked at it apperantly jake made it like a bed for me. Then out of no where jake said"You like?" I turned around and looked at him. He gave me a good night peck on the cheek. He picked me up and lay me on the couch. He turned around and went to bed. I was sleeping then I saw victoria in my dream I screamed. Jacob ran in and picked me up. "It's okay bella it was just a nightmare." "I know but how did you know?" "I heard you when i was watching guard." She huged him tight. Then she said"I'm sorry it is just so bad right now." "You have nothing to appologize for." "I just feel bad for waking you up." "It's okay now come into my room and lets go to sleep."