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This is the sequel to my story "Somewhere." you have to read that first to understand the plot because this goes off of that one's epilogue. Somewhere's epilogue can be read seperately from the rest of the story, but there still are minor references in Nowhere to it's predecessor. Edward and Bella are finally together again and getting ready for their wedding. all is well until they go to tell Charlie. Charlie has fallen asleep on the couch and on the news is something that will change their lives forever. now they must run. this time not to find each other, but to escape the danger ahead for them. Places to hide are scarce, even in such a large world, especially with a tracker. Meanwhile, the city of Forks is just finding out about the mysterious news...

in this story, Bella and Edward will once again start running around the world, but with more events and to farther places. but this time, they will have somebody else with them. this story might not go the way you think. =] Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight.

3. A New Addition

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Alice’s POV

The visions I had been having about Bella’s perfect wedding day abruptly changed as soon as the question of why she was here right now slipped out of my mouth.

Aro stood up as the rest of the guard came in to the throne room. One was carrying a photo with a strange sparkle to it.

“What have you got there?” Aro questioned the member of his guard with the photo.

He walked over to Aro and held up the picture in front of his face. Aro gasped at the sight. Marcus and Caius came up behind Aro to see what could possibly be on this photograph. Both gasped as well. Caius reached for the photo, but Aro grabbed it and held it away from him.

“Caius, be patient. We must figure out how to deal with this first.”

“How to deal with this?!” Caius yelled. “This is the worst thing that could happen! This will spread if we do not take care of it immediately!”

“And how do you suggest we deal with this?”

“Destroy these three of course. And then find some way to stop the media from spreading this any farther, and destroy all information that this ever happened.”

I was still curious as to what could be on this photograph when the vision changed direction, leaving me to see the picture in perfect detail. Though I did not need to breathe, I felt as if I wasn't capable of using my lungs at this moment.

The picture was of a TV screen that the news was being reported on. On the screen were Edward, Bella, and I. They were running away from me in front of that horrid little wedding chapel, a smiling couple behind us. I was so focused on catching them that I had not noticed that they had led us through the light. Though the sun was only just rising when it was taken, it was enough to make the sparkling come off our skin. To many humans it would seem to be glorious, beautiful, but to me it was the ugliest thing possible.

I didn’t have to keep watching the vision to know what would happen next. There was no doubt that they would decide to destroy us, just like Caius had said. I knew we had to leave immediately, Bella had told me that before I had even had my vision, but I had to do something first.

I got to my feet, ran down the stairs and out the back door. I had to find Jasper; I could not leave without saying goodbye. He had gone out hunting a while ago with Emmett, so he should be pretty far away. I pumped my legs harder, forcing myself to go faster than I had ever gone. I did not have time to do this, but there was no way I was leaving without it.

After I had run for many miles, I finally caught his scent. I followed it into a small clearing where Jasper was now draining a large mountain lion; Emmett was no where to be seen. I ran up to my husband and pulled him into a tight hug. He dropped the lion’s carcass to the ground and turned round to face me.

“Alice what’s wrong?” he asked. “Why are you so scared?”

“The Volturi; they're after us. There’s a picture of me, Bella and Edward running in the sunlight.” I buried my face in his chest, crying tearless sobs.

Jasper gasped as the words came out of my mouth and his grip tightened on me.

“I’ll never let them touch you,” he vowed.

“What can we do? We’re no match for the Volturi. Edward, Bella and I will have to run.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“Jasper, no! They’ll kill you too for helping us; I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“I don’t want to live anyway if you can’t.”

I could find no way to argue. I did not want him to come with us, to be killed for being an accomplice. But I had no choice. I knew there was no way Jasper would ever let me go without him, so I simply nodded, accepting his demand.

“We have to go now! They all ready have the picture!” I exclaimed. I grabbed his hand and we took off running towards the house. We jumped over the river and came in the back door. The rest of the family, including Emmett, were all waiting for us.

“We all wish you the best of luck,” Carlisle said.

Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie all took turns hugging each of us goodbye and wishing us luck.

I ran up the stairs to Jasper’s and my room and packed a small backpack of clothes for each of us within a few seconds. I did the same for Bella and Edward. Luckily, I was able to fit enough clothes inside for a few weeks. I guess we would have to re-wear the same clothes if it got over two weeks. I shuddered at the thought.

I threw my designer pink backpack over my shoulder and ran downstairs. I gave Bella, Edward, and Jasper each a backpack. We waved a final goodbye to our family and headed out the door, unsure of what was to come.