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This is the sequel to my story "Somewhere." you have to read that first to understand the plot because this goes off of that one's epilogue. Somewhere's epilogue can be read seperately from the rest of the story, but there still are minor references in Nowhere to it's predecessor. Edward and Bella are finally together again and getting ready for their wedding. all is well until they go to tell Charlie. Charlie has fallen asleep on the couch and on the news is something that will change their lives forever. now they must run. this time not to find each other, but to escape the danger ahead for them. Places to hide are scarce, even in such a large world, especially with a tracker. Meanwhile, the city of Forks is just finding out about the mysterious news...

in this story, Bella and Edward will once again start running around the world, but with more events and to farther places. but this time, they will have somebody else with them. this story might not go the way you think. =] Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight.

4. Annoyance

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Charlie’s POV

I watched my daughter drive away. What had she meant that it was too late? Why would she get married so young? That wasn’t the Bella I knew. But, then again, Bella had become completely different after she met him. This past year, after he left her, it was like I didn’t know her; like I was missing something. I’d never heard of anybody who reacted the way she did when her boyfriend left her. None of it was normal behavior, but that’s Bella for you.

I looked around, as if she would just pop out of thin air. I knew I wouldn’t see her as much once she went to college, but I had never anticipated marriage; especially not this young. She just got back together with the guy and they were all ready getting married? How can you just forgive someone that easily?

And then there were other changes in her. The extra paleness, the way her features seemed to be enhanced, the way she smelled, the way she spoke, she had never been more beautiful. But one thing did bother me; she would never look straight at me. She was always looking away. Was there something wrong with her eyes?

There was so much to think about, it was hard to stay on my feet. Maybe I should just go inside. I went over to the mailbox while I was outside and then went back into the house, closing the door behind me.

I plopped back down on the couch and flipped through the mail in my hand. It was mostly bills and junk mail until I got to a fancy envelope in the back. I pulled the seal off of it and pulled out the piece of paper inside. It was, too, very fancy. On it was a date, time, phone number, and the Cullens’ address along with a little greeting. I understood what it was all too soon. A wedding invitation.

I looked back to the phone number. Maybe I could talk to Bella again if I called it; apologize for my overreaction. I got back up and sauntered over to the kitchen. I dialed the phone and waited for someone to answer. When I was about to hang up because nobody was answering, Alice’s voice came through the phone.


“Hi Alice, is Bella there?”


“Well, can you give her a message then?” I asked.


“Tell her I’m sorry,” I started. “And if she gets a chance, to call me back.”

“I will Charlie. Bye.”

“Bye.” I pressed the end button and put the phone back in the cradle.


A few weeks passed, and I heard nothing from my daughter. I was starting to worry. The last time she had been gone for an even longer period of time, I thought she had been at college so I wasn’t at all worried. This time, I knew she was with a boy I despised, and this fact only deepened my worries.

I was about to turn on the TV to drown out my thoughts when the doorbell rang. I reluctantly got up from my comfortable seat on the couch and went to answer the door. On my doorstep, was none other than Mike Newton.

“Um…Hi-i Chie-ef S-Swan,” he stammered. “I-is B-Bella home?” He turned an envelope that looked just like the one I had gotten after she left over and over in his hands.

“No, Bella’s not here,” I answered. I used to think that Mike Newton would be good for Bella. Now I realized that Bella was right; he was just a friend. Jacob, on the other hand, would be perfect for her. But, she had chosen the one person I despised the most. I still had no idea why she would forgive him so easily; enough to accept a marriage proposal when they just got back together. I thought Renee and I had raised her better than that. I guess the message didn’t get across.

“Do you know where she is?” Mike asked.

“No. I don’t know anything more than you about that stupid little envelope you’ve got there.” I pointed to the invitation that he was still turning around in his hands.

“Oh…ok. Um, I have to go. Goodbye, uh, sir.” Mike continued to have trouble speaking. He turned around and walked towards his car, parked on the curb, as I closed the door behind him.

I sauntered back over to my comfy couch and sat down. I grabbed the remote from between the cushions where it had fallen while I was asleep. I turned on the TV and found it on some old soap opera with everybody speaking Spanish. I raised an eyebrow. How did it get changed to this? I thought I had it on ESPN.

I flipped through the channels and finally found what I was looking for. I put the remote onto the arm of the couch and laid back, settling in for a long rest. I needed to clear my mind of the madness that was running through it. I fell into a deep sleep as the announcers started talking and the athletes started playing.

My beloved daughter walked up to me on the sidewalk with a boy I approved of on her arm; Jacob.

“Hey Dad!” she said happily as they came to a halt in front of me. “How ya been?”

I pulled my eyebrows together in confusion. How long had I been away from her? I guess she did look a little older… I stared down at the sidewalk, trying to make sense of this.

I lifted my head slightly to look at Bella’s left hand. There was a sparkling gold ring on it. I smiled. She had married Jacob, just like I had wanted her to. I lifted my head up all the way to look at my son-in-law. My grin quickly morphed into a scowl as I saw the wrong face.

The picture had changed to my worst nightmare. There was Bella, in all of her 19 year old glory, leaning into Edward Cullen, who now had his arm around her waist, with a ring on both of their fingers.

I narrowed my eyes, glaring at that horrible excuse for a person. “Get away from her!” I yelled. He looked confused at my statement. Bella’s eyes widened.

“Why? Am I not allowed to touch my own wife now?” he asked. I grumbled under my breath. I think he heard me because his arm tightened around Bella.

“I said, Get. Away. From. My. Daughter.”He backed up, pulling Bella with him, turned around at started walking way too fast, heading toward a silver Volvo that I instantly recognized parked on the curb. I ran after him. I reached out and was just about to grab onto the back of his shirt…

I awoke to the phone ringing in the kitchen.

Bella, I thought instantly. I flew up from my spot on the couch and ran as fast as my older limbs would allow towards the phone. I glanced up at the clock as I picked up the phone. I had only been asleep for a little over half an hour.

“Hello?” I asked eagerly. I hope I didn’t seem too desperate to talk to my daughter.

“Hello Chief Swan, this is Mrs. Stanley.”

My spirits fell. Of course it wouldn’t be Bella. She hadn’t called any other time after she left, why would this be any different? Mrs. Stanley continued to speak as I thought.

“I was just wondering if you would know why my daughter was so eager to go over to your house. Is your daughter home for Thanksgiving?”

Oh. That would explain why I just had Mike Newton at my door. The kids were home for Thanksgiving break.

“Bella’s not here. I-“the doorbell interrupted me. I groaned; more people. “I’ll be right back Mrs. Stanley.”

I trudged over to the door and flung it open, only to be faced with yet another teenager.

“Hi Chief Swan, is Bella home? I really need to talk to her! Did you get one of these?” Jessica held up the dreaded wedding invitation.

I sighed. “No, Bella is not here. And why are you just getting that now? I got mine a few weeks ago.”

She bit her bottom lip, obviously trying to contemplate what I had just said. “Well, I just got home this morning and my mom showed me the invitation. I asked her if she had asked you or Bella about it, but she said that you weren’t really talking to anyone right now. I sent Mike over first, just to see if it was true. He said you didn’t know anything, but I didn’t believe him. So I came to check for myself.”

My jaw dropped a little as she explained herself. Mike had been her doing? She had been the reason that this wedding nonsense had been hitting me at full force today. I was a bit angry, but I controlled myself, I was not going to take my anger out on one of Bella’s friends.

“I have no idea about this. They came to tell me and left. I have just as much information as you.”

Her face fell. “Ok. Goodbye then.” She turned around and walked away as I closed the door behind yet another teenager.

I went back to the kitchen to say goodbye to the girl’s mother.

“It seems your daughter wanted to bombard me with questions about that wedding invitation of my daughter’s that you apparently gave her this morning,” I said into the phone.

“Oh. I guess that does make sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Goodbye.” She hung up on me, but I didn’t care. I had never wanted to talk to her in the first place.

I walked upstairs. The couch had seemed appealing to go back to, but I wanted to be away from the phone and the door, where nobody could get to me. I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep, happy to be rid of all the annoying people out there today.