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This is the sequel to my story "Somewhere." you have to read that first to understand the plot because this goes off of that one's epilogue. Somewhere's epilogue can be read seperately from the rest of the story, but there still are minor references in Nowhere to it's predecessor. Edward and Bella are finally together again and getting ready for their wedding. all is well until they go to tell Charlie. Charlie has fallen asleep on the couch and on the news is something that will change their lives forever. now they must run. this time not to find each other, but to escape the danger ahead for them. Places to hide are scarce, even in such a large world, especially with a tracker. Meanwhile, the city of Forks is just finding out about the mysterious news...

in this story, Bella and Edward will once again start running around the world, but with more events and to farther places. but this time, they will have somebody else with them. this story might not go the way you think. =] Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight.

7. Capture

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Jasper’s POV

With Alice by my side, I ran quietly through the greenery. I grabbed her hand and squeezed, smiling down at her. She returned the gesture and then turned her focus back to the path ahead.

This was not easy. Alice had come to me while I had been hunting. I was had just started feeding when she had come out. I was still so thirsty, and being near all these humans wasn’t helping. But what if I ran into somebody….

“Go hunt then. You’re not the one in trouble; there’s nothing to worry about,” Edward muttered from across our little line, next to Bella.

“Alice? Can you check?” I asked. She nodded and closed her eyes for a moment. I held onto her hand so that she wouldn’t veer off course while she wasn’t looking.

“Nope. Nothing,” she replied. “Go ahead Jazz, we’ll be fine.” She said we but I could hear the silent meaning behind it. She was trying to assure me that she would be ok.

“I’ll come find you in about an hour,” I informed them. “Don’t go too far away, ok?”

“Ok,” they said in unison.

I fishtailed around, heading back west, where I had sworn that I had smelled a nice, big black bear. I sniffed around and then I saw a flash of white and black. It looked like somebody else had already gotten my delicious bear. Who knew there were vegetarians out here?

I poked my head around the corner very quickly, but saw nothing other than the black bear lying on the ground. I pulled my head back into the shelter of trees and tried testing the emotions around the area. Most was primal instinct, but the rest was….triumph? Had the bear caught something? I peeked out again. Nope, there’s nothing there.

Well, better go find something else. I know there is something wrong with this scene, and I know it is probably a good idea to stay away from this mysterious bear no matter how strong I am.

I heard the tiniest rustle of the leaves, and I assumed it was just the bear moving along, before there was an arm around my throat along with a hand over my mouth.

“Be quiet,” she whispered. I tried to turn my head around to see just who this strange kidnapper was, but she wasn’t having it. She tightened her hold on my neck and started pulling me backward.

I thought of screaming, but knew that would be a bad choice. I didn’t know a thing about this woman, and the potential for a gift that could destroy me was just too great a risk.

I heard her whispering softly, yet menacingly, in my ear once again. “Now, you will come with me without struggle or I will kill you and everybody you know without a second thought.”

Fear overtook me. I knew Alice could see the future; there was no not knowing that, but what if there was something she couldn’t see? The chance was not one I was willing to risk.

Of course, she didn’t want to give me time to think. She was already running back out of the forest, pulling me behind her. I was not submerged in the darkness for long before I was thrown in a car with her in front of me, climbing over the center console to get to the driver’s seat before slamming the door and starting the car. She kept one hand on my neck as she drove.

I padded my pockets checking for my phone. I found it, dead. Just great. I’m trapped in a car in the middle of nowhere, separated from my wife, with no contact whatsoever.

Eventually she pulled up to a small collection of houses that looked to be abandoned. She pushed me out and tugged my neck to make me go with her to the third one down. The house was old and decrepit, not something I would expect a woman of this demeanor to go to.

She flung open the door and pulled me inside of a dim room filled with none other than the Volturi.