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100 years

It has been 100 years since he left.Now it has all changed.

Edward left Bella 100 years ago.

1. Chapter 1

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It has been 100 years since the night I became a vampire.100 years since the night he left me. It is still fresh in my mind. That is because it was the night I was changed. I was lying on the ground. Tears streaming down my cheeks. A voice. A female’s voice telling me she was going to make it better. I thought it was my imagination. I clearly remember the feel of her sucking my blood. The pain. For some reason she didn’t kill me. She turned me. I was in agony for 3 days.3 long awful days. It was like my insides were burning.

I woke up in a small cottage. It was abandoned in the middle of the forest. I remember passing it with him when we went to the meadow. Victoria was gone. Left a newborn on their own. Fortunately I had good self control. I never killed a human, only animals. Deer are my favourite. Fulfils my needs.

I had to fake my death. Move. I ended up in Alaska.

4 years later I had to move again with my coven. Ashton- 18 ,his mate Gemma-17 who is a mind reader,Sophie-17 and me 18 years old. I can absorb other vampires powers.

We drove for 3 hours and here we are in the continental US in the wettest place in America. Forks. My hometown where it started and ended. Where my life took a turn for the better. I got what I wanted. To become a beautiful mythical creature I thought I would never be after he left. To become a vampire. I never wanted to be changed by anyone but him. I can’t even say his name without breaking down. Dry sobbing for hours on end. I miss them so much. I don’t care he said he didn’t love me anymore. I knew he probably did deep down. Jasper probably blamed himself for my 18th birthday party. I should have been more careful. I did not even get to say goodbye to my best friend Alice. Edward probably thought it would have been too painful for me. They should have been easier to let go. But it wasn’t. I never knew what happened to Laurent. He never came back .Ashton said he had been living with the Denali’s Starting changing his diet.

We have been to 25 different schools in the past 100 years. We all did exceptionally well.

Forks had not changed that much>it seemed to be greener then I remembered. It was raining as usual.1 year later I found out Charlie had died. I sneaked into the funeral. All my family and friends were there. There was not any sign of the Cullen’s .It was like they had vanished. I phoned my dad on the night when he left me. He phoned the hospital and they told him the Cullen’s had moved to LA where Carlisle got offered and great new job. LA too sunny of course.

It has been 99 years exactly since my father had died. I never really thought about it. It was a bad memory. It still hits hard. I never got to say a final goodbye. I would always regret it.

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