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Love will stay forever

Rosalie and Emmett have been together for a while now, they have a beautiful daughter Rosalinda, but for some reason Rose and Emmett end up arguing in their relationship. They dont get along, and Rose is having another baby. So with her mood swings that pisses Emmett off. But one day their lives will change. Rose takes it too far and Emmett decides to do something he should have thought twice. Will he lose Rose for ever? But they find out something horrible about Rose. She's dying. A Resmett story Rose/Emmett/? Alice/Jasper Edward/Bella Esme/Carlisle ALL HUMAN!!!

Please enjoy! All I need is one review for the next chapter. I promise just one review for the next chapter. I wont be harsh. But please enjoy.

1. Chapter 1

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Rosalie’s POV

I just took a pregnancy test. I’m pregnant. Yup like that, I never really thought me and Emmett were gonna have another baby. We already have Rosalinda (pretty rose) who’s turning 9 months next month. I mean there’s nothing wrong with another baby, its just wow. I knew we were gonna get kids someday but not more than one! Rosalinda is spoiled already. By her aunts, and grandparents. She’s the luckiest girl to be alive. Emmett doesn’t know we’re having another baby and he’ll be exited. I know he wants a boy and not another girl. Im fine with whatever we have. Im home with Rosa, we call her that for short. She was sleeping on our bed in the middle. Emmett might be home in an hour so I got time to prepare.

“Emmett Im pregnant”

“Emmett I don’t know how to say this… Im pregnant.”

“Im pregnant”

I kept on going at it saying, how Im going to tell him. I said it like a thousand times. Im pregnant. We’re having a baby. You want a son or daughter? Im so happy look! I tried to put something new in my head. I kept on going and then the front door opened and closed. I just sat there in our room waiting for him to come in and kiss me like he does everyday. Wait for it…

“Hey babe!” He came in shouting. He looked at Rosa and smiled. He looked at me with my head down. “Who’s ass am I kicking babe?” He asked me. I looked up and smiled.

“Your own.” I said. I showed him the pregnancy test in my hand and he smiled.

“You’re kidding me!” He whispered. I started crying. He was happy like always. He never felt down when he saw Rosa and me.

“No Im not babe we’re having another baby!” I whispered.

He hugged me and looked me in the eyes, gosh he is so gorgeous. I want Emmett always. I knew he was happy for us and that we were having a baby. But will he be there like Rosa? I think so, he was always there. I knew his next question.

“So what are we getting?” He asked me. I knew him well.

“I don’t know Em, I just found out. Today.”

“Oh then when are we going to tell the family?” He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Tomorrow?” I asked him.

“Tomorrow is perfect babe, Im off tomorrow.” He smiled and kissed my forehead

I wiped my eyes and we were in total silence again. Just staring at each other. For some reason When I met Emmett, he changed my world, he was my sun, my body guard, he even was at my side everyday. He never let me down with anything. He was like the “Mr. Mom” always did everything while I did nothing. He even makes breakfast! Yes he was the reason why I love him till this dad and so I thought.

“Babe.” I said breaking our happy silence. “Why not tell them tonight?”

He looked at me with a smile on his face.

“Tonight is just perfect babe. I’ll go call Edward and the others,”

“Okay.” I smiled and yawned. “Im gonna take a nap with Rosa”

“Kay” He kissed me again and walked out the room.

I lie down in my side of the bed and fell asleep fast. Now all we have to do is, tell the family. Tonight.