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Love will stay forever

Rosalie and Emmett have been together for a while now, they have a beautiful daughter Rosalinda, but for some reason Rose and Emmett end up arguing in their relationship. They dont get along, and Rose is having another baby. So with her mood swings that pisses Emmett off. But one day their lives will change. Rose takes it too far and Emmett decides to do something he should have thought twice. Will he lose Rose for ever? But they find out something horrible about Rose. She's dying. A Resmett story Rose/Emmett/? Alice/Jasper Edward/Bella Esme/Carlisle ALL HUMAN!!!

Please enjoy! All I need is one review for the next chapter. I promise just one review for the next chapter. I wont be harsh. But please enjoy.

2. Chapter 2-Emmetts POV

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Emmett’s POV

As Rose, and our baby girl slept, I called up the family for what I guess they wouldn’t expect. We were having another baby. We were going to have dinner at “The corner house and lounge restaurant” We always ate there when we wanted family time.

First one I called, Alice and Jasper.

Ring… ring… ring…

“Hello!” a tired voice asked on the other line. It was Jasper.

“Hey Jazz, um you guys wanna meet us and the family at “The corner house” for dinner?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure we’ll be there. I want some steak. We haven’t seen the family in a while.”

“Kay, we’ll be there around 8. So where’s my little sister?” I asked him.

“She’s in the yard with the twins, they’re driving us crazy!” He said laughing.

Ah, the twins. Allison and, Jackson my wonderful niece and nephew. They’re only like three and they do drive us all crazy! They run around the house they even fight with each other. I bet Alice doesn’t even have hair any more.

“Jackson! Don’t eat that! Allison put that down! NO!” I heard Alice scream from the yard. Damn she got lungs, you should have saw when she was giving birth to them. I think she broke Jasper’s fingers.

“Oh well I’ll see you guys there. I gotta call the rest of the gang.”

“Bye Em,”


Same thing I did with Jasper little short talk and then call the next person. I called Mom and dad. But I didn’t call Edward and Bella. I always call them last for some reason. He was my main man! Eddie poo! My party man! I dialed Edwards’s numbers and Bella picked up on the first ring.


“Hey Bella! How you guys doing with the newborn?” I asked her. They also got a kid. My other wonderful niece Renesmee.

“She’s doing fine, healthy as a… I guess newborn. Edward has her, daddy to the rescue. So what’s up?”

“I was wondering, you guys up for dinner with the family tonight at the corner house? Everyone’s gonna be there.”


“Yeah Em, it would be great. Haven’t seen the twins and my maid of honors in a long time! We would love to! We’ll be there what time?”

“At 8” I told her glumly.

“We’ll be there. I gotta go I think I here Renesmee.”

“See you guys there.”

“Peace.” Peace? When did Bella ever say peace?

“I’m out.”

I hung up and just sat in the living room. Another baby… Wow Im ready, I can handle Rosa and I can handle another. I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. Hmmm… Jackass. My favorite movie! They are dumb. Like me so I didn’t blame um. They do radical stuff man. They make me laugh so hard.

I was watching and watching. And I laughed through every stupid crap they did. I think I was red. I heard a cry in my room. I walked in my room and saw Rosa sitting up and crying. Rose was there, sleeping. I guess she cant here anything when she’s pregnant.

“Hey baby girl,” I walked over to the bed and picked her up in my arms. “What’s the matter?” I asked her.

She just shook her head. She had long blond hair like Rose, green eyes like me, and she looked A lot like Rose. When I looked and my daughter all I saw was another Rose. So beautiful in many ways. Now when she’s in high school I gotta buy a gun for all the boyfriends she gets.

“You want a snack love?” I asked her.

She nodded her head. She cant talk yet but I hope in a while. I got her something to munch on and put on a show she could watch. Barney. Her favorite show. For some reason she could clap and laugh, but when I make her laugh its only a giggle! Guess daddies just get them what they want and they just scream of joy. I think Rosa got everything she wanted and LOVED shopping like her godmother. Aunty Alice. Yes we made Alice godmother. Well Rose did and there was no other choice so Rose just asked Alice while she screamed of joy!

Now it wasn’t that late but like six and I knew that Rose wanted to get ready. But it was gonna be a long ride so might as well wake pregnant up. I out Rosalinda in her crib and walked to the room.

“Rose” I whispered. “Up c’mon, we gotta go and you have to get ready.”


“Babe, c’mon! We gotta go babe,” I whispered a little louder.

A little shakes to wake her up worked. She was droopy when she woke up. Wow I need to look up thing about pregnant women. Like why they sleep a lot, why they eat a lot. And other stuff. (A/N I wrote that so you can see how guys heads work! Im a girl!)

“Ready for what?” She asked tired.

“The dinner, babe. Im thinking you want to get ready?”

She looked at me and smiled.

“No,” What? “I’ll just put on something descent.”

“Okay Im I’ll go get my clothes I need to take a bath any way.”

As I took my towel I kissed Rose and grabbed her stomach. She giggled, I smiled. I kissed her one more time for my sake I left.

“Rosa is in the crib with stuff all over her face!” I yelled.

“Rosa!” I heard Rose say in exitement.

God I cant wait to be in the shower and see my brothers.