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Intricate Ties

Jacob, fresh from finding out about Bella's horrific pregnany returns to his pack on that fateful night. Revealing the situation, their inevitable decision is to attack the Cullens. In a twist of fate, Jacob is unable to break away from the pack, tied by loyalties and the almighty Alpha, Sam. Bound and forced to obey, the pack have no choice but to fight the Cullens and attempt to destroy the abomination that was Bella and Edward's creation. Who would lose? And who could possibly win? When there's everything to fight for, and everything to lose.

In this version, Jacob is not the true Alpha. Sam is, as was Levi Uley generations ago.

1. Chapter 1 - Bound

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Nothing. No one could resist and win.

Focus, focus, focus, Embry chanted, falling back to flank my left side, ducking his head with a low whine when I stared. Quil mirrored his movement, taking up the traditional place of second in command on my right. He ignored my reproachful gaze, instead, his mind was entirely fixated on the fight ahead.

Sam was busy prepping Jared and Paul, laying out key moves and points of attack. There was no single hint of remorse in his tone.

C'mon Jake, Quil groaned, pawing the ground impatiently. Think of the target, nothing else. Jasper and Emmett. That part would be easy, natural. It was the inevitable ending that I wanted to pull away from.

The binds on my legs wound tighter when Sam registered my train of thought, allowing his authority to crush my chest closer to the forest floor. Embry whimpered.

Stop fighting it, Jacob, Sam ordered. You will fight with us tonight. My legs buckled once more, dropping my body to the earth. You will stand by your brothers and aid us in our mission.

Leah dug her toenails into the undergrowth, tetchy and irritable from my evident disturbance. She was trying to keep her mind on a single track. Just like the rest of them. I was the single exception, making the task harder than it needed to be. Seth sympathized, cowering behind her.

We know what our goal is, Sam aimed his commands to the entire pack now. Our single aim is to destroy the abomination that the Cullens have created. Killing them is unfortunate, but necessary. They will try to protect it. He was being careful not to think her name. It made no difference, she was everywhere. Remember, keep your attack focused on the ones I have assigned. Jacob, Quil, Embry? Jasper and Emmett are your main priority. Quil trembled with excitement. Leah, Seth, Collin, Brady? Carlisle, Alice and Esme will be yours. There was a murmur of agreement. Paul, Jared and myself will take Edward and Rosalie as they will be the main protectors of Bella. He winced. A howl erupted from my muzzle, muffled by the grass pressed to my mouth. He continued regardless. Whoever has a clear shot... He bobbed his head once, signifying the meaning his mind didn't process.

The restraints on my limbs weakened, enough to allow me to pull myself upright. Embry and Quil breathed in relief.

Let's go, Sam directed, moving to the head point, shadowed closely by Jared and Paul.

We followed obediently, compelled by the restraints which held us duty - bound to copy Sam's leading footsteps.

The pack slipped into a conjoined mind, using unity to prepare for the upcoming brawl. Quil and Embry were repeating the two instructed names together, trotting to the rhythm of each syllable. I attempted to mimic their tactic and received a wash of approval from the front for my effort.

We ran at a slow pace, in no rush to reach the destination. Instead, taking the time to mentally trace over every approach possible, permitting no room for failure. It didn't feel like an option.

That's because it's not, Sam broke from the group think to snarl. We will achieve our objective. Failure is not an option at all. He clarified sternly before reverting to the simultaneous way of thinking.

The trees passed in a blur, details lost by my distracted attention.

My eyes locked to the floor when Sam stepped the speed up a notch. The increase caused a ripple of anxious yet eager grunts throughout the pack. Notably Paul, whose mind was racing with enthusiasm. I growled.

Easy, Jake, Embry flinched.

No amount of warnings could divert the reluctance away. More than mere hesitancy. Physical pain was shooting beneath my ribs.

Bella. My beautiful Bella. Thinking of her now could only harm myself. It couldn't stop my brothers in their tracks, nor save her in any way.

The others shied away from my blatant thoughts. Aside from Leah, who scoffed, unabashed, when flittering images of Bella swam through the forefront of my mind. As if imprinted within my brain.

Imprinted. If only. If only I had any control over that natural occurrence. She would be saved. The pack could never hurt the central reason for my existence then. I jeered without humour. She was already my motive for getting out of bed in the morning. Scratch all that werewolf crap.

Jake, an inner voice cried, unidentified, I was too far gone.

I'd once told her that I'd rather have her dead than turn into one of them. A remark made in the heat of the moment. Now, the prospect of Bella the bloodsucker was favourable. Almost heavenly. Not this. Not Bella ceasing to exist at all. I couldn't bear it.

The strings tangled into knots around every part of me, urging me forward with the rest. As if I could have broken away.

My pain was becoming their pain. Seth was yelping, already closer to my wavelength than any of the others. It would be a lifetime regret for him, he classed the leeches as friends.

Leah moaned, cutting of Seth's whimpers with a snap.

Pull it together, Sam demanded. We're closing in.

I already knew that. It had been the stench of vampires in the wind which had started my thoughts about Bella as a true member of their coven to arise.

We crossed the treaty line without the slightest glitch, neither in speed or second thoughts. If anything, I felt the pack tighten and move faster, pushed onwards by the piercing smell assaulting our senses.

Will he be able to hear us yet? Jared questioned strategically. Should we think neutrally? Sam agreed, switching his concentration to the darkened sky above him, naming each star that crossed his eye line.

Stay focused though, he insisted. I gritted my teeth at the contradiction.

Jake, Quil prompted, already reciting the alphabet backwards.

Seth was humming an indistinct tune, low and mournful. I listened to him, cringing when the melody verged on a funeral march. How appropriate.

Their scent was becoming more concentrated with each stride, tingling my nose with an uncomfortable sensation. It wasn't something you ever really got used to.

We broke through the trees at last, less than a mile from the Cullen residence, still thinking in unison about useless and irrelevant items.

We flew up their curved driveway, finally breaking the speed barrier to reach our ultimate, no longer holding back. My anger helped.

The pack skidded to an abrupt halt half a minute later. Too soon.

Too late.

The Cullens were waiting, motionless on the porch.