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Bella Gets Changed Early

Post Twilight! Bella goes for a sleepover at the cullens and it goes teribly wrong R&R or i will set alice on you!!!

second fan fic! disclaimer: Me: Yay, i own twilight i own twilight! Reality; No you dont, you never will so deal with it! Me:-crys hestericaly and edward comforts me- can i at least keep edward? Reality: Nope -edward fades away and i scream- Reality: My work here is done, wait up edward, bella said we have to get ness from lapush before we go home!!! Me: well enjoy the show, i sadly wont as i cant own any of it, i just play with this little world stephanie meyer made

1. Sleep over

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Alice was driving to the white house on the river that both of us called ‘home’. I still had my leg brace from James’ attack and Carlisle was going to take it off once I am settled for the fake sleepover, this of coarse was Alice’s idea. Everyone was in tonight; I dread to think what they make of my sleep talking.

I had only an idea of what Alice was planning and it included her new favourite game since prom the name of it is called ’Lets treat Bella as a Barbie Doll’ I shuddered at the thought, even though for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling overly hot and each time I am handled by each of the Cullen’s was like a small extinguisher putting out a flame, I’ve always passed it off as nothing and just my imagination as when I was in the hospital after the attack my temperature was fine. Alice was at my side humming tunelessly; probably plotting what to force me into first, and I could do nothing but obey as I was just a weak human (much to my dislike) and she was a super strong pixie like v-vampire, I still tripped on the word even in my thoughts.

Alice pulled up and Edward was instantly at my side opening my door for me, with that he picked me up and carried me inside; apparently I couldn’t be trusted with walking up a few steps into his house. He placed me down on the white couch and sat next to me. I rolled my eyes at him and blushed a little when I saw that everyone had seen him carry me in.

“Hey Guys” I said calming myself from my blush.

I took in their faces; Emmett was holding back the laughter at my entrance, he’s just as annoying as a real big brother and yet just as protective as one. Edwards face was full of joy and happiness; it was probably at the fact I had chosen not to run screaming away the first time I visited the Cullen’s house. Esme’s face was loving, she loved me as a small daughter; I was the baby of the family after all. Jaspers face was guarded and disciplined but he still smiled; he was so careful around me, for that I am glad so I smiled back. Rosalie’s face was as beautiful as ever, she smiled but I could still see some resentment in her eyes towards me, I still wondered why, my main theory was that she hated me because every moment I’m around her family I’m putting them all in danger. Carlisle’s face was deep in thought but again he still smiled at me.

“Are you ready?” he said nodding towards my cast.

“Sure” I said, happy that I soon wont be carrying an extra 4 pounds on my leg anymore. With that he was at my leg carefully breaking the cast away with his bare hands. Edward moved to the floor to give him some room and I played with his hair while watching the TV. The others went on with their business. Esme was sketching absently. Emmett and Jasper were playing their own complex version game of chess. Alice was evidently in her ‘closet’ which was triple the size of my room over at Charlie’s I resisted the shudder at guessing what she was doing up there. Rose was in the garage tuning up the cars again.

Carlisle was done with my leg within the hour and Esme ordered me some Chinese food from Port Angeles. Edward was trying to convince me to let him buy me a new car. I detested it when he did this, I dislike it when he and the others spend too much money on me regardless if they have the money to spare, I don’t need all these hi-tech things, I was annoyed enough when my CD player broke and Edward won the fight about getting me a new one, he chose a top of the range expensive one, I had no idea what he would do if I gave him the opportune of getting me a car so this debate was out of question.

“Please be reasonable Bella, your truck wont last; ask Rose” he pleaded, but NO I am not having any of that

“No, Edward, Why do you always want to shower me in gifts? Besides Charlie would ask too many questions and get suspicious of a 17 year old guy getting his girlfriend a top of the range car; and don’t even say you weren’t going to get top of the range because I know you would because you could.” I replied, he sighed in defeat then smiled

“Alice wants you” he said. I knew what was coming and groaned. I got up balanced for once and headed to meet my cotton and polyester doom. Maybe she put some silk and lace in there, I shuddered away from the thought.