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Bella Gets Changed Early

Post Twilight! Bella goes for a sleepover at the cullens and it goes teribly wrong R&R or i will set alice on you!!!

second fan fic! disclaimer: Me: Yay, i own twilight i own twilight! Reality; No you dont, you never will so deal with it! Me:-crys hestericaly and edward comforts me- can i at least keep edward? Reality: Nope -edward fades away and i scream- Reality: My work here is done, wait up edward, bella said we have to get ness from lapush before we go home!!! Me: well enjoy the show, i sadly wont as i cant own any of it, i just play with this little world stephanie meyer made

2. Make over!!!

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I got several laughs from my exit, I reached Alice’s ‘closet’ and barely knocked before being pulled inside by an excited pixie like v-vampire, this is stupid, I shouldn’t be scared of a stupid word, I should just say it and be done with the whole stuttering, vampire I thought to my self.

It was that moment I recognised the smile (or evil grin) Alice was wearing, I stifled a shudder and In that moment I noticed the amount of clothes that surrounded us, She handed me a set of clothes and pointed to her new ‘in closet’ changing cubical.

“Please say its just the one outfit today” I whispered to myself over and over, Alice heard me perfectly any way and I could hear her quiet musical laugh.

“Yes, actually, I saw you would throw a fit if it was any more, I’ve said it before and ill say it again, You Need To Get Over Your Aversion To New Clothes!!! But only if you keep this outfit and wear it, you can be excused from further outfits TONIGHT!!” she said, I sighed in relief.

“Okay, Alice, Thanks, I’ll keep this one, but seriously your getting worse than Edward with the whole buying me things”

“You’re the baby, so get used to it.” Alice chimed.

I groaned and left the cubical, She smiled a kinder smile in delight at her own choice of clothes.

I sighed and looked at the reflection in the mirror, The outfit consisted of a blue dress that had a belt type ribbon that knotted just under my breasts and the excess ribbon hung loose till the hem, the lower skirt of my dress was pleated wand had a fine design print on it, it looked like the type of pattern you find on lace and was just slightly darker than the rest of the dress. The dress was held up by two straps. To complete the outfit Alice had given me a dark blue shrug and black flats, the shades of blue reminded me of another top I own, it was the one that I wore when Edward found me in Port Angeles. He’d liked the colour of it.

Mercifully Alice skipped the hair and make up part of the usual makeover and carried me downstairs in one fluid movement. Edward smiled at me as Alice sat me next to him.

“thanks again Alice…” I started but was cut off.

“No problem Bella, and don’t start this argument again- your foods here in a minute and I’m getting the door, as If you would of gotten it you would have tripped and bashed your head.” Alice said sweetly with distant eyes.

Edwards arm around me stiffened as he saw the proof in her vision.

“what argument?” Esme said, changing the subject and passing Alice the food money.

“Bella was going to say ‘Thanks again, but I wish you all would stop spending so much money on me’” She replied with that the door bell chimed and Alice walked at human speed to open the door.

“Sorry it took so long Miss, your house is so hard to find” a female voice said while passing the food to Alice in exchange for the cash. As soon as it entered the house I could smell the sweet and sour sauce and ribs. Then the Delivery woman actually looked at Alice and gasped, Alice waved and shut the door in her face.

“They never change do they?” Alice asked rhetorically

“I hope they never do, Humans are one of the most entertaining creatures on this planet apart from monkeys” Emmett said chuckling then he caught my half hearted glare and added “No offence Bella”

“What’s so fascinating about monkeys?” Jasper asked