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Shutter hearts

When the heart cries out, the one who answers the call is not always the one you had in mind. PLZ review ppl! would really appreciate it.


1. Losing him

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Chapter 1. Losing Him

“I don’t want you.”

Edwards smooth, velvet voice kept running through Bella’s head. The words flowing off his tongue flawlessly, effortlessly almost as if he doesn’t care. She lay on the damp bracken forest floor wishing for something, anything to take this pain away.

“It will be as if I’d never existed.”

Bella wanted something to take her under and not have to resurface, to tear her away and not have to face this cruel and sickening world. A world that couldn’t possibly be the same without him..him.

Her life

Her love

Her reason for being…

…but now…all over.

She was crying now, feeling her heart crack and shudder under the intense emotions. Tears weeped from her eyes, staining the earth beneath her shaking body. Edward had held it together. It had been his battle completely. When he left, every step he took, he took a piece with him as if gravity was pulling it towards him and away from her. Tearing her apart.

He was her world, he was her gravity, her sole purpose for living. Without him she didn’t exist, she may as well be dead.

“You were nothing more than a distraction.”

She saw his angel face in front of her, eyes smouldering, murmuring, ‘You are my life now.”

It had all been a lie. The burning truth simmered in her like a vat of chemicals swirling in her heart until it threatened to explode. The tearful scream tore through her throat, ripping it in two. All the pain, all the sorrow and anguish he had given her, had made her feel was poured into that single scream.

He was a liar!

A dirty liar!

The scream echoed through the trees, it bounded off the ancient woodwork of the elden forest, holding it close. It was carried by the wind to all the grieving hearts, all that could hear closed their eyes and weeped with Bella.

But no tears could right this wrong.


With that thought the numbness overtook her last strength, the waves of pain pulling her under and into dark dreams.

The forest narry stirred. A small wind whipped against the darkened trees, brushing shadows with cool fingers and whispering breathless nothings into darkened ears. The shadows shifted, forming in its bosom the figure of a tall man.

The moonlight glinted in fire eyes, reflecting the stoic disposition of a tall gentlemen, a soft smile playing on his fine and handsome features. He stepped forwards, but no leaf crunched beneath his heavy boots, no twig snapped, the wind was not hindered in its howling quest and he did not blink at these strange occurrences.

The smile turned to frown as he stared at the young girl. He had watched her as she cried; he had heard the words spoken only moments before and deep inside he could just barely feel the flicker, the slightest stir of sorrow.

So strange.

He stopped a mere foot before the slumbering girl and stared down at the lean frame with fire eyes. His memory was faulty, but within himself he knew it had been a good hundred years since he had felt anything besides a deep hunger.

He sat down on his haunches and tilted his head.

“Such a pretty thing,” he whispered, his voice powerful and demanding even in such small volume.

He reached forwards, so desperate was he to touch such a creature who could defy his curse. So desperate was he to feel her warmth, to know that she was not some spectre from the netherworld.

His fingertips barely touched, a soft whisper of a touch, but it was enough to send a ripple pf desire through his dead heart.

“So strange…”

Bella’s eyes snapped open.