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A stranger comes into town and Bella befriends her. Edward is distant now, and for once Alice is in the dark. And in situations like this, hope begins to grow, no matter what its for. JxB


1. Devotion

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Painful sobs racked through my torso and tears fell once again from my eyes. I couldn’t believe the rejection, despite the fact that we told Charlie I was engaged. He told me it wasn’t going to work. He told me, Alice was going to work. His beautiful eyes had no lies in them this time, and smiling he told me he wasn’t going to leave Forks. He was going to stay, stay with Alice.

I screamed, and lunged for a vase, as I prepared to smash it against the nearest thing possible an ice-cold hand grabbed my wrist. No it wasn’t Charlie, he was gone. I pretended for Charlie, he didn’t question any further.

“Bella-” A soprano voice rang out in the small room but I cut it off.

“NO! DON’T. No, don’t call me Bella.” I yelped out, my eyes wide in fear.

“Isa-” I could feel her frustration burn but I wasn’t going to care, not right now.

“Can I call you Isby than? Isby was a good friend of mine. She was in fact my little sister before Jesus took her home.” She murmured. But she wasn’t looking for pity and I wasn’t ready to give any.

“Yeah. Isby. Isby.” I whimpered. The scene of Edward leaving played again and again in my head. However I had no more tears to cry out they were all gone.

“Isby, I’m sorry. I know how much he meant to you. And I’m not gonna pretend to be Jessica or Lauren or Alice.” I tipped my head forward in denial when I heard her name.

“Oh Ziora, but he’s gone. He doesn’t want me anymore. He thinks Alice is the world now. A-a-alice. My own sister. How could he? I, I feel like Leah.” Her marble hand patted my hair soothingly.

“Charlie will be home soon, you want me to keep him out? Or…anything else?” She asked in a low soft voice.

“Out. Please…” I shook my head, and slowly but surely sleep closed its blindfold on me.

5 months back

Edward took a hold of my hand and we laughed as we exited my house. Charlie had just agreed to our marriage and I was giddy as ever.

Suddenly a girl skipped in front of Edward’s car, and in a human pace she sat on his hood. The mood sifted entirely and Edward shoved me behind him.

“I’m Zioribel but you can call me Ziora, and I mean no harm.” Her eyes were yellow and a smile warmed her face. “Please. I just want to talk.”

“I’m Bella.” Edward growled as I called from behind his shoulder.

“Please then, follow my car.” His gaze softened. “Or would you like a ride?”

“Annnnd, that’s the line I was waiting for.” She giggled.

4 months back

“Ziiiii-ooooorrrr-aaaaahhh!” I called from the kitchen.

“What?” She asked, behind me. “Anything big???”

Laughing I shook my head. “I still can’t believe you convinced Charlie you were my sister. Now are you gonna tell me how you did it?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Ok, Ok fine. I will but you have to keep it a secret. My power as a vampire is to make lies true. Like a pusher from that movie Push?” She laughed.

“That’s amazing,” I gushed. “So why can’t I tell anybody?”

“Well…when people know. They dislike me. And whenever they make a wrong decision they blame me. I’m scared to be kicked out of your house.” A sob racked from her chest and she looked down.

“Oh Zi,” I murmured as I hugged her. “I won’t tell anybody. Plus my brain has a problem so you don’t have to worry. I won’t blame you for anything.”


“Hey Isby?” Ziora asked. “Charlie wants you down for dinner. Or…”

“No, I’ll come tonight. I’ll be fine. And you don’t have to cover up for me like this, it’s cheating.” I smiled for the first time in days.

Her expression changed into a smile as well. We held hands as we walked down the stairs, the delicious aroma of steak and baked potatoes met up with us not far from the kitchen.

“You made this?” Raising my eyebrows, I was truly shocked. Ziora didn’t like human food, but she didn’t think it was all so bad.

“Yeah, I made it. Wasn’t too hard. I mean how turn on the grill, put the potatoes into the stove. Seasoning and WHA BAM. Food is good to eat.” She made a hand gesture for a huge explosion.

A small laugh escaped my windpipe; my hands flew up to my mouth. Although it had been a month since the breakup I still couldn’t allow myself to be happy. But Ziora, she had always been there for me. More than Alice.

“Girls, dinner can’t start without a prayer and I can’t make the prayer myself!” Charlie grumbled something about teenage girls.

Laughing Ziora pulled me into the kitchen. And for the first time in a long time I felt happy.