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April 16

A one shot about Emmett and Rosalie. Every year on the anniversery of Rosalie's human death she locks herself in her room sobbing. This is basically Emmett comforting her.


1. Chapter 1

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Every year on April 16 Rose locks herself in our room. Some years I am allowed in, some years I am not allowed in and I respect her and let her be. It hurt me a lot to hear her all alone in our room crying, depressed, and hurting. Last year she was crying more than usual to the point where I heard her choking on the sobs. I wasn't allowed in at all. I may have accidently broke two or five televisions into fourths.

It's 11:59 pm on April 15. Rosalie moved out of my arms and went upstairs into our room. I made a practically begging face in attempt to get her to stay and not go upstairs. It was unsuccessful as she all but ran into our room. I listened for the lock. I heard a teeny tiny click. Great, I heard pages turn, oh no not the book.

The book is what Rosalie made a few years after the incident. She wrote everything about her human life and every last detail down to the design of her dress was written down on the pages of that book. One of the parts of the book is what that bastard Royce did to hurt her. If Rose hadn't of killed him I would have gladly given him the most painful death unimaginable because he hurt my Rosalie. After about five minutes of listening to the pages in her book turn the sobs started.

I ran upstairs and knocked on the door, hoping she would let me in. "Baby, please let me in." I begged her. It is killing me to have to listen to her on the other side of the door. She did not respond and I took that as I am not allowed in this year. I continued to sit outside of the door anyways, just in case she changes her mind.

After what must have been years, I heard the lock click again in the door making the door unlocked. "Emmett, please." She sobbed. I opened the door and closed it as I made my way over to her very quickly.

Wrapping my arms around her, she just sat there and sobbed into my chest. It kills me knowing there is nothing I can do to comfort her. I was afraid to say anything for fear it might hurt her more but I have to say something. "Rose you know I love you right and that I will never let anything bad ever happen to you?" I asked her, trying to let her know that I was here for her.

"I know, thank you Emmett. For everything." She quietly said. I knew that she did not mean just today but, everyday of our forever.

"You are welcome." I replied. She is my world. She hurts; I hurt with her and for her. She's happy and I'm happy. Everything in my world revolves around Rose. I glanced to check the time, wondering how long until the worst day of the year is over. Just two hours until the day is over.

I continued to sit there with her in my arms trying to make the pain go away even though I knew I couldn't at the moment.

"I don't understand. How did I end up with someone as caring as you?" She asked at 12:01 am. Finally April 16 is over.

"The real question is how did I end up being worthy enough to love you and earn your love back?" I asked back.

I love Rosalie Hale Cullen, she is my life, always will be.