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Knight in Shining Armour

Edward Cullen, a handsome 17 year old... What could he be thinking when Bella Swan comes to town and changes his life forever?


1. Chapter 1

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Knight in Shining Armour

Like a butterfly,

She flutters gently into my mind,

Filling my thoughts with nothing but her... and her scent.

Her scent is intoxicating,

leaving me numb and overwhelmed every time.

She doesn’t believe in her beauty,

Unaware that she leaves me breathless,

every glance i take.

When she bruises or wounds herself,

I feel the need,

A need to protect her from harm,

A desire, an instinct to protect her,

From any pain, or sorrow.

I need to protect her from sadness,

from loneliness,

I need to protect her forever.

I am forever her saviour,

Her shield,

Her knight in shining armour.