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A Shopaholic's Anniversary

This story is pre-Twilight. Alice is celebrating her first-time-shopping anniversary. Enjoy!


1. How Alice Saved the Chanel Line

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“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds…except when speaking of haute couture.”

(Alice Cullen’s Rendition of Shakespeare, volume 4, 256)

It is September, 1967. Alice Cullen has bid farewell to her beloved husband, and landed in Paris France; fashion capitol of the world. Keeping the Cullen family properly clothed was an arduous task; the group's wardrobe was often torn to shreds on the frequent hunting trips they were obligated to take. Nevertheless, Alice was a ready warrior when it came to this pleasant chore she had taken off Rosalie’s hands.

The plane ride was long and arduous, yet worth its weight in Gucci. They young man sitting next to Alice had a very difficult time concentrating on his magazine as they crossed the Atlantic. She was an angel, or so he thought.

After spending a few interim hours at her hotel, primping, Alice was finally prepared for her consultation. She descended from her pent house suite, and climbed into the awaiting foreign black car. As she slid in, her white linen pants ruffled against her stone-like skin.

After a smooth car ride, Alice was dropped off at the corner of the Parisian Chanel headquarters. Walking into the office, she was greeted by Coco’s personal secretary, Pierre.

“Are you wishing to model, miss?” He asked in a heavy Italian accent.

At Pierre's question, Alice was brought to remembrance of her first shopping excursion, exactly one year ago. She had been mistaken for a model there as well. Alice and Jasper had finally joined Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper, and Edward, creating the true family they had always dreamed of. Exactly one year ago, Rosalie had insisted on taking Alice shopping for the first time. Hitherto this historic event, Alice had stolen clothing from unsuspecting farm houses. She now shuddered at the memory of the articles previously worn.

One look at the delicate fabric blends, and she was hooked. It was the ultimate adventure. Every season, the quest began again. One could never grow bored with fashion; a good quality when you had a sleepless eternity to fritter away.

As she and Rosalie had shopped, and bonded, they had noticed a small fashion show being presented in a corner of the mall. They decided to take a look, Rosalie secretly allowing Alice to have a small taste of the excitement a true runway exudes.

Alice inched forward, drawn in by the patterns and fabric. A small woman, only a little taller than Alice herself, ran up to her, yelling. "Why are you standing out here? You are being paid to model. Backstage. Now!"

Alice was shocked. The poor little human had no idea what kind of creature she was shrieking at, or how new the slight girl was to a vegetarian diet.

Rosalie calmly put her hands on her hips, and walked toward the irate woman. "Excuse me, miss. I think there is a misunderstanding. My sister is not a model. We are simply customers." She unleashed a sickly sweet smile, filled with venom. Rosalie hated people like this woman. They possessed everything important, yet refused to count their blessings.

The woman paled. "I am so sorry. You have the perfect body for modeling. If you are ever in need of work, here is my card." Alice thanked the woman graciously, took the card, and quickly ducked into a store, hiding.

"Miss," At the sound of Pierre's voice, Alice was pulled back into the present.

Alice laughed liltingly. Modeling was not her forte. She belonged behind the designing table. She turned to Pierre, “Oh no, darling. I am here to see Coco. I have an appointment.”

“Ah, Miss Cullen, I presume?” At Alice’s nod, he continued, “My appointment calendar did not tell me I would be working with such a lovely lady, miss.”

“Thank you, Pierre.” Alice smiled. She was used to humans, and even vampires, thinking her lovely.

“You are welcome. Right this way. Coco is ready to see you, Miss Cullen. She has been expecting your visit with some enthusiasm. She enjoyed working with your sister in the past.” Pierre was rambling as he led Alice toward the office.

The door was opened for Alice, and she gracefully glided into the chicly decorated room.

“Miss Cullen, I imagine.” Coco Chanel declared in a slight French accent.

“Miss Chanel, please call me Alice.” She replied graciously.

“Now Alice, I am a very busy woman. Let us begin designing. What do you see you family wearing this season?”

Coco hardly knew the literalness of her words. Alice had truly seen her family’s fall wardrobe in one of her many visions. “I see Le Smoking Suits, Suede, belts of every kind, bright jewel colors, and mini-dresses. What do you see?” Alice knew what Coco would say, but she wanted to hear it all the same.

“What do I see, darling?” Coco asked, “I see all that and more. We have a good start, but let us think of articles trimmed in mink, especially for your dear sister. She would look simply ravishing. As for you, my darling, the shorter, the better. While I do not particularly enjoy go-go boots, I would recommend them for your petite frame.”

“Ah, I can see that as well. Miss Chanel, you have such an eye! What of my brothers?” Alice had had a difficult time envisioning her brothers’ clothing this season. They seemed to have no sense of style. They wore whatever was in their closet. No decision had been made by them; therefore she had seen no vision of them.

“I see suits, darling. I see tight, high-necked jackets, and cashmere sweaters. Tailored is in, and if I know your family’s fashion- which I do- they won’t object.” The old woman was in the height of her designing mode. “Leave me, darling. I have my inspiration. I shall get to work. Your Haute Couture shall soon be ready. Goodbye. Until we meet again next year.”

As she arose, Alice had a fleeting vision of the family impeccably dressed. It was pleasant to know that her hard work would pay off this season. The family photos would turn out exceedingly well this year.

“Goodbye Miss Chanel. Thank you for your time.” Alice was on her way out the door when she spun around on her heel, and advised, "Miss Chanel, I see you sticking to a black and white color scheme next season. The cutting edge will be in bright, yet subdued colors. Branch out, and your name will go down in history as a synonym for fashion goddess.”

Alice Cullen, designer-to-be, headed back to her five-diamond hotel, confident that she had saved the Chanel name and line. Yes, it had been an excellent first shopping trip anniversary, indeed. She could see a tradition in the making.