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Hunter and prey

Written for the "It was a dark and stormy night" challenge Its about a vampire hunting. its not really anyone special, but i kinda thought of James when i wrote it. He wasn’t thinking anymore. There was only one truth at that moment. He was the hunter, and she was the prey.

My third Fan.fic, yay:) remember to read my other stories. and dont forget to review:)

1. Hunter and prey

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The three girls laughter echoed through the dark and quiet town. They were on their way home. They didn’t care that it was over midnight, and that people were trying to sleep. In their mind they were the only ones there.

How wrong they where.

The entire evening he had been there, watching. Plotting. Waiting. For the girl he had his mind on, to leave the others.

Her hair was almost the same shade of black as the night, framing her delicate face so beautifully.

She was pretty. For a human.

She was the quiet one, the shy one. Her two friends had wanted to see that new movie, and she had gone with them, for their sake. They were her friends.

He had been following her, listening to their conversations, and he was fascinated by this human. She didn’t talk much, just nodded and answered when she was asked. Unlike her two friends, who wouldn’t stop talking about themselves and they boys they knew. All of that could have been why he was so interested in her, but no.

it was her smell.

She had a very sweet smell, but not sickly so. She smelled like wildflowers.

It wasn’t the best thing he had ever smelled. No. not even close to that girl. She had been special. But she would do.

He thought of that sweet moment where his teeth would sink in to her fragile neck, tasting that sweet blood of hers, hearing her gasp in pain as he sank his teeth deeper and deeper in. he smiled at the thought.

Then, something interrupted him. The moment he had been waiting for.

The three girls where parting. His dark haired beauty would be on her own from now on.

She was turning down the alleyway on her right, while her two friends where continuing straight ahead.

They both stopped to say goodbye to the dark haired girl. He listened to their goodbyes. Thinking that his thirst would be quenched soon.

The three girls hugged each other and said their goodbyes, the two of them teasing the black haired, telling her to watch out for the zombies. She laughed, a bit frantic. Her friends didn’t know how much that movie had scarred her.

“Zombies aren’t the monsters you should be scared of, sweetheart” he whispered almost soundlessly.

The girls waved their last goodbyes, not even knowing they would be just that, not knowing that they would never see their friend again.

Her friends walked away, arms around each other, still laughing and joking, leaving their friend all alone, in the little town.

When her friends where out of sight, she turned to the alley, shuddering. She had walked this road several times, but tonight it seemed extremely scary, for some unknown reason.

She hugged herself for some heat, while she walked down the dark alley. She was freezing.

“Don’t worry, little girl, soon you wont freeze anymore” he thought, and then his hunt began.

He got up and followed her.

He wasn’t thinking anymore. There was only one truth at that moment. He was the hunter, and she was the prey.

He slipped into a low crouch. Smiling with delight of the game he cherished so.

The hunt was his passion, his reason for existing. Only at times like this, he was truly alive.

He ran on top of the houses that surrounded the alley, and with the alley, the girl.

She had picked up a tempo faster than a humans normal walking speed. Her head continuously swept from one side to the other. Her breath was also faster than usual. So was her heartbeat.

She was scarred the hunter realized with joy.

He jumped down from the building, and landed without a sound behind the young girl.

He could hear her chanting to herself: “don’t be a coward, don’t be a coward. It was just a movie, it was just a movie.”

For each time she said it, it sounded like she believed it less than the time before.

He couldn’t help but to laugh at her rhymes. His laugh was both amused and sinister, at the same time.

She heard him.

With a gasp she spun around.

She began hyperventilating when she saw that there was a man behind her. She couldn’t see his face.

He stepped closer. She took two steps back, almost tripping over her own feet. The hunter couldn’t help but to laugh at that. His laughter sent chills down her back.

He took another step, and suddenly a lightning struck, enlightening the alley, and she saw his eyes.

They were red. A menacing, and burgundy red.

Suddenly she couldn’t see her stalker anymore, and just when she thought she had imagined it all, and was about to turn around and walk away, he appeared just in front of her.

She was about to scream, but in a movement so fast, she couldn’t even see it, his hand was over her mouth, silencing her screams.

He wrapped his other hand around her throat. She began sobbing.

He smiled at her tears. In another swift movement, she was pinned against the wall.

Her tears wouldn’t stop now.

He removed his hand from her throat, only to put it around her chin, tilting her head to the side, exposing her throat.

He could see her blood flowing beneath her fair skin.

He closed his eyes, listening. Listening to her heart, beating so hard, he was sure she could not only fell it, but also hear it.

He took a deep breath, inhaling her delicious scent.

He reopened his eyes and looked up at the black sky.

“It was a dark and stormy night” he said, smiling at himself.

He looked down, locking eyes with the girl for a short second, still smiling.

And then, he sank his teeth deep into her throat.