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Max's Story

A forbidden love, a hidden past and a destiny that wants to entwine four teens forever. Max is Bella's long lost twin sister and has spent her entire life looking for the family she never had. Alex is Max's best and only friend, and he's also her boyfriend. they embarc on a journey to find a family and maybe a place to belong. Rated for later chapters! BxE MxA AxJ RxE ExC **ALL HUMAN!!!!** CHAPTER 2 IS UP!!! <3

Disclaimer: The wonderful Stephanie Meyer owns twilight not me. :)

1. My Life

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True love wasn’t supposed to exist in the real world. It just didn’t happen, wasn’t possible, or so the grown ups told me. When I turned 16, I found out it was real only to realize that the odds were stacked against me. I had found “love” countless times and wondered if I would ever find the one guy who would truly love me for me. But let me back up, my name is Max. Well, actually it’s Elizabeth Ivy Swan but everyone calls me Max.(Except Alex he mostly calls me Lizzie or Hon.) I live in a small one-horse town, that’s very close knit. Newberry, Florida is the kind of town you would see kids who’ve known each other since birth, parents who grew up together and plenty of cameo.

Im just your average 18 year old girl; okay grades, great boyfriend, not popular and no friends. Im not the prettiest with wavy brown hair and emerald green eyes, the bleach blonde beauties run my school. (Im actually very curvy but too short to get noticed; at 5 foot 2 inches tall, they say my height makes me cute or adorable but never beautiful. Except to Alex) People think Im some sort of freak because Im always wearing jeans and a hoodie. I’ve got the third generation iPod nano and am always listening to it. People take that and my car as a sign that I think Im better than everyone else. I don’t though. My car, silver Nissan Infinity G35 Skyline, is cute but expensive and my foster parents believed that it would get me better attention at school. If only they knew.

My foster parents, Maddie and George Sinclair, are the kind of people who always hoped for a shining beauty who was talented and a leader. Maybe she would grow up to president or a famous doctor. Instead they got me. They’re good people but not my real parents even though they’ve raised me from a baby. I‘ve spent my entire life trying to find my real mother and father. I finally found the agent that worked with my mother to find the Sinclair’s when I was born. She was supposed to E-mail me my mother’s contact information today, I could hardly wait.

I was sitting on the side of my bed looking at a picture taken 3 years ago today, a picture of Alex and me on the day we started dating, when the my computer screen flashed on. “You’ve got mail” rang out as a digital envelope began zooming across the screen. I began to walk toward the computer, shaking with anticipation. I stared from across the room, too afraid to go any closer.

“Lizzie? Hon? MAX??” Alex’s voice was concerned. I must have been so absorbed in trying to work up the nerve to go toward the computer that I didn’t notice my window opening and my beloved falling through.

“Sorry, Im just scared.” I turned toward him, hoping that I wouldn’t have to use the cute pleading face to get him to forgive me.

He just smiled my favorite lopsided smile that made him look devilishly handsome. Soft brown eyes and light brown hair made his tanned skin look extremely dark. He’s got a small build but is muscular and a good 6 inches taller than me. (And he’s still growing!) I turned back toward the computer.

“Of what? Your E-mail? Did it try to eat you again?” he chuckled.

“Not funny,” I said, throwing a glare in his general direction not wanting to take my eyes from the screen for too long. I gathered my courage to complete my journey, placing my hand on the mouse and clicked on the envelope.

Dear Elizabeth,

Im sorry to inform you that I could not find your mother’s contact information but I still have your father’s name and the state he lives in. His name is Charlie Swan and he lives in Forks, Washington.

Good Luck!

C heryl Kays

P.S. You have a sister named Bella, you two were twins!