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Max's Story

A forbidden love, a hidden past and a destiny that wants to entwine four teens forever. Max is Bella's long lost twin sister and has spent her entire life looking for the family she never had. Alex is Max's best and only friend, and he's also her boyfriend. they embarc on a journey to find a family and maybe a place to belong. Rated for later chapters! BxE MxA AxJ RxE ExC **ALL HUMAN!!!!** CHAPTER 2 IS UP!!! <3

Disclaimer: The wonderful Stephanie Meyer owns twilight not me. :)

2. Chapter 2 ~ WHAT!?!?

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Flashback: “P.S. You have a sister named Bella, you two were twins!”

Alex POV

“Oh my…”she gasped and crumpled to the floor for the second time that day. I caught her, lifting her like a bride in my arms and carried her to the bed.

“I knew she was accident prone but I had no idea it was this bad.” I muttered, walking to her luxurious bathroom and grabbing a washcloth from the inlayed marble shelves. I ran it under cold water, then strode back to the bed and placed the cloth on her forehead.

“If this keeps up, she’ll have a concussion within the next day or so!”I smiled at the thought of her being furious with me for taking care of her, like an invalid. She was just so adorable when she was mad, not that she wasn’t beautiful always, but still.

“Hmm…What was so shocking that made her faint…again?” I mused aloud. If she woke up and heard me acting like a detective then she would be even angrier. The thought made me chuckle with anticipation. I don’t know why i enjoyed making her so mad, but hell it was fun.

“I wonder…” I was genuinely curious now, that email was bugging me. My pace was tentative and uncertain as I quickly marched toward the silvery Mac Book on her desk.

I scanned the letter twice before turning away. Another Max…no way. It’s just not possible; she’s way too unique to be copied. This thought brought another chuckle from my throat. I turned back to stare at the most beautiful girl in the world.

Two Max’s reeking hell on our little planet was more than enough to scare the devil himself. Max, as adorable and innocent as she looks, is one of the most driven, fiery people I know. She could scare a grown man with the blink of her eye and the snapping of her fingers. Everyone often asked how I could handle the little angel (… okay so they don’t call her an angel but you get the picture.) You didn’t handle Max, you just followed and tried (unsuccessfully) to make her slow down and think.

“Ugh…What hit me?” Max was sitting holding her head, squinting straight into my eyes. I moved from the computer to her bedside in an instant.

“The floor, hon. You fainted…again.” I had to stifle my laughter as she threw the scariest glare I’ve ever seen n the direction of the computer. I was afraid she’d get up and start hacking it to pieces any second. Then the glare made its way toward me, like a black haze that slowly killed you from the inside out.

I began to laugh uncontrollably , as I was getting nervous.

“Stop laughing and go home.” She looked annoyed and I decided to let my confusion show. No matter how mad or annoyed with me she got, she never told me to go home.


“Go home…and pack.” She began to laugh while holding her sides. “Did you actually think I was just sending you away? Go on, I need to change and Pack as well.”

“Yes I did. I thought you would say you hate me…” I made a sad face in her direction. “Where are we going?”

“Forks, Washington.” She said with a cat like smile.

Inwardly I groaned. It was gonna be a long day.