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When it Rains


Bella returns to Forks after being away for 3 years. Lots of questions form. Secrets are reviled, & hearts are broken. Who's the father of Bella's baby? And how does Charlie know about werewolves? What will it be like for Charlie when Bella has to explain to him about vampires...and Edward....a vampire? Hmm....and who's Lily?

"I was caught in-between a twilight stage of sleep and semi-consciousness, as I longed for the sun to fall over the horizon.”
-Bella, chapter 3

So this story just popped up in my head one night. I was listening to "When it Rains" by Paramore, that's where the title came from. And it rains...a lot in Forks.

Please, please PLEASE review. I have worked really hard on this story.

3. Cookout

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Chapter 3 : The cookout

The next morning I awoke groggy and tired. I hadn’t slept enough, but Jules was bouncing off the walls.

“Honey, Calm down. Why are you so jumpy?” I said as I dressed Jules for the day. She giggled as I combed her dark hair, and wouldn’t stay still as I tried to put it into pigtails.

I climbed down the stairs with Jules at my hip. Charlie was sitting at the table reading the paper but Sue was no where in sight.

“Where’s Sue?” I asked as I sat Jules in a high chair.

“She went out to pick up some things for the cookout this afternoon.” He explained. “Bells, I think it’s fair to warn you, Billy, Jacob and his girl are coming at 12 at watch the game,” He noted like it was some big deal. Which it was, but I was acting like it was nothing, only because I was the most nervous.

“Okay, Dad.” I sneered. I glanced at the clock--11am. How could it be? No wonder Jules was so jumpy, I’d slept all morning, she most have been bored. “Can you watch Jules for a few minutes?” I asked after I gave Jules her breakfast.

“Sure Bells.” Charlie answered as he smiled at Jules. I headed back up the steps when I tripped. I didn’t get hurt, maybe Forks was once again bring out the klutz in me. I chuckled to myself.

I took a shower and shaved pretty much my whole body. Even if Jacob has and has a girlfriend, I still wanted to look good. I wanted him to be even more attracted to me then before. It was true, I had changed. Like Seth had said, after having Jules I was left with a lot more curvy body and full bra size bigger. I straightened my hair and let my bangs hang freely over my face. I wore a denim mini skirt and a grey lacy cami, it was strangely warm in Forks, but I liked it. I observed myself in the mirror, I liked the way I look-- for once. I hoped everyone else would too. I also wore a bit of eyeliner and mascara.

My cell phone read 11:55. My heart started beating faster and I thought I felt like I would throw up. Could I do this? Could I face Jacob?

“Oh, god.” I whispered to myself. I took deep breaths as I climbed down the stairs. Charlie was sitting on the floor with Jules watching TV. I smiled at Grandpa and Granddaughter. I tried to act like I was fine and that nothing was bothering me.

“Aw, isn’t that cute.” I said shakily. I picked Jules up and sat her down in her high chair. I got a sippy cut for her. I didn’t want Jacob to be the first thing he saw when he got here. Ugh, and his girlfriend was coming with him. That’s great. I groaned to myself. I drew in a quick breath at the doorbell. I heard Charlie get up to answer the door. This is it, time to face the music.

I leaned against the threshold between the living room and the kitchen about 10 feet from the front door. Charlie answered the door to a smiling Billy being wheeled in my a beautiful teenage girl. Neither of them seemed to notice me. Jacob followed in a few seconds later with a paper bag full of food.

“You can put that in the kitchen, Jake.” Charlie directed referencing to the bag in his arms.

“Okay.” Jake said. Damn, did his voice get deeper? Did he get taller? God, he is so…

Jake’s grinned quickly changed to a puzzled look when he saw me standing in against the threshold. I bit my lip, as his eyes looked over me.

“Hey, Jake.” I said.

“Bella?” He mused. He blinked a few times.

“Y- yeah.” I stuttered. Something came over Jacob. He eyes darkened and his nostrils flared. He dropped the bag on a near by end table and was out the door. Everyone looked from the door to me. I bit my lip even harder. The teenage girl gave me a look of disgust than ran out the door after Jacob.

I sighed heavily.

“Well,” Billy squawked. “hello, Bella.”
“Hi, Billy.” I replied without making eye contact. What have I done? I walked back in the kitchen, Jules was finished with her sippy cup. I picked her up and carried her out the back door. I sat down on the porch step and I held Jules tight to me. She always made me feel better.

“It’s okay Mommy.” She said cuddled closer to me.

I wasn’t outside very long when Charlie wheeled Billy out.

“Well,” Billy said once again, but much more lighter. “Who is this little beauty?” It just occurred to me that Billy was Jules’ Grandfather. It was wrong to keep that from him, but I couldn’t tell him right now.

“This is my daughter, Juliet” I explained. Billy grinned.

“Are you married, Bella?” Why does everyone ask me that?

“No.” I answered


“Billy, he hate me, doesn’t he?” I asked referring to Jacob.

Billy pressed his lips into a hard line, musing my question.

“Can you blame him?” Billy asked signally

“No, I can’t.” I sighed

“Just give him time. He’ll come back soon.”

“I shouldn’t have came.” I buried my face in my hands. Jules was now playing in the grass.

“No, Bella. He’s glad you’re here. He really missed you. It’s just that-”

“I hurt him.” I finished. Billy nodded “I hurt myself too.” I explained.

“Then why’d you do it?”

“It’s- I don’t want to talk about it.” I explained. “Let’s go back inside. Come on, Jules.”

“So when did you decide to have her?” Billy asked lightly.

“I didn’t decide anything.” Billy and I chuckled.

I left Jules in the living room with Charlie and Billy to help Sue in the kitchen. I was mixing brownies when the young girl entered the kitchen with a bag or food. She was pretty, but very plain. She was tall, about 5’7 with skin just a bit tanner than mine. Her light brown hair hang long down her back.

“Thank you, Lily.” Sue smiled.

I heard the door opened and I figured it was either Jacob or Seth. I was right with my first guess. I was sitting on the counter top when he walked in. I looked down at my hands covered in brownie mix. I didn’t know if Jacob wanted to talk to me, I didn’t know if he even would. When I glanced back up he was standing beside the kitchen table with his arm around Lily.

“Hi, Bella.” He muttered

“Uh, Hi Jacob.” I grinned but then returned to staring at my hands and thinking about how stupid I must seem. A 21 year old sitting on the counter top with brownie mix on her hands. Well, that’s me.

I was really hoping Jacob would say something else to me, but he didn’t. Him and his girlfriend--Lily, sat the table talking with Sue has if I didn’t exist.

It will be has if never existed…

Whoa! Where in the hell did that thought come from? I was just mentally slapped across the face. And it wasn’t my voice that spoke the words. It was him--he said it. It was crystal clear, just like it was the night he said it. It hurt to hear too. I felt myself become hollow, empty. I slid down off the counter slowly, testing my balance. I felt a bit light headed and dizzy.

“Are you alright, Bella?” Sue asked with concern, as she helped a bowl of salad.

“Oh, uh, yeah. I’m just tired.” I sighed. I walked out the kitchen slowly and with my left hand on my head and my right hand in front of me to brace my fall…if I fell. I continued up the steps pacing myself. When I reached my room I walked immediately to the bathroom. My reflection told me that I was even more pale than normal. The cold water felt good running through my hands, and I dabbed a little on my face. I then laid down on my bed. I didn’t fall asleep, like I’d hoped.

Why did I heard his voice? I didn’t come back here for him. He’s lone gone, and he doesn’t even want me. And why did I try to go to his house last night? What’s wrong with me? “Ugh.” I was getting extremely annoyed with myself. Maybe coming back here, wasn’t the best idea. I should have thought it through more.

I never quiet feel asleep. But I never stayed completely conscious either. I was in some kind of in between. I didn’t like it either. I was caught in-between a twilight stage of sleep and semi-consciousness, as I longed for the sun to fall over the horizon. Unfortunately the sun didn’t set. I sighed and sat up. My dizziness was replace by a headache. I found a bottle of extra strength Tylenol, I took 4 more then persibled, I’d need them. I fixed my hair and make up, before leaving my room and walking down the hall. The door of Seth’s old room opened and I looked over, but not quick enough to see who opened it. A warm hand grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into the room. I struggled until the door was shut and I could see it’s face. It was Jacob. He didn’t look mad, or awkward. He looked relaxed--almost.

“Are you okay?” Jacob breathed.

“I don’t know, I was just man-handled.” I joked.

“Why’d you leave me?” He half shouted. His question caught me off guard. I figured I’d get ask this question, but not this soon. I didn’t have an answer, my mouth went dry. I blinked as his eyes burned into me.

“Uh…” I searched for words. I didn’t want to explain it to him, I didn’t want to lie either. “Can we talk about this another time?” I hoped.

“Why’d you leave me, Bella?” This time he asked with sadness and pain flickering back and forth across his face. I couldn’t deny his pain, it was like me. I could see it burning in this eyes, just like I saw when I looked in the mirror.

“Jake-” I hesitated. I didn’t know what to tell him. I needed more time to think. “This isn’t the time for this, or the place.” I looked around Seth’s tiny dark room. Jacob had me pressed against the wall, and if someone would walk in….

I pushed out from the wall and made my way the door. Jacob groaned and grabbed my wrist. I looked back at him with my free arm on the doorknob.

“Jake…” I eased

“Bella,” He pulled me closer to him. We were chest to chest. I liked it, I missed the heat of Jacob. But I couldn’t get attached to him, not now, not again, not ever. “Why didn’t you call me? Write to me? To let me know you were okay? For all I knew, you could have been abducted and reviving in pain with venom eating through your veins. I went crazy. I-I-” He strutted and then fell silent. Jacob stared into my eyes. His dark eyes became unreadable. But then more pain and sorrow flashed across his face, and then he started again. “And then,” He breathed slowing. “when I found out from Charlie that you were okay, I didn’t know what to think. You left me. I thought we were in-”

“Jacob,” I held my finger to his lips. “Not, now.” I whispered.

“Bella, I-” He started until I started shaking my head. Once he fell quiet I closed my eyes, turned and walked out the door. Jacob didn’t follow. I turned only once, before I started down the stairs, he wasn’t there. I let out a hefty sigh.

The meeting I’d just had took a lot out of me, and it really didn’t help that Jules was sitting there watching TV with Billy and Charlie. Jacob didn’t know about Jules yet. Well, I think it’s safe too assume so. After that how am I supposed to explain Jules to Jacob?
I sat Jules in my lap as I sat on the couch. I waited nervously for Jacob to come down the steps. I braided and unbranded Jules hair and I could tell she was getting annoyed “Mommy, stop it.” She finally said.

“I’m sorry.” I said. Charlie and Billy were to involved with the game on TV to notice anything. I went stiff at the sound of the creeping stairs. Jacob walked into the living room and braced himself against Billy’s wheelchair.

“Who’s that?” Jacob asked raising his chin as a gesture to Jules.

“Juliet, m-my daughter.” I stuttered. Jacob’s eyes widened briefly and then he chuckled without humor, but with pain. He shook his head back and forth before leaving the room. I groaned to myself.

The rest of the day Jacob and I stayed as far away from each other as we could. Ever once and a while I would glance over at him. Most of the time he was with Lily. Their hands intertwined, sent sadness through me, because at one time, along ago, that was me. And other times Jacob’s emotions started to leak through his mask of nonchalantness.

The whole wolf pack came to the cookout, Leah and her husband, Caleb, Embry, Quil, Paul and of course Seth. Sam and Emily also came with there son who was Jules age. They’d gotten married a few months after I’d left.

The whole wolf pack was excited to see me. Half of the pack crushed me in hugs and they all had the same reaction to Jules. “Whoa, Bella you gotta baby?” They acted as if it was impossible.

I was tired by the time everyone left. Maybe I’d be able to sleep this time. Jules had fallen asleep in Charlie’s arms, which looked adorable, but Charlie had no idea what to do about it. I helped Sue clean up from the party before I crashed like Jules. I hoped I would have time to think about what to say to Jacob as I tried to fall asleep, but sleep came a lot quicker than I expected.