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Not So Sure

During New Moon, Edward left but then came back a little while later. Before he left, he slept with Bella and unknowingly got her pregnant.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. If I did I would have to be Stephenie Meyer. I am not but I am Hepzibah Flurge. Just kidding, lol!!! (I'm kidding about the Hepzibah Flurge part, not the me not being Stephenie Meyer part)

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter Two Warning After my tears were finished, I leaned back and the arms let go of me. As I stepped back I looked up into Edward’s face and though I saw a flash of hunger in his eyes. Shaking my head, I dislodged the feeling; he had told me that he didn’t love me. He had said that I was not important to him and that he no longer wanted me. I guess that I hadn’t been able to satisfy him after all. Elizabeth’s hand reached up and touched the tears that were on my face. Her eyebrow furrowed slightly as she rubbed her hand on my face. I could feel that she was trying to comfort me. Looking down at my daughter I felt the involuntary smile spread across my face. Every time I saw my daughter I felt a wave of pleasure, after all she was mine and part Edward. I still loved him, but he didn’t love me. There was no way I wanted him to feel burdened to stay just because Elizabeth was his daughter I know him. He would try to be a “gentleman.” “Bella,” Rosalie started to say but was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Shifting Elizabeth to my right side I went to answer the cordless phone that was sitting on its stand by the Cullens. As I came by them, Elizabeth once again buried her face in my hair so that they couldn’t see her face and she couldn’t see theirs. “Hello, Swan Residence,” I said into the phone. “Bella, good news, I got your truck fixed,” Jacob’s jubilant voice told me. “Oh, good, no more riding with Jessica and now I can start taking Elizabeth to the daycare center again. Thanks Jake for fixing it. So, have you found anything more lately?” I asked. “Nope, not a thing. Have you heard from the leeches yet?” Jacob asked sneering. “Not leeches, the Cullens, and yes, actually I have. They are in my living room right now,” I told him smiling, anticipating his reaction. “What! They’re back! I didn’t know that!?” he shouted. “Yeah, I was going to call and tell you that they were back and to pull the patrol lines back. I mean, you don’t want to get caught across the line, do you?” I asked teasing him. “Actually…,” he started to reply. “No, Jake, no fighting. Besides Sam wouldn’t allow it and neither would I,” I told him gently. “You’re right, sorry. Have you told them yet?” he asked slowly. “No,” I replied, avoiding the Cullens stares. “I am working up to that, if I decide to tell them at all. Which I may not.” “What, Bella?” Alice mouths at me. I just shook my head at her. “Look, Jake, you may not think so, but happens to be rude to be on the phone while you have guests. So I have to go and call me if you guys get anything. Bye Jake,” I told him. “Bye, Bells,” he replied and the phone went . I hung up and placed the phone back on it’s receiver. "What was that all about Bella?" Alice asked. "Nothing. I'll tell you later," I told her dully. "Bella," Jasper started, "why are you feeling nervous? The nerves are coming off of you in waves. And why is it that your daughter's scent doesn't burn our throats?" I just looked at the Cullens, my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Before I could answer, I hear Charlie's police cruiser coming into the drive. "Bells, I noticed the cars outside. Are the Cullens here, at least, I think those cars belong to the Cullens," my dad's voice asked after he opened the front door. "Yeah, dad, the Cullens are here. We're all in the living room," I called out to him. I hear him put his gun up. His heavy footsteps could be hear coming into the living room. "You know, you have a lot of nerve showing your faces here," Charlie practically yelled as he entered the room. "Dad, calm down," I started to say. "No, I won't calm down! They left you almost a year ago and now I come home and they are in our living room and you are acting like everything is fine!" he thundered. "When they left, I thought that I was going to lose you for the first couple of months. After you stopped being a zombie, you come out and tell me that you're pregnant. You could have really harmed your daughter! And then you refuse to tell me who the hell the father is!" "Dad, I," "No, Bells, they need to hear this. When your eight months pregnant you come out and tell me who the father of your child is," he stopped. "Who is the father, Charlie?" Edward asked his velvet voice perfectly modulated. And if I didn't know better then I would have said that he was surpressing jealousy. After all, he couldn't be jealous, he told met that I was no good for him and that he didn't want me. I showed him. I had thought that if he didn't want me, than who would? But I found out that plenty of people wanted me, even after I had a daughter. "You don't know, " Charlie questioned. "If we knew, we wouldn't be asking," Rosalie muttered. I shot a glare at her and I felt tears on my shoulder. I looked down to see Elizabeth crying. "What's the matter, baby?" "Momma," Elizabeth sobbed. "Momma, please stop momma, I am getting scared with all of this yelling." Everyone in the room let out a shocked breath.