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Not So Sure

During New Moon, Edward left but then came back a little while later. Before he left, he slept with Bella and unknowingly got her pregnant.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. If I did I would have to be Stephenie Meyer. I am not but I am Hepzibah Flurge. Just kidding, lol!!! (I'm kidding about the Hepzibah Flurge part, not the me not being Stephenie Meyer part)

3. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four “But how?! It’s completely impossible for a vampire to have children!” Rosalie asked. “If vampires could have children, I would surely have found a way by now!” “Female vampires can’t have children because female vampires can not change. But men stay the same throughout their whole life. I don’t know where, but somewhere I heard that Charlie Chaplain was like in his forties when he fathered a child,” I explained. “You see, my body changes and I can carry a child. But a female vampire’s body won’t extend to accept a child. There is a difference between an all human baby and a half-human half-vampire child. You see, a human child progresses very slowly, but a half-human half-vampire one progresses quite quickly. You see, Elizabeth shouldn’t be able to talk or walk, or any of the things that she can do. She is also much smarter than the average human,” I said proudly. “I have a grandchild!” Esme exclaimed. “I have a niece! That’s another human experience that I can experience!” Alice squealed, jumping up and down. “I’m an aunt,” Rosalie breathed. “Hey, this is going to be such fun!!! Another human to make blush and help me do jokes!!” Emmett bellowed. “I’m a father,” Edward said quietly. “A mere technicality,” I offered in. “You did father her, but have acted like a father. You left so there, you’re not really a father in the actual sense. There is also no reason to go along like you want to be here. You don’t have to be in her life after all, that is what you choose, is it not?” I asked rhetorically. “Bella, she’s my daughter too. I have the right…”Edward began. “You have the right!?” I shouted at him. “What right, Edward? You left. You forfeited any right to have any part of my life. And yes, Elizabeth is also your daughter, but you haven’t been around. There’s no reason for me to allow you to have anything to do with our lives. Like I said, there is no reason for you to stick around,” I replied. I still love him, too bad he doesn’t love me back. He would be a wonderful father. If only Elizabeth knew her father, really knew him, she would love him. But he doesn’t love me and if he does stick around, it’s probably out of guilt and obligation. “Bella,” Edward started to say but was interrupted by Elizabeth dropping her sippie cup to the floor. He bent down to pick it up when Elizabeth started wailing at the top of her lungs. And boy, does she have some lungs. “What’s the matter with her?” Emmett yelled over her screaming. Elizabeth tapped the side of my face showing me the image of Edward grabbing her empty sippie cup. Then I got a flash of , as well as a flash of dislike. “She doesn’t want me to pick it up. But why was she thinking of ?” Edward wondered. “I thought that you couldn’t read my mind?!” I hissed at him. “I wasn’t, I was reading hers,” he replied, bewildered. Realizing my mistake I bent down and retrieved the cup. Before I could leave the living room and enter the kitchen, Charlie came out of the kitchen carrying the black container of animal from the locked cupboard. How did he? Oh, right, I gave him a key so that if I wasn’t there, he could get the for her. “Ummm, Bella, what’s in the container?” Carlisle asked hesitantly. Charlie came over to me and handed me the container. I sat down on the couch, ignoring Carlisle’s question. I shifted Elizabeth to sit on my lap and gave her the container to hold. With that I opened her cup and placed it between my legs so that I could fill it up. Opening the container, I then proceeded to pour the into her cup. Once I was done, I replaced the lid of the container, closed her sippie cup and handed it over to her. “That’s enough of that for today Lizzie bee. I will give you something with more substance later,” I told her solemnly. She nodded to me the cup in her mouth. I knew that she would try to coerce me into giving her more . But as she is also half-human, she will need to eat human food as well as vampire food. “You feed her animal ?” Rosalie questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Well, yeah. What would you prefer I feed her, human ? She may not be able to hunt yet but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have animal ,” I answered sarcastically. “She is, after all, part vampire. As vampires need so do half-vampires.” “Where do you get the if it’s not hunted for?” Jasper asked quietly. “Oh, the is hunted all right,” I said. “You don’t hunt for the do you Bella?” Edward asked. “That would be very dangerous for you. I seem to remember having you promise to stay safe and not get into any danger.” “Why would you care if I did anything dangerous? You don’t love me. And besides, I don’t hunt for the . Jake does. He would do anything for Elizabeth,” I explained. “Why would he do that?” Esme asked. “He would do anything for her because he imprinted on her,” I replied. “Imprinting, what’s imprinting?” Emmett asked in a confused tone.