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Not So Sure

During New Moon, Edward left but then came back a little while later. Before he left, he slept with Bella and unknowingly got her pregnant.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. If I did I would have to be Stephenie Meyer. I am not but I am Hepzibah Flurge. Just kidding, lol!!! (I'm kidding about the Hepzibah Flurge part, not the me not being Stephenie Meyer part)

4. Chapter 5

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"Imprinting is when a werewolf finds their other half, or soul-mate," I explained. "What!" all seven of the Cullens shout. "You're telling us that a teenage werewolf is in love with your daughter and you are okay with that?" Rosalie gapingly shouted at me. "A werewolf loves our daughter?! Have you taken complete leave of your senses?" Edward ranted, his golden eyes furious. "You are not understanding. Any of you. He is NOT in LOVE with a nine month old child! When a werewolf imprints, he becomes whatever she needs him to be. It is an amazing thing, when a werewolf imprints. The moment he first lays eyes on her, it's like gravity is no longer holding him to this earth, she is. It like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time," I gently explained. "So, you are okay with a teenage werewolf as your daughter's soul-mate?" Emmett asked hesitantly. "Yes, I am completely okay with it. Besides, it's not like that right now. You see, a werewolf becomes whatever his imprint needs him to be. He could be the best friend that anybody has ever had, the best uncle in the world, the best lover, and the best husband. Or, pertaining to Jake and Elizabeth, and Quil and Claire, the best babysitter in the entire world. I mean, you should see those two around their imprints. They are worse than a pair of paranoid, overprotective mothers! I swear it is one of the funniest things to see," I said laughingly. "Quil and Claire? You're telling me that two werewolves have imprinted on nine month olds?" Esme asked confused. "Actually, Claire has just recently turned three. He imprinted on her when she was two. She is another one of Emily Young's cousins. Emily is Sam Uley's imprint. And what I mean by another one of Emily's cousins, is that Embry has also imprinted on a cousin of Emily's. We were all in La Push having a picnic. Crystal Forrester was visiting from the Makah Reservation and had taken a walk so Embry and the guys hadn't seen her yet.. Embry, Jake, and Quil had decided to help us in the kitchen carrying out food. We had given Embry the glass bowl of mashed potatoes to carry and we followed him out. Crystal had just arrived and Embry had a clear view of her. On his face, he looked like he was seeing the sun for the first time. His eyes were filled with adoration of her. He then promptly dropped the glass bowl of mashed potatoes. The glass shattered and potatoes flew everywhere. He bore the brunt of it. It was hilarious! Everyone was covered in mashed potatoes while Embry just stood there with his mouth gaping open and his eyes trained on her. She took one look at him and burst out laughing. He looked hurt for one second before he blushed red and apologized for breaking the glass bowl and wasting the mashed potatoes. Crystal walked up to him and gave him a hug and said that he was the first person to make her laugh since her father has passed away," I relived that past with a sigh. I had had the most interesting time of seeing a werewolf imprint.. "Well, that seems to make more sense the way that you explained it. It is most interesting. Although I am confused to the part about how there are werewolves now. I thought that they had died out," Carlisle mused. "You, Bella, are a magnet for danger. If we could bottle your luck, we would have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands. How your terrible luck could reressueruct such beasts like the werewolves is amazing," Edward said almost angrily. "What are you talking about Edward? I didn't bring back the werewolves. Don't you know? You honestly don't know," I asked shocked. Me, bring back the werewolves?! What in the world is he thinking! Oh, and blaming me! What else does he want to blame me for, getting pregnant, or maybe global warming! I felt a wave of calm wash over me and threw a baleful glance at Jasper. "If I wanted to be calmed down Jasper, I would have asked. Please refrain from using your ability on me. I would like to know that I am feeling something and not you making me feel it!" I ranted at him. And then I felt remorse for ranting at him, after all, he was just trying to help. "I'm sorry Jasper, I didn't mean to yell. I am just a little bit frustrated and on the edge," I apologized. "That's quite all right Bella," Jasper said quietly with a small smile. "Back to the werewolves. What are we supposed to know?" Emmett asked impatiently. " I didn't bring back the werewolves. Vampires did. The werewolves came back because the vampires did," I replied. "Extraordinary," Carlise mused. "Interesting theory," Edward said. "Theory?" I snorted, "Look at the facts Edward. You guys were here seventy years ago and so were the werewolves. You guys were not here and there were no werewolves. Now you guys are back and their are werewolves again. And no, there is no way that this is simply coincidence," I forestalled Edward as he opened his mouth to protest. "Now, I think it is time for you guys to leave, Elizabeth is asleep and I am getting tired myself. She will most likely be awake again in a few hours wanting to eat. And I do need to get some sleep myself," I ever so gently asked them to leave, motioning my head towards the sleeping child in my arms. "Thank you for talking to us Bella," Esme said gently. After a quiet chorus of good-bye, the Cullens, all except for Edward and Rosalie left. "Can I give her a kiss and say good night," Rosalie quietly asked. I nodded my head. She bent over and gave Elizabeth a soft kiss on the forehead. Brushed back some of her bronze curls and whispered good night. She then exited after smiling at me. Edward just stood there looking at me and Elizabeth. His golden eyes were unreadable. "Why are you still here? I am sure that your family is waiting for you," I asked curiously but not in a mean way. "May I.... may I give her a kiss as well and also say good night?" he asked hesitantly. After a moment I nodded my head. He bent down to give her a kiss on her forehead, my eyes teared at the sight of their bronze heads together. The sight tugged at my heartstrings. I wanted him to always be here like this. Us together like a family. Him loving both of us and me a vampire with him. But that was an irrational want and probably not something that was going to happen as much as I wanted it too. Edward stood up and looked at me for a long moment, his golden eyes like liquid gold. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss on my forehead as well. "Good night," he said quietly as he turned away. I thought I heard him say my love, but I couldn't be sure. I walked upstairs with my daughter in my arms. Not bothering to put her in her crib, I just lay down on my bed with my daughter cradled into my side. Within moments I was asleep.