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This is my poem based on Twilight


1. Him

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He was so different so you see

And the rest of his family

They looked so different to all of us

Maybe it was there features because...

They had pale white skin

And beautiful eyes

It looked like they were in disguise

For something we did not know

For something that they would not show

He then asked my out

To see if I did not shout

When he revealed to me of what he was

A vampire he was but could be Oz

After that he was always right

Even through day and night

I tried to resist his charming smile

That stared at me for a while

And when the sun said goodbye

I always felt the need to cry

But why should I cry when he's bye my side?

I just looked at him and then I lied

On my bed, he was always there

As he'd twined his hands in my thick brown hair

And as the sleep and I drifted away

I always used to hear him say

“Goodnight my dear, sweet dreams love you

Tomorrow is Grand, and bright and knew”

I think as I fell asleep

That those memories I would keep

The memories of him

The one I loved

His name was Edward

The name I will cherish forever in my heart.