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Lost and Found

Carrie, an abused teenager, has moved to Forks, Washington. She longs to find freedom, but is it as she has expected? Will she ever find happiness. Sorry I suck at summaries. My first fanfic. Read and review please. rewrite with chicke

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write Lost and Found A Twilight crossover Pairings usual except for Edward/my character Bella/Jacob My character is based on my best friend, the only one that I ever trust. There are similarities between them, but this one has an ending. I’m trying to write it as if from her point of view. It will change POV sometimes. Senior year, Edward and Bella have split for good, but the Cullens haven’t left. I would like a review or something before I post the next chapter

12. Chapter 12

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Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write

Chapter 12 Consequences of Happiness

Bella’s POV at the mall

Jake and I were spending time with each other at the mall. For a few minutes he has been acting strange, he seemed cold more closed off. It reminded me a bit of when he was ‘delivering his message’ to me at prom last year and Edward came up to us. I suddenly ran into something. I turned around to see who I ran into now, only to see Carrie. I hardly recognized her due to the clothes and make up she was wearing.

“Oh I am so sorry Bella; I should have been watching where I was going.” Carrie said a very light blush dusted across her nose. It was weird seeing her blush; it was something different from her normal emotionless mask.

“It’s no problem. So what are you doing here?” I asked curiously. I wondered if Alice was trying to make a new shopping partner. It would make since considering her new attire.

“Well I’m staying with the Cullen’s this weekend and they brought me here to go shopping and to get stuff for the costume contest.” she told me. Edward came up behind her and wrapped his arm around her. I was surprised to see him here. We never went out to someplace public when we were dating. I usually went to his home or he came to mine.

“You're doing the costume contest,” I asked Edward. He nodded and didn’t remove his gaze from Jake. They appeared to be glaring at one another. “Oh I’m sorry. Carrie, this is Jacob Black, Jake this is Carrie.” I introduced them. Carrie put her hand out to shake which he just stared at, not taking it and then turned back to glaring at Edward.

“So what are you guys dressing up as?” I asked shocked that they would be participating, being what they are. Wouldn’t they find it offensive to their species? I shake such thoughts away as Carrie answered my question.

“We’re not really sure. Alice and Rosalie have taken over our costumes and they won’t tell us what they are up to.” Carrie replied.

“So you are staying with the Cullen’s?” I asked though what I really wanted to know was if she was staying with Edward.

“Yeah,” Carrie said. “They even gave me a room which is right next to Edward’s so I’m always hearing music, which is nice.”

‘Why does she get to stay at the Cullen’s? I was allowed to visit but never stay. She even gets her own room! And it’s next to Edwards! Why is she really treated like a member of the family?’ I thought to myself feeling jealousy course through me as I realized that

Carrie was taking my place within the Cullen house hold.

“Well we better get going.” I said and Jacob dragged me away from there.

School Halloween

Today was Halloween and I was dressed as a vampire. I was hoping to maybe catch Edward’s eye. I know that I have Jacob but I still want Edward, he should still be with me in some way, I was made for him. I’m his special brand of heroine, I should be with him, and he needs me.

Jacob was with me last night and we crossed the line. It started off as one thing then it just escalated out of control. I took a shower before I left for school so maybe Edward wouldn’t smell Jake on me since before he always complained about how he had an unappealing smell. I was wearing a vampire costume that I found at a costume store at the mall.

I head to school and I see Edward’s car in the parking lot, but I don’t see Edward. I go over and stand with Mike and Eric and the others waiting for school to start. I look up and see Rosalie’s car pull up next to Edward’s Volvo. Then I notice that the boys are dressed up for the competition.

Emmett was dressed up as Viktor Krum, Jasper as an elf of middle earth, but what shocked me most was Edward’s costume. From what I can tell he was dressed as a vampire. ‘Why would he dress up as something that is supposed to be mocking what he was?’ They each went to a door on Rosalie’s car. When Rosalie stepped out of the car, she looked absolutely gorgeous and she was showing a lot of skin. ‘Isn’t that dangerous for her to do? What if some sun comes out, what will she do?’ Alice stepped out of the car next and I was also surprised to see that she too dressed up. I’m not sure what she is supposed to be, but she does look good.

What came next shocked me so much that I thought that I would pass out. Edward helped Carrie out of the car, and I barely even recognized her. She looked totally different, she looked captivating. I couldn’t believe that this was the same girl that I tried and failed to befriend when she moved here just a month ago.

She was wearing a dress that looked like it belonged on royalty. She looked even more like the Cullen’s than before. She looked like a princess of times that have passed. I watched as Edward offered her his arm and then led her to the school. I watched as he whispered something into her ear that caused her to blush, and then as he kissed the back of her hand. I felt something inside me then that I haven’t really felt before. I was wondering ‘why her? What makes her so special?’I listened throughout the day as people talk about the vampire family. I heard about how they complemented about how Rosalie and Carrie looked so good, so sexy even. That brought out that Alice’s and Rosalie’s costumes were designed and made by Carrie herself, and how Alice and Rosalie made Carrie and Edward’s costumes.

Finally biology came and I could talk to Edward. I walked in and almost stopped in my tracks for Edward and Carrie were standing next to each other, they looked so perfect. I put my stuff down and sat on my desk facing them. I looked Edward up and down and I couldn’t help but want him then and there. “Wow, Edward, I’ve never seen you show so much skin at school before. So what are you supposed to be exactly?”

“Isn’t it obvious, I am a vampire, and Carrie here is a vampiress,” Edward said in an unemotional voice. The way that he was acting reminded me of how he used to act around me before we started going out. ‘Why doesn’t he like me? Do I still smell like Jacob? I took a shower so I should have gotten his scent off of me. Are they dressed to match each other?’“So what are you dressed up as Bella,” Carrie asked.

“A vampire also,” I replied. ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ I have a high collar, fangs and a blood trail on my face. She looks like she could be a lady of a manor or something. I look at her and I spot what could be a bite mark on her neck. So they changed her already? No that doesn’t make sense with what I know. Does that mean that she is already a vampire? That can’t be right for she’s not supernaturally beautiful like the others.

When the bell rang Edward wrapped his arm around Carrie and they headed off. I watched as his cape billowed as he walked, along with her ’shawl’. ‘What makes her so special?’It was time for the assembly. It was not surprising that Rosalie won the girl’s best costume, Emmett winning boys best costume from a movie and Jasper and Alice won best couple. The only thing that was left was who was going to be king and queen. I really hope that it is Edward and I, just so that I can be held by him again.

I felt my heart drop into my stomach. I watched, numb as Edward carried Carrie down to the middle of the floor. I felt the feeling from before come back and grow stronger as he twirled her around in the air and as they embraced. I could feel anger growing as they started to waltz; they looked graceful as they spun around the floor. A watched as Edward leaned his forehead against hers. I watched as the song ended and they kissed. ‘He was never this openly affectionate with me. Sure he put his arm around me and sat with me at lunch, but he never openly kissed me. He never dressed up for me, even for prom where he wore a simple tux. Has he written her a song yet? Does he hold her while she sleeps? Why are they all so much more accepting of her than they were of me?’

During the dance I watched as they all dance together, but it was mostly Edward and Carrie. He was even smiling. He didn’t really smile when he took me to prom; he just made sure that I experienced everything. I went up to him and asked him to dance and he refused. He has never refused me anything before. It has to be because of Carrie, he is acting this way because of her. The feeling from before rises up and I began to rant in my mind, ‘Edward is mine and will always be mine; just because I am with Jake now does not mean I will relinquish my claim to him.’

That night I decided to tell Charlie what I saw that day in the café. “Dad,” I said.

“Yeah Bells.” he said in between bits of the meal I cooked for us.

“I think you ought to know something.” He stopped eating to look at me. “I think the new girl Carrie, you remember her right?” He nodded and I continued. “Well I think that she might be or has been abused.”

“What makes you say that Bells?” he asked his tone serious he was in cop mode which was good.

“Well she works at Maria’s and when she went to take my plate away I saw that her arms were scars upon scars. There were even burn marks Dad. Plus she is always so skittish around people and flinches when people touch her. She doesn’t eat, and she wears the same rags every day.” It was not hard to add the same hysteric edge to my voice as I remembered my reaction to see such a thing. I was also a bit concerned but that was pushed into the back of my mind as I went along with the new feeling I’ve been having lately.

“Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow and have a look, how’s that?” Charlie asked as he picked his fork back up to begin eating again.

“Thanks Dad.” I told him feeling relieved at what he said.

Carrie’s POV

When I woke up this morning I could tell that something bad was going to happen. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach; this foreboding sense of doom. I don’t have Alice’s gift but, I felt as if danger was right around the corner. I tried to think of happier thoughts to make it go away. Nothing made it go away, not even the thought of kissing Edward, or any part of yesterday. Whatever was invoking these feelings was going to be bad.

I got ready for school and prepared myself for a long lonely walk. I had grown use to either walking to school with Edward or someone in his family or him driving me to school. I am sure more now than ever that I’ve been spoiled because I miss them already. The school day was also long, lonely and boring. None of the Cullen’s was there to brighten them up. In biology Bella told me, “Don’t worry; the Cullen’s don’t come to school when it’s nice.”

“I know,” I told her trying to sound friendly. “They already told me that they were going to be away for the weekend.” She seemed shocked that I knew that they were gone, and her eyes seemed to narrow. ‘Is she mad at me for some reason?’ Something deep down told me that I was right. It was kind of a gut feeling and it has never been wrong to date. It is how I have managed to survive as long as I have, I follow my instincts.

At lunch I went without because Edward was not there. Oh well, it won’t kill me I’ve gone without food before, I can do it again. I worked on my homework, which there was a lot more of since we didn’t do anything yesterday.

The rest of the day went as usual. In gym we started line dancing which I thought was fun. My new gym uniform finally came in, a couple of weeks after the teacher said that they would be in. My shirt was medium in size and the shorts were in a large.

After gym I went to study hall. After school I worked on my homework until it was time to go to work, which was the same as always. I walked home that night, and the feeling I had this morning came back twice as strong. With every step that I took my mind was screaming at me to turn around and run or go to the Cullen’s even though they weren’t home.

I wished I could listen to my instincts and not try to be a good little girl. When I approached the house Thomas and Liz were standing on the front porch waiting for me.’ This can’t be good.’ I took my book bag of and set it at my feet and took my ‘submissive’ position.

“We had a visitor today,” Thom said. “It was Chief Swan. He said that it has come to his attention that we have not been properly taking care of our child. As you know we have no children living with us, we only have property. You must have opened your mouth and said something. It is likely that they heard something from you even though you have no mind and can only babble nonsense. However it happened, it has been done and you shall receive your punishment.”

He walked toward me and fear began to permeate my mind, causing my body to stiffen and freeze. “Remember, you are worthless and good for nothing except serving us. You will never go anywhere. You are stupid and weak. You will always be here to serve us. The only way that you can escape is through death which I will make sure will be so long and painful that even with your pea sized brain you will beg for mercy. Do you have anything to say?”

Before I could stop myself I said, “You’re wrong.” I was too scared to say the rest which I thought. ‘I’m better than you. You’re the worthless ones. I will be free and there is nothing you can do about it. You may harm my body but I will no longer allow you to harm my spirit, my soul. You will be the ones begging for forgiveness for all eternity in the fires of hell. Do what you want I will not cry out and beg for the end. You shall not break me.’ The time didn’t feel right to say it out loud yet.

Thomas backhanded me so hard that I went spinning and fell to the ground. He then yanked me up by my hair and punched me in the gut then dropped me. He then proceeded to kick my repeatedly in the ribs. He was wearing steel toed shoes. After a few minutes he stopped kicking my right side and I thought I had a broken rib or two because I could feel something move that I didn’t before. He then kicked me along side of the head and things went dark.

I woke up a short time later chained in some clearing. I looked around there were other posts and rocks with chains nearby. ’So this is their new torture chamber.’ I felt a breeze against my skin I looked down to see that I was only wearing my underwear. I also felt a stinging sensation on parts of my body so I looked to see what the cause was. There was various slash marks across my skin; they suggest that my clothes had been cut off. I looked around me and found shreds which prove that they were cut off of me.

I looked at what I could see of myself and I was covered in bruises which suggest that they weren’t too gentle with me while I was out. Then I felt someone stomp on my hand I stopped before I could scream out. I think a couple of my fingers broke if the odd angle they were at was anything to go by.

“Awe, we were so close to hearing you scream. I know what will get her to scream.” Thom said as he grabbed my left wrist. Another set of hands, probably Liz, grabbed my arm further down. I started thrashing because I knew what they were planning to do. It’s happened before. They quickly pushed as hard as they could in separate directions. I could not stop the scream that tore from my throat as they broke my arm. I even bit down so hard on my lower lip that I caused it to bleed.

“I think we should make her scream more,” Liz said. She grabbed my right arm and proceeded to pull my arm out of its socket. That hurt some but not a whole lot for my shoulders are double jointed so I could easily pop it back in. It’s just really sore afterwards and I have to watch so that I don’t injure it.

“So have you learned your lesson?” Thom asked. I just spat in his direction. I don’t remember anything after trying to avoid the shovel I saw heading toward my face. I woke up a couple of hours later when it started to rain. After I managed to sit up I looked at my watch to look at the time. My forearm was swollen and discolored that my watch was cutting into my skin, but I was unable to remove it. I saw that it was nearing six in the morning. Figures I wake up in time to get ready to go to school.

I somehow stumbled to my area. After I put my shoulder back into socket I took stock of my injuries. My arm was broken and I was covered in cuts and bruises. I had at least two ribs on my right side that were either bruised or broken and around the same on the left, which made my breathing quite difficult.

My two middle fingers on my right hand were broken. My wrists had rub marks and small cuts from the shackles. An upper left molar also got knocked out, I wasn’t sure if it was from being kicked or hit with a shovel. The whole left side of my face was nothing but a large, swollen, bruised and cut up piece of flesh, and I had bruises on the right corner of my mouth and jaw.

Before I could go about to set my bones in hopefully the correct position, I grabbed a nearby stick, wrapped some scrap fabric around it and clenched it in my teeth like a gag. Already my entire body was throbbing in pain and I wanted to do nothing more than just lay down and not move, but I had to try and keep up a look of normalcy. I took a couple of deep breaths in order to prepare myself for what I was about to do. I mentally counted to three as I grabbed on to my already swollen wrist as best as I was able to; on the count of three I tugged as hard as I could. A scream escaped me but was muffled by the cloth that was jammed into my mouth and tears ran down my face as a creaking sound was heard due to the yank. As I tried to catch my breath I felt around on my arm top try and tell if it was set sort of correctly. It still felt a bit of so I inhaled deeply and held it as I pulled and twisted my arm until it felt to be in the correct position. Gods it hurt so much and this hard breathing that I'm doing to try and lessen the pain just caused my ribs to hurt worse.

After I had my arm splintered as best as I could it was time to do the same thing to my fingers. My jaw and teeth hurt so much from how hard I was clenching the gag and my throat was sore from the screams I released as I tried to set my bones. I was feeling so dizzy from the pain and probably low blood sugar as well, but I couldn't give in, I just couldn't. The fingers were harder to set since they were so swollen I couldn't tell where the brakes were. I worked on the ring finger first. I gave it a tug and sharp pains shot up my arm as it moved. I pulled it as straight as I could get it and tried to hold it there as I wrapped it to the pinky. It was the same with the other finger.

I was in so much pain yet I felt so numb at the same time. The only thing that I was really aware of was the sharp jolting throb of my arm and fingers and ribs and there was a stinging sensation of the various cuts and I had a throbbing headache on top of it all. I just wanted nothing more than to just crawl away somewhere to escape it all, but I had to keep moving. I had to go to school and then work to make it appear that all was well, I just have to work past the pain. I didn't need another reason for Thom and Liz to pay me any more attention than they already have.

I bandaged myself up as best as I could. I splintered and wrapped my arm fingers and rib cage as best as I could, and I put my right arm in a sling to be on the safe side. I crawled into my den and got my old clothes out. I put my really large sweater on over top of them and pulled my hood up. The hood was so large that you could barely make out my face if you looked me straight on. The sleeves went about six inches past my hands and almost came down to my knees; it was black in color.

I didn’t have time to eat or clean up so I left. I managed to get my bag up on my good shoulder, but it also made it harder for me to breathe. It was a long difficult journey to school and I got there just as the first bell rung. As I headed to school my legs were trembling so much from exhaustion and being drained due to the pain that I kept tripping and stumbling as I walked along side of the road. I kept repeating to myself 'I must keep going, I must keep moving, I must keep going, I must keep moving.' I stopped by my locker and put the rest of my books into my bag and went to class. In class I focused all of my attention to the teacher and my work. I had to constantly but my tongue to prevent myself from screaming out at the pain that I felt every time that I moved. I was surprised no one commented on my harsh breathing that I was doing in trying to cope with the throbbing sensations that were wracking my form. The whole day none of the teachers asked me to remove my hood. I only got scolded for not doing my homework.

I tried to get my work done during lunch and study hall. In gym thankfully we didn’t have to change because both teachers called in sick, so that was like another study hall. At work I was told that I was on kitchen duty so I was glad that no one got to see me. I had a really hard time washing the dishes since it was hard to hold the dishes in any way, but it was my job to do and it needed to get done. I can’t afford to get fired, that would just get Thom and Liz mad at me again. At least it’s the weekend.

The only thing that kept me on my feet and kept me moving was because I was being stubborn about it. I was persistent as well. I can’t afford to slack off or anything my survival depends on it. It not the first time that I have felt pain such as this, but as I have said before I just have to work past it. The mantra of just keep moving, just keep moving repeating over and over in my head. I am bound and determined to not to be seen as weak as they think me to be. To give into my pain could possibly lead to my death. Though it would mean that I will no longer be in pain, I am not ready to die yet. I will be strong, I must be strong, and I will overcome.

When I got home from work the light was on and there was a video camera set up pointing to where I was supposed to wait at. Thomas came out and turned the video camera on, then set it to record; he then left to go inside leaving the light on. I was left standing out there all night with the video camera watching my every move.

I didn’t get to sleep that night or doing any homework for that was against the rules. When morning came I was allowed to leave to relieve myself and that is it. Thomas watched what the camera recorded then left with Liz for town. The light was still on and the camera was recording my every move again. They came back a couple of hours later with a dump truck following them. The dump truck unloaded a large amount of large stones and left.

“Each of these stone weighs anywhere between twenty to forty pounds, and there are also around one hundred of them. I want you, brat, to move all of them from the front yard into the back yard. As you put them in the back yard I want you to stack them into a pyramid. I want complete pyramids, not partial pyramids. So what are you waiting for? Get your lazy, no good ass to work.”

The task was difficult to begin with, add a bum arm, shoulder, fingers and ribs, and no food or sleep since Thursday morning, makes it a lot more difficult. I had to be creative when I was building the pyramids because I couldn’t make them too high and as the day wore on I was having trouble since the number size and shape varied I had to be creative on how to stack them. I took me until eleven to get the pyramids complete.

I reported to my post and again I was left out there all night with the camera once again recording my every move. That night, Saturday night, there was a nasty thunderstorm. It was pouring down rain and it was really windy. I struggled to stay on my feet, and I was weak from exhaustion and hunger. I usually love watching thunderstorms but I’m scared of being out in them, but here I was, all because some people thought that I needed to learn a lesson.

The storm finally broke as dawn approached. Again I was only allowed to leave to relieve myself. When he came back Thom had a laugh at watching the video. “Looks like you had a fun night.” he said. If only the look that I was giving him mentally could kill. “Now for today Liz wants all of those stones that were moved yesterday used to line the house, gardens and drive.”

I wanted to groan at that. It took me all day yesterday just to move them into the back yard and now they want me to move them again, how typical. I was already sore from yesterday and my stomach was constantly growling now, and I still have homework to do. I got to work anyways. My legs were protesting now because I haven’t been off of my feet since Friday. My breathing has been nothing but short, harsh panting. I just couldn’t catch my breath and my ribs hurt so much. My right arm was sore from where I supported most of the weight of the stones so that my left arm may not be disturbed and I would have to redo the bone setting.

My legs were trembling so bad from exhaustion from both the work and the pain that I thought that there was a constant earthquake going on; it even caused me to stumble and fall down a few times. I would either land on my front on top of the stone or on one of my sides or back. This of course caused me to let out a scream or sound of pain that I tried my best to hold in or make it so that it wouldn’t be heard because it would jar my ribs and arms and fingers when I tried to catch myself. A few times when I fell I started a coughing fit that would leave me even weaker. The only thing that I could not prevent was the tears of pain, agony and frustration that fell unwillingly from my eyes.

It was ten o’clock at night before I finally finished with everything being satisfactory and I went to stand at my post. It was Sunday night and I really needed to get my work done. At midnight the porch light finally went out. I got my bag from underneath the porch, where I put it to keep it dry, and went slowly to my den. I just collapsed in exhaustion on my bed and stared unseeingly into the darkness of the cavern. For a while I sat there in the dark and I did something I haven’t done since I was a little girl, I cried. I cried because that was the only way to let some of my frustration out. My ribs hurt worse afterward, but I felt a bit better emotionally. I never noticed my different colored tears.

When I finally got a fire going I got my books out and got to work on my homework. I finished writing my English essay; I just have to type it now. I did my translation worksheets and science worksheets and lab report done. However, by the time that I got done it was time for me to go to school, meaning that it was six a.m.

I slowly trudged out of my den and down the road toward school and it happened to be raining. I was just so exhausted and tired that I didn’t remember a thing of my walk to school. All that I was aware of was the more than constant throbbing that resonated throughout my entire being. It was only my pure will that kept me moving when my body could no longer properly do so. Again I got in my seat just as the tardy bell rang. In English we went the computer lab to start typing our essays. It wasn’t easy since all of the fingers on my right hand were wrapped up as a splint. I had to hold a pencil with each hand and use those to type with.

I was so happy to finally go to Latin, for I could see Emmett, I really needed to see a friendly face. When I did see him I felt some feeling come back to me and I didn’t hurt as much. I finally felt as if I had some energy as I moved slightly faster to my seat that was right next to him.

“Hi there princess, or should I still call you queen,” Emmett joked as I took my seat next to him.

“Oh Emmett, you have no idea how much I missed you guys.” I told him. My throat felt so dry and scratchy and I could tell that my voice was very hoarse sounding but he didn’t comment on it. I felt as if I could cry I was so glad to see a face that actually cared about me; a face that hasn’t been behind a reason for my suffering.

“Why? Was it so hard with us gone?” He asked still in a joking manor his face smiling at the idea of being missed so much.

“You have no idea.” I told him my tone quiet but honest.

“So what’s with the sweater, Carrie? It looks like you’ve been wearing it for days,” he said looking pointedly at my ratty sweater.

“You could say that. I’m also wearing it to keep warm, I’m feeling a bit chilled today.” I said with my raspy voice while trying to smile. ‘Probably because I caught a bit of a cold on account of being out in the storm; being in a weakened state didn’t help either.’ I thought.

Emmett walked me to Chemistry and told me about their weekend. I had a hard time trying to keep up with him which he noticed so he slowed a little bit. Rosalie had a gift waiting for me when I took my seat. “Come on open it.” she said motioning to the gift. I picked it up with my sleeve covered hands and eventually I uncovered the box. Inside the box were a pair of brown leather, rabbit fur lined gloves. “Go on try them on.” She urged with a motion of her hands.

“I can’t Rose.” I said in a whisper knowing that she was going to ask about my appearance and the way I am acting. They are going to find out no matter how hard I try to hide it. ‘What’s the point,’ I thought.

“And why not; they are yours so you are going to wear them.” she said with an angry tone. She was probably offended because she thought that I was tuning her gift down. I turned to her and held my sleeve covered arms out to her. She looked at them then at me with a questioning look on her face. I had both arms in a sleeve because I didn’t use the sling any longer. I had to take it off so that it would be easier for me to do my job.

“Just carefully push the sleeves back,” I told her turning my head away, not making eye contact. She did as I told, starting with the right. She slowly uncovered my bandaged hand. She sent me a look and then continued with the other one. My left hand and arm were a nasty sight. I still had a makeshift splint in my arm which was even more swollen and a dark purple almost black color with yellow around the edges. My fingers were swollen now also and a bit discolored.

“Is that also why you have your hood up?” she asked and I nodded. She looked angry. I rolled my sleeves down and let her know that I was fine. During the rest of class I could feel her eyes on me every now and then. I just knew that they were all going to know what had happened to me while they were gone.

When we went to leave Rosalie grabbed my bag and walked with me out of class. Edward was out there waiting as usual and he did not seem happy. He must have gotten something from Rose. “What happened?” he asked his tone cold though I knew it was not directed at me. He was angry I could tell. Just hearing his tone of voice made me lower my head so that I only saw his feet and the floor. I just sighed and told him that I would explain later. He took my bag from Rosalie, put his hand on my back and I flinched with the contact because my back hurt from my ribs and the work I had to do during the weekend.

It was very hard to stay awake in any of my classes. But what do you expect when you haven’t had any sleep since Wednesday night. Edward couldn’t help me stay awake because he sat next to Bella. My stomach started to hurt again and that was what was keeping me awake; I haven’t eaten since Thursday morning. I was going on four days without food. I got some water during the rainstorm Saturday night.

When the bell rang Edward practically carried me out to the parking lot and drove to the hospital where Carlisle works. Edward carried me into his office and sat me down. He had one of the nurses page him and tell him it was an emergency. Carlisle came in a short time later and looked between Edward and me. It was obvious that he was concerned since Edward was here at the hospital while school was still in session.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. Edward came toward me and, like Rosalie had done, pulled back my sleeves, but I stopped him. I knew I would just have to take it off later.

“Edward, just help me get it off, it will save some time.” I told him and he did as I asked. Underneath I was wearing my old tank top. I rubbed my right shoulder as best as I could with my left arm because it was a little sore. Edward was staring at my face, so I covered it with my right hand. I was so ashamed to be seen in such a manner in front of him. I already knew I was not much to look at, but with my bruises and such I had to look even worse. He and the others will probably never want to see me again after this.

“Let’s get her to an exam room Edward and get some X-rays done.” Carlisle said I could tell he was appalled by what he saw and that only served to make me feel even more self conscious.

“Is this going to take long?” I asked, “Because I really should get back to school. I don’t want Thom and Liz to find out. I don’t need another reason for them to be angry with me.” I was not sure I could handle any more ‘punishment’ from them.

“It would take a while to give you the proper care, but I agree you two should be going back to school. We don’t need something else to bother you. I’ll write you both a note to get out of gym. I want you to come straight here so that I can examine you.” Carlisle responded to my fears.

“Aye aye captain,” I laughed trying to lighten the mood, but the small chuckle caused me to cough, which caused my ribs to hurt; so I wrapped my arms around myself to try and stop the pain. The pain caused some tears to form and again I didn’t notice that one set was crimson and the others normal. Edward took a Kleenex and dabbed it at my eyes and face. “I’m fine,” I wheezed, “I’m fine.” I finished while trying to wave away the hand looking to cleanse me of my tears.

We made it back just as lunch was ending. “So much for getting something to eat,” I said as I felt my stomach cramp and then rumble. It felt as though knives were moving around in there.

“You’ll get food after Carlisle checks you out,” Edward said. As he walked with me he had a hold of my uninjured arm to help me walk and to make sure that I wouldn’t fall down. I was just so dizzy from over all exhaustion and from being hungry as well. Alice met us at the door and took my stuff from Edward and led me to math class. I had gotten my sweater back on in Edward’s car thanks to his help. After math class Edward was already there waiting for me. He still had a serious expression on his face, and his eyes have been a dark color ever since I took off my sweater. He signed out of school and then I did shortly after.

When we reached the hospital Carlisle and Esme were there waiting for us. When I got out of the car Esme came up to me and wrapped her arms carefully around me. She released me and Edward picked me up but I was too tired to argue with him about it; I just rested my head against his shoulder.

We all headed into the examination room and Edward placed me on the table and gently held my left hand. Esme took a seat on my right and Carlisle took the doctors chair in front of me.

“Alright Carrie why don’t you tell us what happened,” Carlisle said in a tone that told me he was in doctor mode holding a clip board looking ready to start jotting stuff down.

“I’ll try to make it fast, I need to go to work at four,” I said glancing at the clock on the wall by the door.

“Don’t worry Carrie, we already had a talk with your boss and she understands,” Esme said kindly in her mothering tone. The more I get to know this family the more I wish it was mine. I wish I had a mother and father like Carlisle and Esme; I hope that Edward and the others realized how lucky they are to have them as parents.

“Okay fine, but I’m still giving you a shortened version.” I said. “I got home Thursday night after work and Thom and Liz were waiting for me. That is never a good sign. Thom told me that Chief Swan paid them a visit. Thom started talking trash about me, and before I could stop myself I told him he was wrong. He backhanded me and then proceeded to kick the daylights out of me. He kicked me in the head and the lights went out for a while.

“When I woke up I was chained to some post which was a clearing that they had made into their new torture chamber. I was covered in scratches and bruises from where they brought me to where I was at and when they cut my clothes off of me. Thom stepped on my right hand, breaking my fingers but I didn’t scream so they broke my arm. I screamed and bit my lip so hard it bled. Liz pulled my shoulder out of socket and things continued until he struck me with a shovel and the lights went out again.

“I woke up in time to bandage myself up some, put my shoulder back and go to school. That night when I went home the light was on so I took my post after putting my bag up. A couple of hours later Thom comes out and sets a camera up to record my every move.

“I stood there until morning when he put me to work to move the dump truck full of 20-40 pound stones he had delivered from the front yard to the back yard and build pyramids with them. I stood out all that night again, even during the storm.

“Sunday I was told to take all the stones I moved yesterday and move them so that they were a border for the house, gardens, and driveway. At midnight I was finally allowed to leave. I cried to let some frustration out, and then stayed up to do all my homework. I finally finished at six and headed off to school. The rest is history.” The entire time my voice was really raspy and as I spoke it got wispier and softer as I lost my voice. If it wasn’t for their excellent hearing I’m sure that they would have had a hard time hearing what it was that I was saying.

“When was the last time you ate and slept?” Esme asked her voice trembling she looked to be so close to tears that I angled my face away so I wouldn’t have to see her expression. The look on her face made me want to cry, but I can’t cry in front of them.

Crying is a sign of weakness and I can’t afford to be seen as weak.

“I last slept on Halloween night and I ate last on Thursday morning.” I replied after I took a small drink of water offered by Carlisle. ‘I don’t count the time that I was knocked out as sleep.’ I was definitely on auto pilot right now. Esme was stroking my hair and it felt pretty nice and I leaned into it. Once again I found myself wishing she was my ‘mother’ instead of Liz. I also found myself reluctantly wondering how my real mother would be reacting if she saw what I have gone through.

“Let's get some x-rays done and then we’ll take a look at the rest of you,” Carlisle said his eyes closed tight pinching the bridge of his nose. Clearly he did not like what he had heard.

Both he and Edward left so that Esme could help me get into a hospital gown and hospital shorts. I watched as she inspected every part of me as if counting each of my injuries. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly what she was doing.

“Now I have some new additions to my collection,” I joked, but I don’t think that she liked it. The guys came in and Edward was pushing a wheel chair. “I’m not getting in that that is for old people.” Esme just picked me up and put me in it anyways.

In x-ray they took a picture of my bones head to toe. When we got back to the examination room the rest of the gang was there. I could hear them gasp as they saw me. I knew that the cuts and bruises were bad, but they will heal. I guess I should have considered how much better their eyes see then mine. The cuts and bruises probably look much worse to them. Then it dawned on me that I haven’t really seen what I look like so it could be pretty bad.

“Don’t worry guys it’s not as bad as it looks, of course I could be wrong, I’m just too far out of it right now, and Carlisle hasn’t even given me any pain meds yet,” I joked again. And again I ended up gasping in pain with different colored tears running down my face. Maybe I should stop making jokes because it hurts way too much.

“Alright while we are waiting for the x-rays I’ll examine the rest of you,” Carlisle said as he approached me.

“She has thirty slashes that appear to be infected, the rest appear as if they will heal on their own. Most of them as you can see are on her legs.” Esme said. I was right she was taking an inventory.

“Well those will have to be reopened so that the infection can be drained. And I’ll check your blood sugar while I’m at it. You all can go wait somewhere so that the blood does not bother you, I’ll have a couple nurses help me.” Carlisle said while jotting a few things down on the clip board he has in his hands. I could not help but shiver in fear the mere thought off all my cuts being opened again I can just taste the pain.

I had almost three hundred stitches when I was done. That is the most I ever had, they are the only ones that I have had. My face even got a few stitches. The x-rays came in and it was confirmed that I had four broken ribs, two on each side, the others were bruised. My arm was broken and so were my fingers. They were all put into a cast, and he wrapped my shoulder up also to it could heal faster. I came out looking like a mummy. The left side of my face was wrapped up and the rest of my body from my neck down was wrapped up as well. As I looked over all the casts and stitches that covered me I wondered how I was going to hide this from Thom and Liz. They would assume I had told someone what had happened if I came home looking like I had been to a hospital. I also risk punishment if they think there is now a bill coming to pay for all the work I had done. Their assumptions will no doubt lead to another punishment.

It also turned out that I had a slight cold and was given an antibiotic for that and the infectious cuts. With that I was on the road to recovery. I just wanted some of Esme’s home cooked food and to sleep in my bed. They could take care of everything else, I just wanted those two things, and I just needed those two things for my recovery. I will deal with all the other potential problems at a later time. I’m just too exhausted to deal with them now.