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Lost and Found

Carrie, an abused teenager, has moved to Forks, Washington. She longs to find freedom, but is it as she has expected? Will she ever find happiness. Sorry I suck at summaries. My first fanfic. Read and review please. rewrite with chicke

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write Lost and Found A Twilight crossover Pairings usual except for Edward/my character Bella/Jacob My character is based on my best friend, the only one that I ever trust. There are similarities between them, but this one has an ending. I’m trying to write it as if from her point of view. It will change POV sometimes. Senior year, Edward and Bella have split for good, but the Cullens haven’t left. I would like a review or something before I post the next chapter

2. Chapter 2

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I have often been accused of 'having my head in the clouds' because I walk through my life unaware of reality, which is an incorrect assumption. If people want idioms to describe me I would say that I have both feet firmly placed on the ground. I’m not so selfish to say that I am the only person to feel this this way I’m just one of the unlucky ones who know how harsh reality can truly be. I have decided to dull my pain by walking through life numb. Things have been the same for me since as far back as I can remember. From the time I get up until I go to bed I run on auto pilot. I can not be myself until I get back to the privacy of my own 'room'; it is kind of hard for me to be truly at peace and be myself even when it is just me there to see. We just moved to Forks, Washington, where I have concluded it always rains. I didn't take longer for me to figure that out despite what most people think. We, as in my ‘parents’ and I, have just moved into a house around an hour or so walk from downtown Forks. We arrived here around dawn and my parents dropped me off with all of our belongings and some supplies to fix the house up. It would seem that my time here as a slave has begun. “All right, listen here ya brat.” said my father. His name is Thomas. He stands about 5’9”, black hair with gray/white patches. He weighs around 250 and has a large beer gut that his shirt just barely covers. I can already smell the alcohol on his breath, which no longer surprises me. I turn around to face him, eyes looking at the ground between our feet. I learned long ago not to look him in face or eyes unless I want to make friends with the ground real fast. I don't look at him and he for the most part doesn't look at me. “Liz and I are going to town. We want this house fixed up, cleaned out and everything put away by the time we get back by eight. You know what happens if your not done. Don't break anything and make sure you don't soil anything with those filthy hands of yours.” He turned around and got into the drivers’ seat of the old 1986 ford something or other. I could never tell what it was. It’s so rusted and faded that I believe that the original color was blue. Liz rolled down the window and spoke in her ‘holier than thou’ voice. It was shrill and nasal sounding. “You are to make up both bedrooms. Make sure the mattresses stay clean and that there are no rips in the fabric or your hide will be tanned,” she warned. The whole time she never turns my way. Her profile was to me the entire time. The same with Thomas, I never look at her or set my eyes upon her, for roughly the same consequence applies. The only difference is that she likes to add lemon juice to the injuries. Liz, short for Elizabeth, weighs around 50 - 60 pounds more than Thomas. I'm never too sure about her height for every time I see her she is always sitting down, but I would put her around 5’0”. Liz isn't really my mother, she is my aunt. My real mother died when I was born, that’s all I know about her. I don't even know her name. Thomas married Liz right after mom died, but I believe her death is why Thomas hates me so much. With that said they pulled out of the drive way. The tires spun so fast that I got peppered with gravel. I flinched some but that is about it. I only flinch when I don't expect to be touched or when in there presence. I found that it makes life a little easier when around them. I waited until they were out of site to turn around. When I turned around I looked at the house. It looks like my lucky day; the house appears to be in somewhat good condition. However when I walked through I realized that I was somewhat mistaken. The house has been recently painted and the loose boards on the porch were fixed but on the inside was a different matter. Throughout the house were exposed electrical wires. The cabinets in the kitchen were lacking doors and shelves. The wallpaper throughout the house was peeling and would be better if it were replaced. The sinks and tubs and toilets had mold in them. And the tile and wood floors needed a good wax and polish. The basement was nothing but cobwebs and spider webs, like it hasn't been used in a decade or so. The house was white with two stories plus a basement. It had two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. As you walk into the front door there is a little hall. On the right there is a coat closet. After that it opens up in both directions. On the left it opens up into the living room which was about 12’ by 12’. There was a window on two adjacent walls. The living room was connected to the dining room with the same dimensions. On the right of the hall way was a small but decent kitchen. Too bad it will never be used for neither Thomas or Liz cooks and I'm not allowed in the house once it’s ‘inhabitable' for a human to live in. There is a pantry room next to the door that leads to the basement. That door is across from the opening in the hall way. Connected to the kitchen (to the right if you're in here) is a small sitting room that has a door that leads to the half bath. At the end of the hall way is a set of stairs the lead up to the second floor. After three feet on the left there is a door that leads to a bedroom that has a joining bathroom. Six feet from the stairs is the other bedroom. A few feet from that is a linen closet, and a few feet from that is the other bathroom. (If you're a little confused I'll try to add a drawing on my page.) When I head outside I look at my watch and see that it’s going on eleven o'clock. I look through the items and found the cleaning supplies that were provided by the movers. They offered to help move the furniture but Thomas declined saying he could handle it. I had to roll my eyes at that. I'm the only one who works in this so called family. I decided to get to work. I take off my layers of clothing off. All the things I own are hand me downs from my older half siblings. (They are Liz’s kids from her last marriage). They are over twice my size so everything I have is really baggy. They are not as baggy as they used to be because I took them in as best as I could and I used what was left as blankets, bedding, or made other clothes with it. Despite my life style I'm always surprised at how large I am. I'm about 5’4” and 155 pounds. I have curly/wavy auburn hair that comes to my hips. I have brown eyes that change shade according to my mood. They have even appeared to be a grayish blue or a brownish green. I have a bit of a sickly pale complexion that sometimes look healthy, but that’s mainly when the dark circles under my eyes aren't all that noticeable. All in all I don't really find my self ugly, I just see myself as being slightly below average when it comes to looks. I think others may see my personality as being cold since I prefer isolation on account of I've always really been on my own. When I'm done I'm left in shorts and a tank top. Even though it’s drizzling and a little chilly, it doesn't bother me for I have learned to ignore things like the heat or cold since most of the time I have to set up my ‘room’ outside. I put a garbage bag over my form so my ‘stench’ and ‘filth’ doesn't get all over anything. I even put bags over my old worn out holey snickers. With that done I put my clothes in my possessions bag. I have two bags. One for possessions, the other is for school. I have my hair up in a ponytail and have my head covered by a large worn bandana. I usually wear long sleeves and pants to cover up my scars and bruising and other marks. With all that taken care of I start to clean the house. I started with the basement and worked my way up. Then I went up to the second floor and worked my way down. Then I cleaned out the main floor. I fixed the wall paper, and the cabinets, cleaned and polished the floors, hid the electrical wires. By the time I was done cleaning it was three o’ clock. I started to sort the boxes and furniture so they would be grouped by rooms. At three thirty I heard a vehicle coming up the gravel road. It couldn't be Thomas or Liz for they are never early for anything excepted to an all you can eat special. I turned around and spotted a police cruiser coming to a stop. A man stepped out who appeared to be either the chief or the sheriff of this town. He came walking up to me with a bright smile on his face. My defense mechanism kicks in. Emotions are wiped from my face, my eyes take on a dark if not dead or vacant look and I avoid eye contact. “Hi there, my name is Charlie Swan and I'm the chief of police in this city. I am her to welcome you to the town since your new people here. Where are your parents?” he asked. “They went to town sir,” I replied in an unemotional quiet voice. “Is that so,” Charlie said. He looked me. “Well, what’s your name and how old are you?” he asked. I responded, “My name is Carrie and I'm 17.” “So you're going to be a senior at the high school huh. I have a daughter your age, she attends there as well. Her name is Isabella Swan. Maybe you could be friends with her or something. She could show you around.” “Maybe, I'm sure I'll be fine.” I responded. “So when are your folks coming back?” he asked. I responded that they won't be back until tonight. He stood there and looked around at everything and asked, “Surely there is someone here that is going to help bring all this inside. It’s an awful lot and quite heavy for one such as your self.” “I'll manage,” I told him. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Positive,” was my answer. And to prove I walked over to a couch, took the cushions off. I pulled it towards me where it was over and around me like a tent. I pushed it up so I was holding it over top of me. It was heavy but it was my task to do, and if Thomas and Liz found out that I had help I would get into trouble. It took me about fifteen minutes to get it into the living room. I came back out trying not to show how much that tired me out, for I don't want to appear weak. I don't show off often, but I don't feel like being bothered to day. Charlie had an uncertain and undecided look on his face. After a few minutes he finally sighed, appearing defeated. “Alright,” he said, “I'll go now, just don't over do it okay? Well I guess all I have to say is ‘Welcome to Forks.’” With that he got back into his vehicle and took off down the driveway. I waited a few minutes to make sure he really left and didn't come back. I turned around and observed how much work I still had to do. I let out a big depressed sigh and thought to myself ‘this is going to be a long day.’ By seven o'clock I had the house ready. I decided to look around the property. The only upside is that I found what used to be a shed in the back yard. I could use the pieces to build my shelter. I usually build it out where it can't be seen. It’s so much easier to do here in the forest. I make sure that I'm still in yelling range though, because, after all, I am free labor and I'm supposed to be at their beck and call. I have to snort at that. I was in luck I even found a barrel that I can use to gather rain water for drinking and bathing. I even found an old abandoned den that would provide the perfect shelter when the weather gets worse and I can sleep in at night. Inside the height of the den was four to four and a half feet, and was large enough to sit six comfortably. After I get the outside things set up I head back in the den to set up my stuff. I had to crawl in, but it wasn't that bad. I looked at my watch and noticed that Tom and Liz would be home any minute and I had to greet them like a good little dog. ‘Disgusting,’ I thought. ‘It’s demeaning and pathetic the things I have to go through with them. Some day, some how I'll be free of them, but I don't know how or when and for that I am pathetic. It is just like they say.' I take my position by the front of the house just as they are pulling into the drive way. They walk past me and into the house. I stand out there and wait. A few minutes later Thom comes out and throws what appears to be a uniform at me. “That’s your work uniform. I got you a job at a local diner. You start tomorrow an hour after school. You know the routine or you should if you even have a brain between those ears,” he sneered at me. “Which you probably don’t,” he finished under his breath thinking that I didn’t hear him. I had to mentally bite my tongue to prevent from speaking out. ‘I do have a mind, thank you which is more than you'll ever have.’ I thought. The routine that he spoke about is that I get work, get paid give them all of the money, except that which I use to buy a tooth brush, tooth paste, and any other things that I need for hygiene or school. Even then I have to show him what I bought and the receipt for them. I waited until the lights are off before left. When the lights are turned off that means that I will not be needed and can go back to my ‘room’ for the night. I decided to explore some more. About a mile or so from my den I found a pond that could bathe in and fish for food. When it comes to food I'm on my own. Sometimes I even go dumpster diving for food. You wouldn't believe how much edible food gets thrown out. I also hunt, fish, and look for roots and herbs. I hunt, I forage, and I do what it takes to survive. I even make my own bows and arrows. I don't get to eat very much, I don't have time so most of the time I go without. It really depends on the situation. I head back to my den and start to prepare for bed. I make a ‘nest’ so to speak with my old rags, scraggly blankets, leaves and moss/heather. I look through my bag and found two apples, leftovers from my old stash. I decided to save them both for tomorrow so I have something until I found new places to ‘scavenge and forage’ as I call it. I look at my watch and noticed that it was nearing midnight so decided to call it a night. I set the alarm on the watch to get me up at five. I curled up on the rags and leaf bedding and wrapped the blanket around me and went to sleep. Tomorrow will be my first day of school and work. Oh joy more staring and rumors and another day of being the outcast. 'Oh well like they say that “life sucks” (and then you die)' And with that thought I went to sleep.