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Lost and Found

Carrie, an abused teenager, has moved to Forks, Washington. She longs to find freedom, but is it as she has expected? Will she ever find happiness. Sorry I suck at summaries. My first fanfic. Read and review please. rewrite with chicke

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write Lost and Found A Twilight crossover Pairings usual except for Edward/my character Bella/Jacob My character is based on my best friend, the only one that I ever trust. There are similarities between them, but this one has an ending. I’m trying to write it as if from her point of view. It will change POV sometimes. Senior year, Edward and Bella have split for good, but the Cullens haven’t left. I would like a review or something before I post the next chapter

4. Chapter 4

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Ch 4 School and work part 2 Carrie’s Pov So far my day has been uneventful. I have long since gotten used to the whispers, staring and the pointing. So continuing to ignore it was nothing. I bet you’re tired of hearing that well get used to it. It’s my life. Ignore, be ignored. In English two boys who called themselves Mike and Eric came up to me with their girlfriends to introduce themselves. That didn’t last long. I said hi then excused my self and left for my next class after getting my paper signed and getting the reading list so I can get caught up. In Latin I noticed one of the ‘models’ I spotted earlier was in my class. He was a large fellow, he reminded me of a bear. If his muscles were anything to go by he was probably one of those gym buffs. I noticed laughter in his eyes. I just mentally shrugged and took my seat when directed. I could tell it was going to be an interesting class. The teacher is already crazy and she just gets more hyper with the more coffee she drinks. The teacher was funny, I was mentally laughing somewhere in my mind. Again someone was brave enough to approach me, but when they noticed I wasn’t responding he left to others. I heard them say something about being cold, but I brushed it off. The bear, which I later learned was named Emmett Cullen, was assigned to be my translation partner. ‘Great,’ I thought, ‘now I’ll probably get envious stares now that I’m partnered with a good looking guy.’ That was all I needed, way to make a crappy high school experience even crappier! In my third class the teacher explained that the first half of the year was devoted to chemistry and the final for it would be during midterms, and that I was exempt from the chemistry midterms due to arriving so late in the semester. The second half of the year was devoted to physics. The beautiful blonde from this morning was assigned as my lab partner. Her name, I learned, was Rosalie Hale. She had a scowl on her face as she looked me over. ‘Oh goodie, I get to be annoying,’ I thought sarcastically. Then it was biology. Again there was one of the ‘models’ from this morning with the girl who drives the loud red truck. ‘I must be cursed,’ I thought to myself. The teacher paired me up with the gorgeous guy and the loud truck girl, named Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan respectively. I was paired with them for they are the best in the class and would help me get caught up quickly. I sat at the empty table behind them and got to work taking notes and going over what the teacher gave me to catch up. When the teacher told us to work on our own or groups to do our homework, both Edward and Bella turned around so they were also using my table to work off of, that way it would be easier for me to ask for help if I need it. “Hi, my name is Isabella, but call me Bella please, and this is a good friend of mine Edward.” she said gesturing to both of them. I stopped writing looked at both of them said hello to both of them and turned back to my work. They appear to have a silent argument with each other before they turned back to me. “Well what’s your name? We introduced ourselves; it would only be fair if you told us your name.” Edward said. “Carrie,” I replied without looking up. I could have melted with that voice if I allowed myself to. “What’s your last name,” he asked. “Don’t have one, don’t use one, take your pick, it matters not,” I replied again without looking up from my work with my usual tone of voice. I could have sworn that I heard that boy Edward trying to smell me. ‘Weird.’ That response seemed to quite them for a bit. They seemed to hesitate before I looked up and spoke, “Don’t worry about small talk. If I need your help I’ll ask for it.” With that said I went back to my work. Bella looked at me, then each other for a bit before they too began on their work. When the bell rang I packed up and went to lunch. I took my books with me so I could do my homework, for I know that I would have very little time to do it later after school and work. As I walked by people would watch me and as I walked by the chatter would increase. I headed into the farthest corner of the cafeteria, sat down with my back to the corner at an empty table. I immediately got to work to get as much as I can get done before the period ends. I tuned all of the chatter out so I could concentrate; thankfully I got half of everything done during class. With my life I have to know how to use my time wisely. Thankfully I didn’t have a whole lot to do and I finished with a little more than twelve minutes left. I was hungry, but I didn’t have the money to get lunch and I have no food of my own. I had a feeling if I did eat I would feel sick for I’m not used to eating. This girl came up and started to take pictures of me blabbing something about front page news. I recognized her as Eric’s girlfriend, Angela I think her name was. I looked at her and said, “Please leave me be.” She ignored me and took more pictures and started asking me questions. How I wish I could growl, on the outside my face stayed the same, you couldn’t tell but I’m getting annoyed, and I’m feeling a little awkward for I’m not use to so much attention. “Leave,” I demanded a little more forcefully. That seemed to do the trick. She looked a little flustered. She turned around and left. I watch her leave. I took this moment to look around, some people are looking at me but most are talking amongst themselves. Eventually my eyes come upon the Cullen’s table. They are all staring at the walls or the floor. They each have a full tray of food in front of them. The guys get up, grab the girls’ trays and throw all of the uneaten food away. ‘If they’re not going to eat why did they get the food? It’s a waste, to throw away all of that food. However since it’s in the garbage it provides food for me later. I hate eating out of the garbage, but one must do what one must. So in a way I must thank them for they are inadvertently providing me with food.’ I stock up on food out of the garbage to eat when I am unable to fish or hunt or forage. I realize that Edward is staring at me, and so is the blond boy whom I don’t know his name yet. Actually they are all kind of looking at me. I stare back, and then turn away. I mentally blushed at being caught staring, especially at such a good looking group. Thankfully the bell rang a couple of minutes later. I slowly gather up my stuff and head off to my locker. I still feel stares on my back. It bothers me to some extent, makes me feel self conscience. I don’t have the rest of my books yet so I’m left with my binder to my math class. Edwards’ POV So far my day has been uneventful, the same as usual. I won’t meet up with the rest of the family until lunch. The mystery of the new girl has been bothering me. Why can’t I read her mind, or better yet how can I feel it yet not read it? I walk into class and sit beside Bella and she greets me with a smile. This is the only class that we have together. For that I am kind of grateful, for even though we are staying friends it has been awkward with everything that has happened. Just then the new girl comes in approaches the teacher, has him sign her slip and takes her seat behind Bella and me. We were told that the three of us are to be working together to help her get caught up. We then start to take notes for the class. The entire time I am trying to read her mind. Behind of the cloud all I sense is concentration, probably for the class. I try a little harder and I’m surprised that I feel a chill run down my back and my mind and body start to feel numb similar to what I feel coming from the girl. I also feel faint echoes of something, something I haven’t truly experienced for a long time, but I don’t know what it is. When the teacher told us we could get to work both Bella and I turned around and use the new girls table. “Hi, my name is Isabella, but you call me Bella please, and this is a good friend of mine Edward.” Bella said gesturing to the both of us. The new girl stopped writing looked at both of us said hello and turned back to her work. Bella and I looked at each other while she gestured for me to continue. She probably wants me to try and dazzle her. “Well what’s your name? We introduced ourselves; it would only be fair if you told us your name.” I said. “Carrie,” she replied without looking up. I was surprised that she wasn’t acting like all of the other girls. I decide to try again. “What’s your last name,” I asked. “Don’t have one, don’t use one, take your pick, it matters not,” she replied again without looking up from her work. Her tone of voice bothers me, and it is so quite if it wasn‘t for my excellent hearing I would have missed it. The dullness makes it seem almost as if she has no feelings, like she doesn’t feel anything. And what does she mean by she doesn’t have a last name or doesn’t use one. She is becoming a bigger mystery than I imagined. I decide to try and catch her scent. I get the usual scents, good thing I have gotten used to Bella’s’ scent, it doesn’t drive me crazy anymore. I catch the scent of nature, which isn’t really uncommon for these parts, but she’s new here. Her scent shouldn’t smell this strongly of nature, perhaps if she constantly lives outdoors, but that is impossible. What parent would allow their child to live outdoors, exposed to the elements. The smell of nature over masks her natural scent so heavily, that there is a small hint of nothingness. Again I have a sense of emptiness. But what is it that has caused this nothingness to fully embrace and smother her being. Bella and I hesitate as to what to do next. Carrie, as we have learned her name to be, looks up at us. Her face and eyes look so empty, so dead that it bothers me. I mean, come on, I am dead and I show more expression than that. “Don’t worry about small talk. If I need your help I’ll ask for it.” With that said she went back to her work. Bella and I look at each other at a loss for what to do. When the bell rang I packed up for lunch and Bella went to her next class, we don’t eat with each other this year for she eats before Biology. I head off to the cafeteria building after dropping my books off at my locker. I grabbed a tray of food even though I do not eat, and I sit with my family who has done the same as me. I notice Carrie come into the cafeteria, her arms still loaded with books. I watch as she walks by people begin talking about her, she passes the food. She heads to a small table in the isolated corner. I watch as she takes her books and starts going through her homework. I take this moment to hear what the others are saying about her. It seems that she has people afraid to approach her. They are curious but are afraid to do anything about it. They all think that she is quite cold and rude. Many believe that she is stuck up from her attitude. I believe that somewhat but I believe that there is more to it than that. ‘There must be a reason for the way that she is. I wonder what it is.’ I thought. “So, what do you guys think about the new girl?” asked Alice. “She seems real quite,” stated Emmett. “I could care less,” was Rosalie’s short reply. “She is a mystery,” I supplied. “Alice do you see anything for her?” “It has been obscured by something, but I have a feeling that she is not long for this world. I don’t know why or how, I just have a feeling.” she said. “I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. She seems so sad. What do you feel Jasper?” “As with her scent, and what Edward has told us about her mind, they seem covered up, buried deep within her. The shroud is so thick and dense that I can barely make out anything. I sense a few things, but what is most pronounced, from what I can guess, is pain, confusion, perhaps longing. But that is only a guess, a very big guess for I am practically getting nothing from her. What ever is wrong it is hidden quite well.” stated Jasper. “Deep. Very deep Jasper,” said Emmett. “Are you sure you’re not Carlisle? You sure were channeling him there.” Smack “Ouch. What was that for Rose?” he asked while rubbing the back of his head. I turn back and watch as she finishes the homework that she has before her. Questions start to run through my head. There are the usual questions about her but now I’m questioning her actions now. ‘Why is she doing her homework now, instead of socializing? Why isn’t she eating lunch? Why doesn’t she seem affected by me, or more precisely my ability to ‘dazzle’ those that I choose? Why is her presence so clouded? Why… Why… Why… All these questions I have and it drives me mad that I am no where near the answers.’ Just then a girl approached Carrie and started taking her picture. Carrie doesn’t seem to do anything. I hear her say, “Please leave me be.” in what I am describing as her dead voice. The girl continues to take her picture saying something about a cover story. She then starts rattling questions off left and right. Carrie just continues to sit there. She is not even looking at the photographer. She’s neither posing nor smiling. “Leave” she says once again but more forcefully. The photo girl appears to be startled and leaves shortly after. I notice that she is looking around the cafeteria. This is the only behavior that she has done that appears normal. At this moment the other guys and I throw away all of our uneaten food. When we returned I turned to look back at Carrie and see that she is staring at me. I stare back. ’Why is she staring at me? Why isn’t she affected like the others? I wish she wasn’t so hard to read, I can’t get a thing from her.’ I can tell by now that the rest of my family is also looking at her. We all stare at each other. Carrie eventually turns away. I see no reaction from our interaction on her face. A couple of minutes later the bell rings. I watch as she gathers her things and leaves. Looks like I’ve got another mystery on my hands. Carrie’s POV My next class is Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus. I love trig but I have a dislike of pre-calc. I believe that I have had a decent day thus far: however, I have decided that if I have one more class with a Cullen, I am cursed. I don’t see anything wrong with them yet. They have neither proven nor dis-proven any of my earlier assumptions, but you know what they say about assuming. The only thing that has surprised me so far is that barely anyone has approached me; I thought that since this was such a small school and community everyone would me coming up to me to question me. I have never been happier to be wrong because I do not like crowds, people bothering me, talking (probably because I’m not used to it). I walk into my class room and up to the teacher. He tells me to wait by his desk until class starts. “Alright class, listen up. We have a new student, I want you to make her feel welcome.” he turns to me and says, “Go ahead and introduce yourself.” as he hands me the books that I’ll need. I look out at the class and I spy another Cullen, the pixie looking one. I mentally groaned. ’Why do I have to be surrounded by beautiful people, I feel bad enough already.’ “My name is Carrie, nothing more, nothing less.” I said. With that I took my seat which was behind the pixie. As I sat down the teacher walked up to the board to start the lesson. ‘Is it just me or does it seems like I am placed by a Cullen in every class I have one of them in? One would think that these seats would be in high demand.’ The pixie like girl turned around to face me. “Hi,” she said, “my name is Alice Cullen.” she puts her hand out towards me with a big smile on her face. It was hard not smiling at her; in fact I think the corners of my mouth might have twitched. For some reason I feel, dare I say, happy, giddy. I feel like giggling and I never giggle. I hesitate to shake her hand for I’m not used to physical contact. I try not to flinch at the contact. I’m surprised to find that her hand is ice cold. I also find it weird that it’s not bothering me, in fact I find it some what … soothing? She smiles even brighter when I grabbed her hand. She begins to shake my hand rather enthusiastically. “So what do you have next?” she asked. “Gym then free,” I responded. I swear if her grin gets any bigger her face is going to split at the mouth. “Great,” she practically squealed. “So do my siblings and me.” With that she turned her attention back onto the teacher. ‘Why is she being so kind to me? I don’t deserve such kindness.’ I thought with a shake of my head. This class will prove to be interesting I’m sure. The class went by kind of fast. The teacher was reviewing for my benefit and for a quiz. I am able to take the quiz for so far everything is review for me. When the bell rang and I started to pack my things, I nearly jumped out of my skin when Alice grabbed my arm and started to drag me to gym. When we got there I checked in with the teacher to get my slip signed. She then gave me the only uniform she had left. Both the pants and shirt was three times too big in size. She gave me some safety pins to hold it together and on me. Then I was shown to my locker. The only girls that were near me were Alice and Rosalie; thankfully they were almost done changing. “See you out there,” Alice told me. I didn’t respond. “Alright class to day will be a simple run and walk.” said the teacher “When I blow on this whistle you will begin the walking. When I blow it again, you will start running, then walk when I blow it again.” This is going to be difficult for me. One because I can’t run, I stink at running, I never could run. Second it’s going to be hard. The shirt is so big that it almost comes to my knees and is so baggy that it could fit four of me. The sleeves come to the middle of my fore arm and are like giant bell sleeves. I pinned the shorts to the middle of the shirt underneath, and they still reach to mid calf. Each pant leg was big enough to be a skirt on me. In a way I’m thankful that the clothes are big enough to cover my limbs so most of my scars are hidden. I look up and see the Cullen family is all together. Alice looks over at me, grins and waves. I’m not sure what to do so I nodded back. I see the large one, Emmett is suppressing some laughter. ‘Over my attire no doubt, oh well. It’s not the first, or the last time that I’ve been laughed at.’ I thought as I put my hair up into a high ponytail. I feel a tapping on my shoulder and I jump/flinched at the contact for I was not expecting it. I turned around and saw that it was the female gym teacher. “I need you to fill out this form to get a properly fitting uniform.” She looks down at my shoes. I looked down at them also, studying the old worn out shoes. They are so worn thin that I can see the shape of my foot, the soles are pretty much none existent, and they are held together with duck tape, string and clothes pins. What do you expect for older than dirt hand me downs? “You’ll also need to get new shoes. Those are improper for class.” With that she turned around and left. ’Great,’ I thought, ’how am I going to pay for that.' I hear a whistle and start walking around the gym. Then when we run the soles of my shoes flip flop and I often stumbled when they folded under my feet. I noticed that the Cullen’s passed my self and the others several times. They never seemed to get tired or break a sweat. Another thing to be slightly envious about I guess, but I just brush it off. I was glad when gym was over. I was sweaty, and my feet hurt from all the running and my shoes. I was also glad that we were allowed to shower before we left. I like being clean and I didn’t want to smell entirely of body odor when I go to work after school. It’s bad enough I plan on going dumpster diving after school, but that would be easier to clean up. After I changed I went to my locker to grab my things then I went to drop off my slip in the main office. I decided since I still had plenty of time before I had to head to the café that I would look around. See if I can find the food dumpsters, or any food. I had to stay close to the ground along the buildings so as to not to be seen. I didn’t find the dumpsters near the school so I decided to look elsewhere on the school grounds. I eventually found a road that I followed to the back edge of the school property. It must have been my lucky day. There were three trash cans. The first one was for recyclables, the second for other, and a third just for food wastes. I thanked whosever’s idea it was to have the food separated. A grabbed a bunch of paper from the recycling and stuffed it into a grocery bag that I had. After that, I pulled to garbage cloak on and grabbed another out of my bag to put food on. I grabbed only the freshest of the fruit, for that is usually a safe bet. “Hello.” I heard from behind me. I was so startled that I fell into the trash can. I waited a few seconds before I crawled out of the dumpster and put my food bag in my back pack. I briefly noted that the person who caught me was Edward Cullen. ’Darn it, why didn’t I sense his approach? I usually notice when someone is coming,’ I mentally chastised myself while I grabbed my stuff and prepared to leave when he stopped me by blocking my path. ‘Why me,’ I asked myself. Can’t I scavenge food for myself in peace? “Why were you digging around in the trash? That’s not very clean, and I hope that you aren’t going to eat any of that food are you? That’s not very healthy either.” he asked. I tried to leave but he stopped me again, this time by grabbing my arm. “If you don’t answer me I’ll have to report you.” he said. I looked him in the eye and said, “Not that it is any of your business but one must do what one must.” With that I pulled out of his grasp and took off running as fast as I could. I headed out to the direction of town. I didn’t stop running until the school was out of sight. ‘So much for my little shower,’ I thought bitterly. I arrived at my new place of employment, which was called Maria‘s. It also appeared to be the local teen hot spot after school, for I recognize a couple of faces already. I was allowed to go to the employee wash room to wash up and change into my uniform. Thankfully the uniform consisted of pants, unfortunately it included a T-shirt. At least, with the lighting the scars won’t be that noticeable, and the scars on my arms are not as bad as other places. After I was done cleaning up and washing, I went to see my new boss, Meagan. She’s a small petite woman, just a couple of inches shorter than my 5’4”, brown hair, brown eyes, middle aged, a nice looking woman. She looked me over and said to me, in a no nonsense tone, “All female employees must have their hair in a bun. Your father has told me that you are to be paid weekly, in cash. That is acceptable. You are to report here every weekday after school. You must be clocked in no later than 4:00, and clock out by 9:00. For now you have the weekends off. Since you are new here you will be the cleaner or bus person. This job entails that you remove the dirty dishes from the tables, wash the table, and keep the floor clean. At closing you are to take the trash out back to the dumpster. After that you are to help with the dishes. If you have any questions come to me, understood?” I nodded. “Good,” she said. “Go get the broom and dust pan out of the supply closet and get to work.” So far everything has been uneventful. When school was let out the place started filling up. There were the jocks that intentionally make messes that I would have to clean up. Mike and Eric showed up with their girlfriends and friends. They invited me over to talk, but I told them I couldn’t talk during work hours. During both of my fifteen minutes and one half hour break I went outside to work on my homework. 9:00 came, I took the trash out, and I was told I could go home. I changed out of my uniform and left. On the way out of town I grabbed a broken tree limb from the side of the road; I might have need of it. It was pitch black out, and I was having trouble seeing where I was going. I just stayed along side of the road, that way and don’t get lost. I was passed by a car once on the way home. The driver was going at a reckless speed. I didn’t think much on it. I was tired and didn’t really care at the moment. I got home by 10:15. I put my bag beside the house and took my post beside the house. The only thing that I was ‘asked’ to do was to re-lace all of Thom’s’ and Liz’s’ shoes and get started on washing their clothes, starting with the new ones. I could do that for the wash room was separate from the house, which I am not allowed to enter. I was dismissed by 11:45. I left what was completed on the porch, grabbed my bag and started my trek to my den. It’s a good thing that I learned the layout of my home, I knew where every thing was at. I thanked my good judgment about gathering wood to dry, and using my flint and a pocket knife I showered some sparks onto the paper that I gathered earlier. With the fire I have some warmth and light with which to finish my homework with. While waiting for the fire to build up I took my new food supply a placed it into my den; I was able to gather some 6 apples, 4 pears, 2 bananas, and a loaf of bread, half a box of crackers, and even some beef jerky. I had enough for a feast. I grabbed the older apple from my old stash, 2 slices of bread and a couple inches of beef jerky. I figured that I could eat a little more than usual since I found a good place to get food, but I’ll still stock up, and hunt and fish. I left my ’school clothes’ in my little shed area so they wouldn’t get too dirty. That basically left me in my pj’s and under clothes (the tank and shorts from earlier). I noticed that it was a little after midnight. I decided that with the showers in school after gym I wouldn’t need to bathe in the pond tonight. I might as well use the hot water that the school provides, right? I sat there before the fire wrapped in my blanket finishing my home work. I was starting to get a head ache from being tired and reading in the fire light, but I was able to get my work done. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was going on 1:00 in the morning. I set my alarm to go off at five; I decided to keep the fire going and let it burn itself out, that way in the morning I might have some warmth. With that I went into my den and went to sleep.