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Lost and Found

Carrie, an abused teenager, has moved to Forks, Washington. She longs to find freedom, but is it as she has expected? Will she ever find happiness. Sorry I suck at summaries. My first fanfic. Read and review please. rewrite with chicke

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write Lost and Found A Twilight crossover Pairings usual except for Edward/my character Bella/Jacob My character is based on my best friend, the only one that I ever trust. There are similarities between them, but this one has an ending. I’m trying to write it as if from her point of view. It will change POV sometimes. Senior year, Edward and Bella have split for good, but the Cullens haven’t left. I would like a review or something before I post the next chapter

5. Chapter 5

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Ch 5 ponderings Edward’s POV I just can’t explain what I’m feeling. There is just something about her, about Carrie that calls me to her. It’s similar to what I felt for Bella, but different. I feel like I’m being pulled in, yet more forcefully pushed away. I feel like I’m sort of going into frenzy, so to speak, yet being calmed at the same time. For some reason my family and I are being called and I want to know why. And there is also Alice’s vision that has been plaguing my thoughts. There is the usual, ‘what does it mean?’ But …I don’t know we need more clues. I’ll have Alice take another look in gym. My mind is wondering back to Carrie again. It’s weird that she was all alone; don’t humans, especially girls, crave and need interaction? It is also kind of curious that the other students aren’t swarming all over her. Usually when there is someone knew, everyone is all over them like a new toy. Not this time though. Why is that? There are so many questions, but so little answers. Gym My siblings and I all have gym together, and I’m glad for that for the only competition we have is each other. I sense Alice approach and I look up. I’m surprised to see Alice dragging Carrie toward the gym by her sweater. As a rule we usually avoid contact with humans, so why is Alice breaking the rule? Why is she being so forward with someone we don’t know? We were all standing near the corner waiting for Alice to come out. The boys have a uniform of white T-shirts and blue shirts, both have the school emblem on them. The girl’s uniform is the same but with red shorts. I see Alice come toward us with what appeared to be a distraught, yet in a way thoughtful look on her face. “What’s wrong Alice,” Jasper asked. “There’s something about her,” she was mumbling. “About who,” questioned Rosalie with a somewhat narrowed expression. (She left just as Carrie came to her locker.) Alice looked up and blinked as if she just realized where she was. “Carrie,” she replied. “What about her,” I asked. “I had a vision about her. She appeared to be underground, in a hole of some sort. I couldn’t see her face, but…” she said. “But what,” Emmett asked “She was crying,” she said. “However, one set of tears were crystalline, normal. The others were…crimson, like blood. “ At that moment I, and apparently the others, felt a little tug. We looked up and saw Carrie come out of the girl’s locker room. She looked so… odd, so … small in the oversized uniform. I heard snickers coming from Emmett. I turned to look and saw that Emmett was trying to smother his laughter, glancing occasionally at Carrie. I look over her again. The shirt was so large on her that it appeared that it could fit a few more people her size in it, and it came down to about her knees. Her shorts appeared to be pinned to her shirt. The legs were large enough to be a dress themselves, and they came to around mid calve. I could also see faint marks on her legs. They were so large that it could have been a trick of the light. “Look away,” said Alice. I did so, still watching out of the corner of my eye. I notice Alice turn toward her, smile and wave. I see Carrie is a bit unsure and slightly confused and curious of the action and stiffly nod back. She turns away and begins to pull up her hair. I’m slightly surprised by her hair. It was of a rich auburn color, meaning that it has strands of blond, brown and red. There appeared to be several shades of these colors, quite unusual for a human. The length surprises me also. It’s so long; even with it up it easily reaches her hips. Upon closer inspection, I can see the flaws of her hair. It hasn’t been properly cared for. It doesn’t seem to have been cut or properly cleaned. If it has been properly cared for, it could come close to rivaling Rosalie’s golden locks. I notice the girls gym teacher approach Carrie and when the teacher tapped her on the shoulder, I’m slightly surprised by her reaction. She jumps and moves away from who touched her. She turns around to face who touched her. I watch as they converse and Carrie fills out a form. Then the teacher looks down and motions to her feet, and Carrie looks down also. I also look down. On her feet I see what is supposed to be shoes, but I see rags, scraps. The only thing that is holding the shoes together is duct tape. ‘If those are shoes, they should have been thrown out long ago.’ I thought. I listened to the teacher give us instructions on what we are supposed to do, and followed the instructions. I’m watching Carrie the whole time. I can hear the flip flop of her shoes as she walks. As we begin to run I continue to watch her. I watched as she constantly trip because of her shoes. But I hear something else that alarms me somewhat. Even though we have just begun running she is already wheezing, as if she can’t breathe. And if I listen carefully I can hear her heart beat, which was beating erratically. ‘Is she so out of shape that this is getting to her so much that her body can barely handle it?’ Naturally my siblings and I were faster and better off than the others. But for some reason I could not stop myself from slowing down when I approached Carrie. I would slow down as I approached her and picked my speed back up when I was around ten feet past her. I was also watching her while I ran. I watched as she became paler and sweat started to form upon her brow. The entire time we were running though she kept her eyes about six feet in front of her on the ground, zoning out into her own little world, unaware of what was happening around her. It was as if she was on auto pilot. I was waiting in the corridor for the others and for the bell to dismiss us from class. Again Alice was the last to come out and again she looked troubled. “What’s wrong Alice,” I asked. “I smelled blood while showering.” she said, “It was old blood though.” “Do you need to go hunting?” asked Jasper. “Not really and that’s weird.” she said. “Why would that be weird,” asked Rosalie. “Well, it was coming from the stall that Carrie went into to shower. But the weird thing is that when I smelled it I didn’t become thirsty, but I felt angry. Angry that I could smell her blood, that her blood had been spilt. That’s the weird part.” Alice said. “I think we ought to tell Carlisle about this. He might know something.” suggested Rosalie. “This could be dangerous, a trap or something.” With that everyone went to there lockers to get their things and I headed to the car. While I was waiting for the others some movement caught my attention. I saw Carrie creeping around the school. Curious, I followed her. Her movements reminded me of someone trying to sneak up on something, hunting in a way. I followed her all around the school and she never seemed to notice me. Most don’t considering what I am. After she made a complete circuit she seemed disappointed. She also appeared thoughtful for a moment before she headed out in a random direction. She eventually came across the service road that leads toward the dumpsters, and she headed in their direction. When she came upon the dumpsters I was shocked by her reaction, she was … happy? Why would she be happy that she came upon dumpsters? I watched in confusion as she takes a bunch of paper out of the recycling and puts it in her bag. I was even more confused when she put on the garbage bag that I saw her wearing this morning. I was shocked when she went up and started digging around in the trash. ‘What does she think she is doing? Why is she digging in the garbage? I noticed that she is taking food from the garbage and putting it in a small grocery bag that she was holding. “Hello.” I said. ’What am I doing, when did I approach her, why did I approach her.’ I must have startled her for she had fallen head first into the trash. I have to admit, that was kind of funny. After a few seconds she crawled out of the dumpster and put the food bag into her back pack. I briefly noted that she seemed angry and flustered and… was that a blush I saw spreading across her cheeks. She tried to leave but I blocked her path. “Why were you digging around in the trash? That’s not very clean, and I hope that you aren’t going to eat any of that food are you? That’s not very healthy either.” I asked. ‘Why am I so concerned? Why am I talking to her?’ She tried to leave but I stopped her again, this time by grabbing her arm. “If you don’t answer me I’ll have to report you.” I said. ‘Why am I doing this?’ She looked me in the eye and said, “Not that it is any of your business but one must do what one must.” Her response and tone startled me so much so that she could easily escape from my loosened grip. I watched as she ran off toward town as fast as she could. ‘What does that mean I wonder?’ Even more questions and even less answers. I walked back to my car while pondering the mystery that was Carrie. “Where were you Edward? Not doing something you aren’t supposed to do were you, because we saw Carrie running away from here as fast as she could.” questioned Emmett. “I’ll tell you when we get home,” I told them. I wanted to think about what just happened before I spoke to them about it. Cullen House “Welcome home dears. How was your day?” Esme asked with a smile on her lovely face. “Ok I guess,” I replied. “Is Carlisle home, we need to have a discussion.” I asked my tone light so I do not to worry her. “I’ll go get him and we’ll meet up with you in the living room.” she responded then turned to head up the stairs towards Carlisle’s study. “Well, what is it that you need to talk to us about?” Carlisle asked as we all took a seat in the living room for the family discussion. “You remember Alice’s vision from this morning, right?” I asked and he nodded affirmatively. “Well about halfway to town we all felt this tug on our beings. Alice had a vision that basically said that whatever we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Also at that time we passed a figure along side of the road. I thought that it was a homeless person. She was covered in a garbage bag and what clothes I could see were rags. I later found out that the figure we passed was a new student. We heard from Bella that she just moved here with her family. She said that Charlie received a shock when she carried the furniture into the house by herself. First that put us on edge because how many people have that kind of strength. When we finally saw her we were surprised. She was pale and had dark circles under her eyes. First we thought another vampire, but she isn’t.” “Why isn’t she,” asked Esme her head tilted mimicking the human habit perfectly. “She isn’t extraordinarily beautiful, she was quite average looking.” Rosalie responded while flicking a piece of her blonde hair over her shoulder. “There is also something about her that seems off.” Jasper brought up and they were all reminded about their talk in the cafeteria earlier in the day. “What do you mean Jasper?” Carlisle asked while bringing his fingers together over his lap, an action that denotes his interest. “Well,” Jasper paused, having difficulty explaining. “It’s almost as if she was dead. Her face and eyes have no expression. Her voice is so soft that without our hearing it would be hard to hear her, and it lacks emotion, her voice is quite flat. Her emotions are blanketed in a fog so thick that I can barely feel anything from her. But if I concentrated hard enough I could feel whispers of them. And even so they were covered by something. It kind of felt a bit like depression and overwhelming pain.” Everyone took a moment to let what Jasper said sink in. “It’s the same with me,” I added. “I couldn’t read her mind. I could connect with it, but I couldn’t read it. I couldn’t hear any thoughts. I could feel, almost see a thick fog around her mind, and I felt numb. Numbness surrounds her mind and I’m guessing it has spread to her body.” “What would cause that I wonder,” asked Rosalie. “I have an idea, but I dare not speculate.” said Carlisle. We all looked at him questioningly. He closed his eyes, sighed and shook his head. “I won’t tell you now, for there is no absolute proof of it. But keep an eye on her. Does any one of you have classes with her?” “Second Latin,” stated Emmett. “Third chemistry/physics,” said Rosalie. “Fourth biology and we all have lunch at the same time.” I said. “I have seventh Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus,” stated Alice. “She also has gym and free period with us.” “Tell me more of what you have observed,” Carlisle demanded kindly. “Well,” I said, “at lunch she sat alone, didn’t eat, she doesn’t seem to like attention, and at times she seems unsure of how to act.” “In math, she seemed confused when I was smiling at her. She didn’t flinch or anything when she shook my hand. Her hands were really calloused come to think of it. But she practically jumped out of her skin when I grabbed her sweater sleeve to pull her with me to gym.” said Alice. “She even jumped when the teacher tapped her on the shoulder,” I said remembering the incident in gym class. “She probably comes from a poor family,” Emmett said. “Her clothes weren’t of the greatest quality. They seemed as if they were once large hand me downs.” “And her shoes were basically nothing but duct tape,” I said. “She kept on tripping over them when we were running.” “Anything else,” asked Carlisle. “A few more things,” said Alice. “Like with her emotions, and mind, her scent seems to be fogged over. It was also over powered by the scent of nature and earth. Enough of it as if she lives in a hole in the ground, which might be proven by a vision I had.” “What vision?” Esme asked. “Well, she appeared to be in a hole in the ground. I couldn’t see her face, but I saw her crying. The right side the tears were normal, on the left however, they were crimson. Its unusual for me to have a vision like that, for it seemed like I was seeing her future in a different way than usual.” Alice said. “It had a chilling effect. I felt a chill run down my spin.” I said. “She also doesn’t use her last name,” I mumbled, but they heard it. “What?” Carlisle asked. “Well, when Bella and I tried to introduce ourselves and we tried to find out her last name she said, ‘don’t have one, don’t use one, take your pick.’ I even tried dazzling her and she didn’t seem affected,” I told him. Carlisle looked thoughtful. “One last thing,” Alice added. “When she was showering, I smelled old blood coming off of her form, and the weird thing is that instead of her blood making me thirsty, I felt angry that I could smell her blood. I also think she relaxed enough that I could smell more pain coming from her.” “I wonder why she was digging in the trash though,” I said without realizing it drawing everyone’s attention to myself. “What do you mean ‘digging in the trash’” Rosalie asked with a disgusted look on her face. Everyone was looking at me curiously. “Well,” I paused for a moment looking to place my thoughts in order, “while I was waiting for you I saw Carrie sneaking around the school. I followed her and she eventually came to the dumpsters. She took a bunch of paper out of the recycling and put it in her bag. She then put the garbage bag from this morning on and started digging through the food trash. She was putting food in another store bag. When I confronted her about it, asked why she was digging in the trash and if she was going to eat the food. She stared me in the eye and said, ‘Not that it is any of your business but one must do what one must.’ and then she took off towards town.” “Are you sure she has a home?” Carlisle asked concern written all over his face. It was just like Carlisle to be concerned over someone he had never met. “Yeah, Bella said that she and her family moved into the house just down the road, about an hours walk from town.” said Emmett. “What are you thinking Carlisle?” “I’m thinking,” He said, “that since she does go to school and she does have an address, that she isn’t homeless. The clothes and food out of the trash and not eating lunch could be because her parents can’t afford any, but they bought a house so they should have enough money for that.” He paused, “The only thing that is left is abuse and or abandonment.” “What do you mean,” Alice and I said together. “Well think about it,” Carlisle said, “Flinching at being touched. It could be that she’s not used to being touched, or she associates touch with pain, or a combination of both. She steals food so she can eat; she may not being fed. The hand me downs could be just that or what she has found on her own.” “That’s awful,” Esme said her voice heart broken for the girl. “I’m sorry dear. There is nothing that we can do about it for now, especially since it‘s speculation.” Carlisle faced them again, “I want you to keep an eye on her. If things get worse I want you to help her.” “Why would some one do that, especially to there own child,” demanded Esme she could never understand why someone would harm their own child. It was her greatest wish to have a baby of her own, but being what she is she can not. There have been rumors of vampires having children but no proof has been found. It was unfair that people who did not deserve the gift of bearing life could and others who would treat their baby well could not. “I don’t know dear, I don’t know,” Carlisle said in a soft tone knowing that this subject was a sore one for some more then others.