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Lost and Found

Carrie, an abused teenager, has moved to Forks, Washington. She longs to find freedom, but is it as she has expected? Will she ever find happiness. Sorry I suck at summaries. My first fanfic. Read and review please. rewrite with chicke

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight and my friend doesn’t mind being a character and is looking forward to what I write Lost and Found A Twilight crossover Pairings usual except for Edward/my character Bella/Jacob My character is based on my best friend, the only one that I ever trust. There are similarities between them, but this one has an ending. I’m trying to write it as if from her point of view. It will change POV sometimes. Senior year, Edward and Bella have split for good, but the Cullens haven’t left. I would like a review or something before I post the next chapter

9. Chapter 9

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Ch 9 the weekend Carrie POV The next morning there was a surprise waiting for me. There was a fine layer of snow on the ground. It made getting ready a bit more difficult because everything was slick. Some how I did manage to get ready. As the norm now Edward was waiting at the end of the driveway. This time he brought his silver Volvo with him. He was leaning against the door but pushed away when he saw me coming. “You look cold,” he said. “Nothing that I’m not used to,” I told him. “My body will eventually become so used to it that I won’t notice it. I’m weird like that; it is almost as if I don’t even feel the heat or the cold.” “Then I guess you don’t want this then,” he said while holding out a cup, while walking until he was right in front of me. I could smell the hot coca. “Is that what I think it,” I asked as I slowly reached for it. He pulled it away with a maybe. “Edward I’m beginning to think you enjoy picking on me.” “It is certainly entertaining.” he said his tone teasing as he walked back to his car. “Well, are you going to give it to me or not?” I asked. He looked into my eyes as he took his former position against the car. We stared at each other for a moment. I then slowly stalked up to him and tried to give him my best cute, puppy dog eyed look. I even added a little trembling lower lip to the mix. “Pretty please…Eddie.” I asked. “Fine take it then get in,” he relented. “Thank you,” I gushed as I did as he told me. I grabbed the cup, threw my bag on the floor and got in. As I realized what I have done I let out a small laugh. “What is it that you find so amusing, ‘Edward asked me, his head tilted slightly to the side. “Well that first day that I saw you speed past I said to myself, ‘that is one car you will never see me in,’” I told him with a small smile on my face. He laughed at that too. When we arrived at the school, the others were waiting by the school and not their cars. “Hmm, what are we going to do with all this extra time on our hands?” I questioned. As I looked around an idea came to me. “Can you hold this for a second,” I asked Edward handing him my coca. After he grabbed it I reached down and scooped a handful of snow and made it into a snowball as I snuck closer to the group. I then pulled my arm back and let it fly. I watched as the snowball sailed through the sky, and then struck Emmett in the back of the head, “Bulls eye,” I whispered as I took my hot cocoa back from Edward and continued walking toward them. After the ball hit Emmett, the group froze. Emmett slowly turned around and demanded, “Who threw that?” If only looks could kill. “He/She did it,” Edward and I said pointing at each other. I was trying yet failing miserably at keeping a straight face. “Oh really,” Emmett said with a devilish smirk on his face. He reached down and grabbed some snow; all the while he has a huge smirk on his face. As I saw this I tried to hide behind Edward, but he kept moving away. “You only brought this upon yourself you know.” he said. “Alice! Rose! Girls versus boys,” I called, feeling playful, while setting down my cup and grabbing more snow in my hands. “Way ahead of you Carrie,” Alice called throwing a snowball at Jasper. And so it continued on like that until it was Alice vs. Jasper, Emmett vs. Rose, and me vs. Edward. Some how the boys were able to get us girls stuck in the middle of a circle. “Do you girls give up?” Edward asked. We looked at each other and at the same time and shouted, “Never!” and threw everything we could at them. We weren’t even bothering to make the balls; we were throwing what snow we could get a hold of, which wasn‘t much to begin with. There was only about a quarter of an inch on the ground to begin with. The game ended with us being tackled or subdued by our nemeses. “Do you surrender?” Edward asked. He managed to get a hold of my wrists and was now holding my arms behind me, consequently his arms were now around me and we were pressed against each other. I looked at him and studied his face. His hair was wet from the snow that he was either directly or indirectly hit with. “I concede this battle to you Mr. Cullen, but you have yet to win the war.” I told him. We pulled away from each other then. “If we are going to do that again I’m going to have to find some gloves to keep my hands dry and warm.” “That would be a good idea,” Edward said and we went to join the others. Edward left and came back a short time later with my discarded cup of hot chocolate. I thanked him and we talked together until it was time to go to class, where the school received a special announcement from the principal. “Attention students, I am pleased to inform you that this Halloween, which is in two weeks, we are going to be having a school wide costume contest. Today at lunch a teacher is going to be going around to each table so you can retrieve a slip of paper. On this paper will be a costume idea for you to do.” “The contest part is this; during lunch on Halloween all of you will vote for these categories; best costume for male and female, best couple costumes, best costume of a certain type. For example, witch, vampire and so on, best costume that idea that we did not come up with. And last but not least there will be a vote for the king and queen of Halloween. We will have an assembly at the end of the day to announce the winners.” Oh this is going to be so much fun. I love Halloween; I love dressing up in costumes. This is going to be great. Maybe Alice, Rose and I could work together on our costumes, try to knock the socks off of the boys. I couldn’t wait until lunch. Lunch has finally arrived. As usual, my homework has been taken away from me and Edward put a tray of food in front of me and the others sat around me. I was bouncing my leg impatiently, waiting to get my slip of paper. “What’s got you all excited Carrie?” Edward asked. “The costume contest, I love this sort of thing. Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’m eager to see what my next challenge will be.” I said. “What do you mean by challenge,” Rosalie asked. “Well when I was in elementary school the teachers had us come up with our own costumes for our schools ‘Halloween Parade’ that was held. We were encouraged to use our imagination for our costumes. I used to use any extra fabric I had to make my costume, and I had so much fun doing that. I really enjoy dressing up.” I said with a huge smile on my face and bright eyes. “You really get into this don’t you?” Emmett asked. I enthusiastically nodded my head. As the teacher with the slips came to our table I quickly snatched a slip from the container. The others nonchalantly took theirs; they didn’t even look at them. “Are you guys not doing this?” I asked. “Not really,” Edward said. “But it is going to be so much fun.” I paused. “Will you guys please do it?” “What do we get out of it,” Edward turned my previous response back at me. I ate a sandwich as I thought of what I could offer them to get them to participate. “Twenty questions,” I responded. They looked at me in confusion. “If you guys do this I will answer twenty questions each for all of you. However I will answer ten before Halloween and ten after Halloween to ensure that you actually go through with it. That is my offer, ‘deal or no deal.’”(I do not own) They looked at me and then each other. They appeared to have a debate with out words before Edward turned back to me. “If you eat more at lunch and come to our house for breakfast at least once a week until Halloween it’s a deal,” Edward proposed. I thought it over for a minute. “Deal” and I shook his hand. “Now move so Rose can sit there. He did as I said and Rosalie came to sit with me. I pulled them both closer and pulled a sketch book out of my pile of books. “Ok ladies; let’s see what we have to work with.” Alice had angel, Rosalie witch and I had vampire. “Yours two won’t do at all.” “Well what do you have in mind?” Rosalie asked. “This,” I told them. For Alice I wrote ‘pixie’ and Rosalie I wrote ‘forest nymph’. “Aren’t those the same,” Rose asked. “Maybe, maybe not,” I replied. With that I looked Alice over and started sketching. I looked up at the boys “No peeking or cheating or anything or else,” I warned. Then I turned back to the sketch. After I got so far I started to add some color. When I had it at a certain point I showed it to Alice. She looked over it, studied it and then a huge grin spread across her face. She looked at me and handed it to Rose. She looked it over grinned and handed it back to me. “Now do mine,” she said. I took my book back, looked her over and started to sketch again. Both Alice and Rose were looking over my shoulder watching me as I worked. After I finished I showed Rose. She gasped as she saw it. While she and Alice looked it over I looked up and saw the boys staring at us in curiosity. I just sent a smile their way. “The hard part is going to be to find the right materials, and it is going to take some time to put together. I’m going to have to stay up for quite a few nights to get it all together if I do get the right materials.” I told them. “Ok we are doing yours,” Rosalie said. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to Edward. She pushed me into him so I fell into his lap. “Hold on to her,” she told Edward. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. “But I was going to do mine. Edward let go, I can sit in my seat.” “It would help if we knew what you looked like under all of those baggy clothes.” Alice said. I replied with, “I’m fat and I have curves in all of the wrong places.” “No just sit there and we’ll take care of it,” Alice said. I gave up my fight with a sigh. I grabbed the slice of pizza, leaned back into Edward’s chest to get comfortable and propped my feet up in Emmett’s lap. He looked at me and I just stuck my tongue out at him and continued to eat my pizza. He chuckled at me. I watched as Alice and Rose were frantically sketching on the same sheet of paper, have little debates, tear out a sheet of paper, crumple it up and started again. ‘This is going to be trouble, I can feel it.’ The rest of the day was the same as usual. In gym the teacher told us that we were going to be starting ball room dancing until after Halloween then we would move on to line dancing, another positive thing for my day, because I love dancing. The woman teacher was teaching us our moves, and the guy teacher was teaching the guys theirs. When we got them completely correct we will be paired with each other to perform the dances. “One reason why we are doing this because also during the assembly there will be a small party afterwards. The king and queen of Halloween will have to dance the first dance,” the woman teacher announced to the class before we got started. “Well I don’t have to worry about that.” I said. “Why is that?” asked Alice asked. “Because I never win anything, I don’t even get nominated for anything. I mean, come on, I’m not all that attractive and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit reclusive also.” I told her. “You never know, this time might be different,” she said while sharing a look with Rose. “Don’t try to rig this, just let it play out the way that it is supposed to play out.” I told them. “Don’t worry Carrie; we won’t do anything to change the outcome.” Rose said. The rest of the day went on as usual. We went to study hall, and they stayed at Maria’s while I worked. During my breaks I sat with them, and Edward ordered me food again. “You know Edward I think that you are trying to spoil me.” I said. “I’m just looking after you and keeping my word.” he replied. The snow from this morning had melted so I walked home. Alice and Rose convinced Edward that it was okay for me to walk home. They walked home with me and we discussed their costumes, what materials were needed, the colors, the details. They refused to talk about my costume, but I figured let them have there fun. I kind of felt like a Barbie doll that they were planning to dress up. When I get home the light was off. It looks like I get plenty of rest tonight. In the back of my mind I knew that this wouldn’t last, my luck was bound to run out at sometime. The questions were when and how badly was I going to get hurt. It was about eight in the morning when I got up Saturday morning. After I ate some breakfast and put a light sweater I had on and covered my head with a bandana after I pulled my hair back into a low ponytail, I went to the house to get my list of chores. Next to the chore list was a note: ‘Went to Seattle, Be back by Wednesday morning. Do your work and stay out of the house.’ My chores consisted of: do laundry, patch roof, paint shutters, hang up porch swing, plant bulbs around the house and put some in pots. I might as well get started, but I’m going to break some rules. I went into the house and brought out a radio, the only station I could get was a small local station. I cranked up the volume and got to work. I took off my sweater because it decent, a bit nippy but still really overcast. I decided to do the laundry first, since there was only two loads and so that I don’t it dirty later. While the washer was going I decided to paint the shutters. The paint I provided was a dark green and looked really old, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was lead based paint. I some how managed to climb up on the top part of the porch so I could paint the shutters up there. I couldn’t take the shutters off to paint them like I was supposed to so I had to be careful when I painted them. After I had the shutters painted and had the second load of laundry in the dryer, I moved onto the porch swing. (It took a while to paint the shutters because many were difficult to get to and I had to paint several coats to get it looking decent.) Thom forgot to mention that there was some assembly required and it also had to be painted. I decided to paint the pieces first before I put it together. While I was painting I was getting into the music. It was apparently teen hour so they were playing pop music. I recognized *NSYNC’s It’s Gonna Be Me and started to sing and dance along, painting as I did so. “Every little thing I do never seems enough for you. You don't wanna lose it again But I'm not like them Baby, when you finally, Get to love somebody Guess what, It's gonna be me” “I didn’t know you felt that way. You should have said something.” I heard come from behind my. I turned around so fast that I tripped my self and would have fallen down if the person who said that didn’t catch me. I looked up and saw Edward looking down at me with laughter in his eyes. “What have I told you about sneaking up on me? You are going to give me a heart attack one of these days.” I scolded him. I pulled away and looked behind him. There was his Volvo, Alice and Rose was getting out of a red BMW, and a large jeep pulled in behind them which Emmett and Jasper got out of. “What are you wearing Carrie? And where are your shoes,” Rose asked looking over my attire. “My pajamas,” I responded. “I don’t have anything else to wear and I haven’t cleaned my school clothes yet and I washed this last night. As for my shoes, they don‘t fit so why wear them when I don‘t have to, and I need them to last for as long as possible so I don‘t wear them down.” “Aren’t you cold?” Emmett asked. “A bit but I have come to ignore it.” I replied. They also took the time I noticed to look at all of my scars that were now visible. I had to try not to cover them up. If they really wanted to know me they ought to see how disfigured I am. “I take it that Thom and Liz are not here since you are breaking two, now three rules.” Edward asked. “Well technically four, because you guys know me and are my friends. Yes, they are gone. They left a note stating that they have gone to Seattle and won’t be back until Wednesday morning or there about.” I informed him. “So what is on the agenda today,” Alice asked. “I don’t know about you, but I have chores to do, plus I have homework to get done,” I told them. “What do you have to do?” Edward asked. “Let’s see,” I thought. “I have to finish the laundry, finish painting these pieces of swing and put it together. I don’t know why they got it; they never come out side except to leave in the car. Anyways I have to plant all of the flower bulbs around the house and in pots, the rest I put some place else, and I have to patch the roof and put up some new shingles.” “We’ll give you a hand.” With that they spread out. Alice waited on the laundry, Rose started on the gardening with Jasper, Edward and Emmett started where I left off on the swing. While they did that I gathered the things I needed for the roof. I put everything in a really large bucket and tied a rope to the handle and tied the other end around my waist. When I was ready I grabbed a hold of the new rain gutter drain that came down along side the house and started to climb up. When I was about half way up I hear Edward call to me, “What are you doing?” “Going up to the roof,” I replied not stopping my climb. A few seconds after maneuvering the part that juts out away from the house and swinging my self over I got up on the roof. I looked down and saw Edward underneath where I was glaring up at me. “What?” I asked pulling the bucket up behind me. “Isn’t there a ladder you could have used?” he asked. “Nope, there are no ladders; besides, I like climbing.” I told him. “Emmett, get up there with her just in case,” Edward said. I rolled my eyes. I was shocked when I turned around and Emmett was behind me going through the supplies that I just pulled up. “H- H- ho- how did you get up here? I didn’t even see you move.” I asked. “Don’t worry about it,” he told me. “Hey Carrie, where do the clothes go,” Alice asked. ‘She got all of them folded already. Yes they were almost dry, but it was such a large load that it would take a while to fold.’ “They go in the cubby next to the door.” I told her. “Hey Carrie, where are the pots?” Rosalie asked. ‘They can’t be done planting the bulbs for winter yet are they?’ I look down and see a bunch of upturned dirt. “They are next to the laundry shed.” I must have zoned out or something, maybe I should eat something. “I’m done Carrie,” Emmett said. I turned around and indeed all of the problem areas have been fixed, and some new shingles have been put on. “Did I fall asleep or something? How can you all be possibly finished if we haven’t been even working for ten minutes?” I questioned I felt like I was missing something. “No, we are just fast workers.” he replied. I just stared at him. “I definitely should eat something. Maybe my blood sugar is low or something.” I said more to myself. At that moment rain started to pour down from the sky. “Trust us Carrie.” Emmett said. I just nodded. “Cross your arms across your chest and keep them there.” As soon as I did as he said he picked my up bridle style and tossed me from the roof. I couldn’t help the scream that escaped my throat as I moved about to try and grab onto something or move so I wouldn’t land on my back. I then found myself in Edward’s arms. “I caught you,” he said and he set me down on my feet. “Is there anyplace where we can talk?” I nodded and walked toward my den. I assumed that everyone else was following me. When we arrived I turned to them I said, “If there is anything you don’t want to get too dirty, you can hang them in my shelter.” No one made a move. “Ok then, here is the only place large enough for all of us. I also have a fire going inside.” With that said I got down on my hands and knees and crawled into my den. The entrance was on a slightly downward angle. When I got in I went over and sat down on my ‘bed’ and waited for the others to come in. When they all got in I stoked the fire up to life again and put another log on. “Well welcome to my home,” I said to them. “The entrance and atrium is a tight squeeze,” Emmett said. “I’ll make sure that it is Emmett sized before your next visit. What are you going to do when I finally put my rock up close to the entrance?” I asked. “Just move it,” he replied with a grin. “If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to have some lunch. That reminds me with them gone I could probably go hunt or fish this week.” I said the last part to myself. The fire was right in the middle of the den. I went behind Rosalie to grab an apple, some bread and crackers. It was basically the same seating arrangement except Emmett was across from me with his back to the entrance. We sat in silence as I ate my apple. When I finished with my apple I threw the core into the fire and started eating my bread and crackers. “So what is it that you guys wanted to talk to me about,” I asked. “Well, since you have been so open with us, we are going to be open with you.” Edward said. I turned to give him my full attention. “There is something about my family and I that is different then others. We have a deep, dark and terrible secret that only one other person knows; we want you to be the second.” I waited for him to collect his thoughts. “We are stronger and faster than normal humans, a few of us even have extra abilities then that. We aren’t human.” I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t make a smart mouth remark. I nodded to let him know that it was ok for him to continue. “My family and I are a coven.” he turned so he was looking me in the eye. “A coven of what exactly,” I asked quietly. “Vampires.” he said. “Is this a joke,” I asked. “Are you trying to take advantage of me or something? I told you that I believe in stuff like that and you’re throwing it back in my face. Why would you do something like that?” I tried to keep calm. “I think we ought to show her what we mean,” Alice said. And with that they started filing out of my den. Edward motion for me to go out before him, when he got out he gabbed my hand and led me to a near by clearing. He took of his coat and put it around my shoulders and I put my arms through it. It was quite cool to the touch instead of warm, but it protected me from the rain that already had almost soaked me to the bone. He walked over to a small tree and ripped it from the ground. Emmett came in front of me and jumped. He was at least thirty feet in the air before he turned and landed on a tree branch. Jasper went up to the same tree and quickly scaled it with out much use of the branches and stood opposite of Emmett. Rose and Alice walked in front of me and then they were gone. They kept on disappearing and reappearing in different spots. After their little performance they all came before me lined up as if to be judged. Their expressions were unreadable. “So are you guys are actually real vampires and not people who think that they are vampires” They nodded. I walked up to Edward, grabbed his wrist and felt for a pulse; nothing. I looked at him and asked, “May I?” He nodded. I stepped up closer and put my ear to his chest to listen a feel for a heart beat; again nothing. I went to each of them and did the same thing. “What about your diet, you don’t drink human blood, do you?” I asked. “No,” said Edward. “We call ourselves vegetarians for we drink the blood of animals. So in a way the theory that you had earlier in the week was correct,” he told me with a small, uncertain smile. Slowly a smile started to spread across my face. “I was right? I was right. HA HA I was RIGHT!” I jumped and spun in the air. “So your all really vampires, so there is some truth to the myths. This… Is…So… COOL!” I jumped and wrapped my arms around Edward’s neck while laughing. I let go and hugged each one of them and started to ask them questions at a mile a minute.