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Twilight Saga Chatroom

This is a chatroom story! I LOVE EM! This is Post Breaking Dawn... and yeah I will make sure funny things happen! Banner Made By Me! Chatroom 7 is UP!The contest is over!!!!!!Biggest Freak 2 Meet/IAMNOTEMO!Justblond/TeddyCuttlez8: ROTFLMAOWDAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OFD: Uh...Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while drinking animal bloodOFD: O...- WAIT ANIMAL BLOOD!?!??!?!No Red Eyes!: *whacks Charlie with the frying pan*OFD: *is out cold*No Red Eyes!: What do you guys know that I don't know?


1. Chatroom 1

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No Red Eyes! has signed on

Dazzler has signed on

No Red Eyes!: Hey Edward!

Dazzler: Hey Bella

No Red Eyes!: Why are we on AIM again? I mean we are in the cottage

Dazzler: Erm, I kind of escaped the chick flick

No Red Eyes!: -_-

Dazzler: What!?!?!

No Red Eyes!: I can't believe you wouldn't watch Marie Antoinette with me!

Dazzler: It's SO BORING!

Imprinted89 has signed on

Imprinted89: Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

No Red Eyes!: Hi Sweetie! *looks at Edward* We'll talk about it later

Dazzler: I can't believe you didn't notice!

Imprinted89: Chick Flick?

Dazzler: YES!

Biggest Freak 2 Meet has signed on

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Hi Bella! Hi Renesmee.... Edward


Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Go in your Emo corner and shut up

No Red Eyes!: You have a emo corner...

Dazzler: You had to mention it?

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Yes Eddie I did!

Dazzler: Grrr

Imprinted89: *yawn* It's not fun to hang around adults anymore, whens Jakey getting on?

Fluffy Red Wolf has signed on

Imprinted89: JACOB!!!!!

Fluffy Red Wolf: ello!

Dazzler: To the emo corner...

Dazzler has signed off

Fluffy Red Wolf: My soon to be father-in-law has a emo corner?

Dazzler has signed on

Dazzler: YOUR WHAT?!?!?!?

Imprinted89: Guys! Jake and I are getting married!!!

No Red Eyes!: I'M SO HAPPY 4 U!

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Can I plan it pwease!?!?!

Dazzler: *faints*

Imprinted89: SURE!

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Yayz!

Fluffy Red Wolf: I think Eddie is happy for us!

Jessica Simpson has signed on

No Red Eyes!: Wtf!

Jessica Simpson: HI!

Imprinted89: Okay, either this person is gay or just insane!

Fluffy Red Wolf: Who the hell are you!?!?!?!

Jessica Simpson: I'm like Jessica Simpson (in gayish voice)

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Mike we all know it's you

Jessica Simpson: Damn I need to change my SN

Jessica Simpson: So who are you guys?

Fluffy Red Wolf: Jacob

Jessica Simpson: Oh yeah you, and whos the Imprinted89 person?

Imprinted89: Oh that's easy to answer I'm Be-

Fluffy Red Wolf: *covers Imprinted89's mouth*

Fluffy Red Wolf: My fiancee

Jessica Simpson: Oh okay, who are you No Red Eyes!

No Red Eyes!: I'm Lena Katina of t.A.t.U

Jessica Simpson: t.A.t.U?

No Red Eyes!: Russian group, they don't sing anymore

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: And I'm Yulia Volkova the other member of t.A.t.u

Imprinted89: Didn't they used to be lesbo?

Dazzler: *wakes up* MY WIFE IS NOT LESBO! Ur not right?

Imprinted89: I can't answer he's watching!

Fluffy Red Wolf: Nice going Eddie he's watching!

Jessica Simpson: Eddie? As in Edward Cullen?


Biggest Freak 2 Meet: You do know that's Mike Newton Edward?

Dazzler: Shut up Yulia Vodka!


No Red Eyes!: Holy shit! I can hear it! TAKE COVER *DUCKS BEHIND COUCH*

Imprinted89: Don't worry Mom!

Everyone except Jessica Simpson and Imprinted89: GRRRRRR

Imprinted89: T_T

Fluffy Red Wolf: It's okay Nessie, LOOK WHAT YOU PEOPLE DID TO HER!

Dazzler: Not to be rude or anything, but you were mean to her too dog!

Jessica Simpson: I'm OUT! BYE YULIA AND LENA! CALL ME!

No Red Eyes!: NO THANKS!

Jessica Simpson has logged off.

Dazzler: You guys were so mean to someone famous!

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: GO TO YOUR EMO CORNER NOW!!!!!

Dazzler has logged off to go to Emo corner

Imprinted89: Well were gonna go pick out some furniture for our new house BYE!

Imprinted89 has signed off

Fluffy Red Wolf has signed off

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Hey Bells want to go shopping?

No Red Eyes! has signed off

Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Whatever! TO THE MALL!

Biggest Freak 2 Meet has signed off