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Bet He Didn't See That Coming

Renesmee has grown into the full-body of a 19 year old girl and people have definitely noticed. Two people in particular. Now that she understands love and seems impossibly immune to imprinting, she’s caught in a love triangle between two guys who seem impossible to pick from. Add understanding grandparents, aunts and uncles who are all of a sudden comedians, parents who give you way too much space and hilarity and romance will ensue! A full-length drama, but very funny.


1. Prologue

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“Great,” I sighed. “Just great…”

Life for me had gone to the dumps. At least, that’s the way I saw it. My aunts thought it was absolutely adorable that I was in this little dilemma. My uncles were still trying to figure out who to kill first. My parents… well, let’s just say, they were pretty much at a loss for words.

Jacob stood in the corner of the room glaring at the brunette young man at the door. Trembles rippled through his chest as he breathed deep breaths, trying to calm himself.

And there he was. Looking like an angel that didn’t quite make it to heaven. His eyes were a dull red. It was proof that he had, as promised, ceased all human hunting. A few brown strands drifted over his forehead. His demeanor was composed. Almost as if none of this even mattered; as if nothing mattered to him, but me. I liked that. It’s what had drawn me to him in the first place. Not only his beauty, but the way he made me feel. I felt so comfortable around him. As if this is how it was supposed to be. Like he was made especially for me. When we were together, nothing else was important.

A throat was cleared from the doorway of the kitchen. “Well, Renesmee. It would seem you have a choice to make.” Carlisle said calmly. “Obviously, tonight is not a good time. A good decision to you now, may seem like a rash one later.”

I nodded solemnly. He was right, after all. Carlisle was always right. Through my entire nine years of existence, Carlisle was always the perfect grandfather. He’d never allow me to call him such, so I’ve always called him Carlisle. But that was irrelevant right now. I sighed again.

I can’t believe I’m already in a position like this. The past two years had been such an emotional ride. And my family, the sweet people that they are, just loved when Renesmee was going through it. Oh, they thought it was just “too cute”, something that they could tease me constantly about. At least that’s what Emmett thought. Ugh; utterly nerve-wrecking at times.

My father, Edward stepped to my side. Probably read where my thoughts were going. “Alright then,” he spoke in his velvety voice. “This situation has caused my daughter more than enough stress.” He shot murderous looks to the two culprits. “I’m taking her home where she will not be bothered for the rest of the night. As for you,” he looked to Jacob, “it is probably best for you to go and cool yourself down before you return. We don’t want things getting worse than they already are.”

He looked over to the dark-haired boy standing by the door. “You can stay here for the night if you’re not up to returning to your hotel room. Otherwise, drive safely and we will discuss the dilemma tomorrow.”

The boy headed towards the door, still composed, but now with a kind smile on his face. “No, thank you, my hotel room should do me just fine. Goodnight, Edward.” He nodded back towards to the kitchen doorway, “Carlisle.”

Both men nodded as well. “Goodnight Alec.”