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Poor Hated Bella

The Edward Cullen Fan Club was established before Bella moved in. And they aren't happy when Edward is stolen from them by Bella Swan. They get revenge.

Bella's POV but I'm thinking about writing this in a sequel from Edward's POV By the way, in this story the plot of the twilight saga isn't effected in any way. This is between New Moon and Eclipse.

I do not own twilight. I wish I did but I don't. and I won't. Just ask alice.

Scene: Hey alice

Alice: what do you wish to know about your future?

Scene: Do I or will I ever own twilight?

Alice: No, now you owe me a story where I dress up Bella. Scene: *Sigh* Fine...

1. Chapter 1

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 1640   Review this Chapter

BPOV I was sad. Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie were going hunting. Alice and Jasper were missing school because it was sunny and Angela and Ben were celebrating their six month anniversary (since it was six months ago that they had made it “official”) and had decided to sit by themselves today. So I sat by myself during lunch at the table that the Cullens usually sit at. Jessica still hadn’t forgiven me and was sitting with Lauren Mallory, so I knew I wasn’t welcome to sit with her. I sighed, I missed Edward and Alice. I quickly finished and went to my locker. When I opened it I found a note. Here’s what it read Bella, I am sorry that I have stopped being your friend. I don’t want to hate you anymore so I hope I can make it up to you. Please come to the back of the school after class and see me. I hope we can be friends again. Lauren Mallory I was suspicious. Lauren had never shown me anything but contempt in the past and I couldn’t see why that would change now. But it would be rude to ignore the invitation, so after gym, I walked around to the back of the school. I waited for a while and then four girls walked up to me from various directions. None of them were Lauren. I knew one of them, Lilith. She was Asian and shared my gym class with me. The others I didn’t know there names but I had seen them at school before. One was African-American, another had red hair, and the last one was a light brunette. “Hey there Bella” Lilith sneered at me, “I think you know me, let me introduce you to Sandra,”-the African American girl nodded-“Janice,”-the red head smiled at me, but in a way that made me feel that she was thinking about different ways to break my neck-“and Jen”- the light brown haired girl cracked her neck in a way that made me feel as if I should be running away screaming for help. “I’ll take it that you don’t know why we’re here.” Janice added with the same sneer and rude tone. “No, I don’t.” I replied, starting to feel a little frightened but I didn’t show it. I had dealt with worse then some teenage girls who had chosen to harass me for whatever reason. “You’re dating Edward Cullen” the Jen stated simply, flipping her light brown hair over her shoulder, “We think you should stop. You could get hurt.” I was confused because these girls didn’t really seem the kind to worry about my safety, “Why? I don’t think he’s dangerous” “Oh, we weren’t talking about him hurting you,” Sandra snickered, as if I was missing an obvious joke. “We are the Edward Cullen fan club.” Sandra continued, “We’ve noticed that you and our Edward were going out for quite some time. We thought that after he left that you wouldn’t be a problem anymore. However now he’s back and you two still seem to be going at it. We’ve decided to tell you what’s what.” I was about to snap at them telling them that they couldn’t tell me who not to date when I thought better of it. Instead I rolled my eyes and was about to walk away from these annoying girls who had let their infatuations with Edward get out of hand when I realized that they had positioned themselves to keep me from walking away. “You need to stop seeing our Edward right now.” Janice demanded, “Other wise you won’t be seeing him or anyone else for a while.” She pulled out a roll of duct tape. Now I was definitely nervous. These girls meant business and I didn’t want to get on their bad side. But I couldn’t stop seeing Edward. I needed a plan. “I’ll see what I can do.” I stated matter-of-factly. The girls seemed to believe me so they moved to let me walk to the parking lot. Once I had entered my truck I started to plan. I knew that I couldn’t tell Edward about this. If I did there would be a good chance that none of those girls would be able to walk again. Nor could I tell any of the other vampires for the same reason. I really couldn’t tell anyone. If I did Edward would read their mind and I would feel responsible for the injury of four girls whose only crime was liking Edward. Then a plan hit me! I could hang out with Edward, just not in front of those girls. I doubted that they would watch my window at night so I could still see Edward then. I also doubted that they would watch my house so he could come over, I just couldn’t see him at school. And I could call him. I smiled as I left the parking lot, I was clever. When I got home that night I quickly started dinner, not going upstairs to where I knew that Edward was waiting for me. I didn’t want him to see nervousness that was still lingering from my encounter with the fan girls. I should have known that he would come downstairs to see me. “Bella? What’s wrong? You seem a bit nervous.” His concerned voice called to me from the stairs. “Nothing's wrong, Edward.” I smiled. “Is Mike giving you trouble?” He scowled. “No, nobody’s giving me trouble.” “You’re so bad at lying Bella.” “Edward, please” I turned to face him. His eyes were black with fury. Who the fury was directed at I wasn’t sure. “Nobody’s giving me a hard time. You’re just reading something into this because you want to break Mike again.” That shut him up. He knew that I hadn’t forgiven him for that, even though he had saved me from Mike’s lips. I still thought that he could have handled the situation differently. Although, from what I knew of Edward and his family, I should be thankful that MIke was still alive. Emmett had wanted to introduce him to a very angry grizzly that he was saving to eat for a special occasion. I went back to making dinner and he didn’t bother me, just watched. Well, except for when I was about to cut the vegetables, then he had taken the knife from me saying that he didn’t trust me with even mildly pointy objects anymore, not since the disastrous birthday party they had tried to throw me. Edward left after Charlie came home. Edward was still supposed to be camping so he couldn’t stay for dinner. He kissed me quickly on the forehead before running out the back door too fast for my eyes to follow. After dinner I went up to my room where Edward stood, pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed. I knew from experience that it meant he was furious about something. It usually had something to do with me. “Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked cautiously, hoping he that he hadn’t found out about my small problem. He looked up at me and smiled tenderly, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He was still livid but he was trying to hide it. “Nothing, love.” He walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist then kissed my forehead. “Sure.” I said, not buying it. He sighed. “Must you be so perceptive? Don’t worry. it has nothing to do with you.” I was still unsure but I didn’t bring it up again. Whatever it was it couldn’t be my problem. If it was Edward wouldn’t be here, he would be tracking down those girls and to break various bones in their body. Edward interrupted my train of thought by picking me up and carrying me to the bed. He set me down on the bed and walked over to the other side while I tucked myself in. I grinned and I snuggled closer into him. My plan should keep peace between me and the fan girls. Edward didn’t even have to know. Then I suddenly realized that I had to give him a reason why I couldn’t sit with him or talk to him at school anymore. Then, even more sudden, a perfectly acceptable reason came to me. “Edward?” I said sleepily. “What is it, love?” “I am going to try to befriend some other people at school, but you seem to terrify them. So tomorrow can you leave me alone at school?” His expression was sad and slightly pained. I hated that I had hurt him but I knew that if I didn’t there would be a good chance that those girls would be severely hurt. “Okay, Bella. You don’t have many human friends. I’ll respect your wishes and tell Emmett, Alice, and Jasper as well. But I will ask you one thing.” “What Edward?” He cupped my jaw with his hand to bring my head up to look at him. His expression was now very serious. “Please try to avoid any more vulgar minded teenage boys. I already have to deal with Newton. That’s more then I really want to deal with.” I smiled at him. “I will try my hardest.” He returned with my favorite crooked smile and released my face. I flipped my self over so that my back was facing him and snuggled in as close as I could. Then I fell asleep.