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Poor Hated Bella

The Edward Cullen Fan Club was established before Bella moved in. And they aren't happy when Edward is stolen from them by Bella Swan. They get revenge.

Bella's POV but I'm thinking about writing this in a sequel from Edward's POV By the way, in this story the plot of the twilight saga isn't effected in any way. This is between New Moon and Eclipse.

I do not own twilight. I wish I did but I don't. and I won't. Just ask alice.

Scene: Hey alice

Alice: what do you wish to know about your future?

Scene: Do I or will I ever own twilight?

Alice: No, now you owe me a story where I dress up Bella. Scene: *Sigh* Fine...

2. Chapter 2

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~~ The next day at school Edward was true to his word. He had told the rest of his family about what it was that I planned to do. The downside was that I didn’t really know who else to talk to other then Angela and Ben. I decided that I should start with them and then start meeting their friends. It shouldn’t be too hard. The day went by slowly. I was beginning to wonder if I could make it through the whole day without Edward or the rest of the Cullens. I groaned and went to my locker to avoid Edward who was going to our next class, Biology. While I was wondering how I was supposed to avoid him in that particular class I opened my locker and an envelope similar to the one that I received yesterday fell out. Here’s what it said. Bella, You have done well, so we have decided to induct you to the Edward Cullen Fan Club. Come to the park at seven tonight and we’ll call you and tell you where to go from there. Oh, and it is important that you come alone. If you tell anybody where you’re going then the club’s secrecy would be in danger. With his best interests at heart The Edward Cullen Fan Club I grinned. My plan had worked! I decided to go along with there offer. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t find out about Edward being a vampire. I was so focused on tonight that I totally forgot about Edward in biology. That was a hard thing to forget, especially since he resembled a Greek god. In this class, like all the others, he simply made it seem like he didn’t notice I was there. Of course, I knew that he could have been glancing at me the whole time, I just couldn’t tell because of his vampire speed. And I acted like I did in all my other classes. I tried my hardest to forget that he was right there, and that he was probably very upset that I was ignoring him. Finally, school was over. I got into my truck and headed home. When I got back there was a Volvo in the driveway. I grinned. I couldn’t wait to finally hug Edward after a Cullenless day. I ran to the house and opened the door and he was there, waiting for me on the couch. While I plopped myself into his lap and he wrapped his arms around me, I happily began to tell him how my day was. He suddenly silenced me by placing a finger on my lips. I looked up at him for the first time today but his perfect face was unreadable. Then he looked down at me, his eyes tender, grinned lopsidedly and brought our faces closer and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed back with all my might and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away of course, but still kept his arms around me. Edward sighed, his face unreadable again. Confused, I tried to get off his lap to go get ready for tonight but his arms tightened so I couldn’t move away even a centimeter. “Bella, I know that you want to make human friends but I don’t like it when you snub me.” I was still confused, and then it dawned on me. I hadn’t said a thing to Edward all day and all I had said the night before was that I needed to spend some time apart. Not that I needed to ignore him completely. “Edward, I’m sorry. I was just so caught up with some girls that seem to want to be friends with me that I wasn’t paying enough attention to you.” “That’s okay, as long as you had fun.” I grinned. Then I remembered that I had to go somewhere in a couple of minutes. “Umm, Edward?” I looked up at him. He seemed preoccupied with smelling my hair. “Hmmm? What love?” “I have to go somewhere tonight.” “Okay, I need to go anyway. Alice is making me go shopping with her to pick out some clothes.” That threw me. “Why?” “I’ll tell you when you get back.” “Oh, okay.” I was really confused. Normally Edward would ask where I was going. Maybe he was becoming less possessive. He released me and I ran upstairs to change into something that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty. I knew that if I were to go wandering around late at night I would probably fall and grass stain anything that I was wearing. I chose a green t-shirt and jeans that were already a green-blue color. I was ready to go. I left a note to Charlie that I would be out for a while and that I’d call him when I could. I got into my truck cab and started up the vehicle. When I arrived at the park it was dark out and I wished that I had brought a flashlight as I got out of the nice warm, truck. I pulled out my phone and waited. And waited. And waited. I checked the clock to see what time it was. It was seven five. I was about to get into my truck and leave when I finally heard the phone ring. “Hello?” A voice that sounded like Janice’s answered. “Okay, you need to start at the broken bench for this to work. It’s along the trail.” “Which one?” “Just walk forward, you can’t miss it.” I did what they said, being extra careful that I didn’t fall. I still fell though. I kept walking for about an hour with an occasional call from the fan club saying that I should go right or left. After the first ten minutes I was led off the trail. Hoping that I would still be able to get home I continued until I came to a wooden bench split right down the middle. Surrounding it, were all the girls that had surrounded me yesterday. They looked at me with smiles of welcome. “Bella! So glad you could come!” Jen exclaimed. “Nice to see you again.” Sandra simply stated. From the looks of things she really didn’t want to be here. Where she did want to be I was unsure. Lilith walked up to me, holding some wrapped thing. “Okay, now that you’re here, we need you to wear this. It’s part of the initiation process.” I took the package from her and opened it. By this time my eyes had adjusted to the dark well enough that I could make out what it was that I was supposed to wear. Alice would kill me if she saw me wearing this. It was a short t-shirt that would expose about six inches of my belly, a miniskirt that would conceal eight inches of my legs and fishnet tights. Not to mention platform sandals and a ball cap. The worst part about the outfit though, was that everything was rainbow. Very, very bright horizontal rainbow stripes covered the entire outfit, even the fishnet tights. After I was done looking at the hideous clothes Janice held out her hands for the ones I had on. I told her that I was going to change in the forest and I would give her the clothes when I got back. When I got back from going into the woods to change into the ridiculous outfit, I saw that all the girls except for Jen were gone. “Where is everyone?” I asked. “They went to the club. We set the initiation up for you though. Walk that way”- she pointed to the right-“for about ten minutes, then you should see a sign. Follow the instructions exactly, otherwise you can’t join. I need your clothes and your phone. You’ll get them back when you see us again. Oh, and I need a picture of you now, and once you’re done I’ll take another so that way you can be in our scrapbook.” I handed her the clothes and my phone, let her take the picture, and then began walking in the direction she told me. After the first five minutes, I started getting nervous. But I was determined to impress Edward with discovering what the fan club knew about him. It was dark out but I could see a little ways ahead but I did fall every ten seconds it seemed. I didn’t even know how bad I looked now. After about an hour I was scared and cold. I thought I had passed the sign once or twice so I turned around a few times until I was utterly lost. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t think that there was a sign. Until I put my hand on a tree to rest and it brushed against the cool texture of parchment. Amazed and hopeful I opened my eyes wide to read it. I could too, since there was some light from the moon and the letters were big. Here’s what it said. Bella, We know that you didn’t fulfill our promise. We saw Edward’s car in your driveway. This is your punishment. You are now lost in the woods without a phone and nobody knows where you are. NEVER TOUCH OUR EDWARD CULLEN AGAIN!!! At reading this I slumped down and began to panic. I barely noticed my slightly throbbing left ankle. They were right. I was lost in the woods again and no one knew where I was. Edward hadn’t even asked. He had thought that I was going to do something fun with other humans. I was lost in the woods with no food, water, or a way to contact Edward or my family and let them know where I was. Edward… Edward… Edward… I love you so much. “Edward,” I began to moan. I curled up into a ball on the ground, trying to preserve what little heat was still in my body. The outfit that they had made me wear did little to keep me warm, which was probably their intention. I began to mumble Edward’s name over and over again. It made me feel a little bit better. ~~