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London Losses and Liberations

A car crash and a bike, oh and the lovely M25. This is what starts of the unholy alliance between our favourite couple. London Losses and Liberations


1. Crash!

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A/N I think that this might be offensive for some of you, so please if you have a sensitive nature… don't read this.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The characters and plot are the property of Stephenie Meyer. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

London losses and liberations – Chapter one

The road was covered in a blanket of snow that had fallen the previous night. The air was thick and there was a pungent silence that echoed round the street, the sight was truly beautiful as nothing was disturbed. The snow has the power to make the ugliest plant look stunning. The silence was soon lost by the birds that started to sing there freezing little hearts out to their loved ones. The distinctive rumble indicated that the milkman’s cart was coming down the road. The faint rattle of the milk bottles as the cart drove over the bumps in the street was enough to make Edward sit up in bed after another sleepless night. The air swept through his window causing some of the paper to fall off the wooden desk, he cursed loudly as the cold air attacked his bare torso sending goose bumps up his back. With a deep sigh he fell back into his warm bed and tried to sleep.-

“Fuck!” Edward shouted as he jumped out of bed; he was half an hour late for school. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

The sunlight was streaming through the few crevices in the curtains that shielded the rest of the world from his bedroom. After running around his room searching for something decent to wear he jumped in the shower. The warm water stung as it fell down his naked form, the steam didn’t have enough time to coat the room in a protective layer of warmth for when he stepped out, for he was already half way down the stairs pulling his top over his head.Edward opened the front door and was hit by a brutal gust of freezing cold air. He was only in a thin school shirt and grey trousers . He grabbed his school bag stepped out and left for school, slamming the door behind him with enough force that snow fell on top of him.“For fucks sake,” Edward muttered as he patted the snow off of his clothes. He pulled out his bicycle that was covered in melting snow and gave it a violent shake, hoped on and started pedalling towards school. There were numerous amounts of footprints that Edward tried to dodge for his own amusement. It was something that made him smile, even if it was extremely childish Edward enjoyed it.Sticks were crackling and the leaves rustled underneath him as he peddled thorough the woods, a short cut that he found many years ago.

The birds were still singing but the noise was quietened by the busy motorway that was nearby. The engines were screeching and horns were blowing, causing an echoing noise to bounce through the woods.Edward cycled near the motorway and could see that there was a crash. Several cars were meshed together into one and there was a fire coming out of a red car. People had gathered around to inspect the damage but no one was helping the people inside of the car. Edward jumped of his bike and approached an elderly lady.

“What happened?” he asked the withered old woman.

She looked him up and down and raised an eye brow. “Well isn’t it terrible, three cars crashed,” The woman said pointing to the cars.

There was a little girl in the back of the blue car, she was banging the window and screaming loudly. But the sound was muffled by the glass windows that kept her trapped in. Edward looked around and no one seemed to be helping her. Where are her parents? Edward thought as he scanned the crowds of people. The little girl kept on screaming, he couldn’t just leave her there to die. So acting on impulse he picked up a broken piece of metal that had been lost from the car accident and walked towards the girl. As he got closer he could see that the little girl wasn’t a little girl she looked about the same age as Edward. She had long brown hair that was matted at the front from all the crying she had done.“Move out the way,” He said holding up a lump of metal and gesturing for her to move. He smashed the window causing the glass to fall into thousands of tiny pieces of glass that shattered over the car and over the girl.

“Fuck!” Edward shouted as the glass cut his hand.

The brown haired girl looked up at the boy who saved her with big brown eyes and whispered “Thank you.”

Leaning in the window, Edward wrapped his hand under the girl’s leg and around her torso and proceeded to pull her out of the window. She was exceptionally light and felt nice in Edwards’s arms. But he wiped that thought away instantly. It wasn’t a movie so there wasn’t a loud clap of praise. In fact nobody seemed to notice that he saved the girl from the car. He walked her over to the side of the road where he left his bike and sat her down on the barrier.

The girl opened her mouth to speak a few times, and then finally managed to form a sentence. “Your hand is cut,” she picked up his hand and held it upright pointing to the blood. “Look, its bleeding. You should have someone look at it.”

Edward was amazed at her selflessness, then winced as he realised that it was cut and was extremely painful. He laughed lightly and shrugged, “Don't worry about me. I’m Edward, and you are?” he asked, wanting to know the name of the girl that he saved.

The girl smiled, “I’m Isabella, but most people call me Bella.”

They sat there looking at flames coming from the red car, there were more people and the road was starting to form a traffic jam. It was still cold and the leaves were spinning around in tiny whirlwinds. The noise of the ambulance was growing louder and the fire engine was racing down the road followed by a few police cars.

Edward picked his bike up, realising that he now was an hour and a half late for school. He looked at the girl sitting on the barrier and sighed. “Where are your parents?” he asked

Bella looked up and realisation hit in, “it doesn’t matter,” a tear fell down her face.

Edward looked around, he wasn’t used to situations like this and wanted to leave. “Do you go to school near here?” he asked.

Bella shock her head, “No, well yes. I don't start till next week.” She corrected her self

The ambulance arrived and Edward took Bella to the paramedics, he told her his name and her name and what had happened. They thanked him for his bravery.

He walked over to where he dumped his school bag and pulled out a pen and small bit of paper. He tore it in half and scribbled something onto it.

Call me if you need anything,

Edward Cullen - 07732473489

Bella looked at it with a smile. It was the first smile that Edward had seen on her face and it sent tingling sensations down his body. Something that made Edward feel very uncomfortable about, but he liked the sensation.

“I have to go, call me if you need anything,” and with that he hopped onto his bike and peddled away towards school.


The mummer of students ceased as Edward walked into class. He walked over to his desk next to his best friend.

“So nice of you to join us Mr Snow,” The teacher called to Edward. “Why were you two hours late?”

Edward slouched down in his seat and took a deep breath, “I saved someone from a car accident.”

The teacher laughed a deep throated laugh that Edward thought sounded like a dog before he regurgitated their dinner. “How charming, you will be making the time up. Now class back to where we were…” Edward ignored his teacher and rested his head on the table.

After a while he felt an elbow dig into his side, sitting up he looked at the culprit. The boy had brown hair with black glasses and was smirking slightly. “What was that for?” Edward asked

The boy chuckled quietly, “the lesson is over,” and then he walked out of the room.

Edward stood up and left the classroom, there were many students trotting aimlessly around the long corridor and Edward walking amongst them hiding himself in the buzz of people.

He couldn’t stop thinking of Bella, the girl that he had pulled out of the car. it wasn’t something that he would normally do. But there was something about this girl that drew him in, he wanted to know more about her. Hopefully she would call him later. Sighing Edward opened his locker with more force than he intended to and shoved his books in.

“Whoa, man. What’s up with you?” A familiar voice said to Edward.

Edward grunted and slammed the locker shut then spun around to face the voice. “Nothing Jasper, I just had a shitty morning that’s all.”

Jasper placed an arm around his friends shoulders, “care to explain?”

“I didn’t sleep last night, and then when I finally went to sleep I woke up late. I passed a car crash, no one wanted to save the girl,” Edward voice started to get louder, but the halls were near enough empty so there wasn’t that many people to listen in. he continued in a quieter voice, “I saved her, gave her my number and I can’t stop thinking about her.”

Edward and Jasper walked down the hall and out of school.

- Bella: one week later –

It was a cold morning, like most in October, however today was especially cold. It was so cold that even the birds were not singing to their hearts content. My school uniform was not designed for winter in England. We had to wear a plaid skirt that came just above my knees and a thin jumper that went over a cotton shirt. Finally I heard the distinctive rumble and screeching sound of the bus, I was practically jumping for joy. The bus came around the corner. The bitter smell of diesel entered my lungs. Today I was starting school but that was the least of my worries because all I wanted is to get away from the cold. I dug around in my ridiculously heavy bag for my purse, and grabbed some money out.

I stepped onto the bus quickly and handed my money to the man behind the steering wheel. He looked like he was in his mid forties. He was probably much younger, but the un-kept stubble on his face and his long greasy hair aged him by years. The heat from the confines of the bus steamed up my glasses. I looked down the bus and saw an empty seat about halfway down; I placed my purse back into my bag and walked down the aisle of the bus. There was a strong aroma of urine and alcohol, and it took every part of me not to gag. I finally realised that waiting outside in the cold was not such a bad idea after all.

I sat down in the vacant seat and my cheeks instantly turned a bright crimson as I noticed all the stares I was getting from various students. I knew it would happen, but it didn’t mean that I was prepared for it. The windows steamed up, so I couldn’t see outside. But I was face to face with a cartoon drawing of a smiley face; the fake smile was contagious so I smiled to myself eagerly anticipating my first day at a new school.

The bus screeched to a halt indicating that we have reached the destination; I was lightly thrown forward. I waited till I was the last one to walk out of the bus, as I approached the exit I could feel the cool air wrapping around me. I took one deep breath of the stagnant stench of the bus and jumped off the step onto an icy platform . The school was looking down upon me; the bricks seemed to go up endlessly.

I trotted off to the entrance and into the office, where I was greeted by a young looking woman. She had long blonde hair that cascaded down her shoulders, she noticed me and a smile spread across her face causing her wrinkles to become ever more prominent.

I walked over, blushing slightly and spoke. “Hello I’m Isabella Swan, I'm new here.” I stated with a smile.

She eyed me up and down, adding to my self-consciousness even more, and typed what I believe to be my name on to the computer. After a few minutes of awkward silence she looked up at me. “Bella, here is your timetable,” The lady passed me a piece of paper then rose her shoulders to an exaggerated shrug and continued, “Well, good luck.”

I thanked her and turned around to face a rather angry looking teacher towering over me. I instantly blushed and stepped to the side and left the office, so fast that I was practically running. I checked my phone and I still had half an hour left until I had to go to morning registration. Sighing, I thought that I should check out the school so I started to wonder aimlessly throughout the school hallways. The first hall way was a yellow and red colour there were pieces of paper advertising some after school activates that I knew I wouldn’t be interested in. There were rows of lockers going along the walls with classrooms in-between; the lockers were in need of some serious attention. The term ‘falling apart’ wouldn’t serve these any justice.

“Excuse me?” a high pitched voice said from behind. I didn’t know if it was aimed at me, so I ignored it and carried on walking. A few seconds later I felt a faint tap on my shoulder. I turned around; there was a girl who had spiky black hair. She was clutching some books to her chest and had a huge smile on her face. With one hand she pushed up her green glasses and looked at me expectantly.

I switched my bag on to the other shoulder, “Hello?” I asked.

“Hello, I’m Alice. Did you drop this?” she asked, holding out a small black phone that looked exactly like mine. I checked my pocket to see if it was missing.

“I… I, uh.” I stuttered. “I think so, thank you.” I took the phone from her and started to walk away.

Another tap on my shoulder, “I didn’t get your name, are you new here?” Alice asked.

I spun around on my feet to face the smiling pixie, “yes, I am. My name is Isabella, but people call me Bella.”

“Such a pretty name…” Alice sighed stopping for a few seconds to think, “So what is your first lesson?”

I pulled out my timetable from my bag. “Ugh, I have Maths.”

“Same!” she said a bit too loudly, and then proceeded in a quieter tone. “I will walk you there if you like?” I nodded.

The morning passed, faster than I expected. Many people noticed that I was new, and some came up and introduced themselves to me. The morning was almost bearable, that was until I fell over at break time. Alice introduced me to her small group of friends but unfortunately I couldn’t remember their names. I sat there, listening to the people around me complain about the teachers and various other mundane things.

There was a brown haired girl that started to talk to me. She was asking all sorts of questions. I could understand ‘Where have you come from?’ ‘What was it like back in... ’ and them sort of questions but this girl wanted to know everything. The questions were coming like she was reading them off an invisible list. I answered her questions with few words, hoping that she would take the hint and shut that horrible little mouth of hers. Oh, how I was wrong…

Drumming her fingers on the plastic table she asked yet another question, “So, did you have any friends in your old school?”

No I didn’t, “yeah, I had a few.” I answered quickly, I could lie; they knew nothing about me. I don't know if I did this to get away from her horrible voice or the ridiculous interrogations that she was putting me through, but I stood up and walked away claiming that I had to be somewhere. That somewhere, I still had to find out.

I eventually stumbled along the library. It was small but it didn’t smell like a library. Think of it what you must, but there was nothing nicer than the smell of an old library. The musty smell of the worn out books mixed in with the coffees and the typical library aroma. However in my desperate need for this smell I forget that, (1) I was now sniffing the air like a moron, (2) I had fallen over and, (3) there was someone looking down on me.

Coming back to reality, I stood up. Unfortunately I brought the blushing back with me and it was more pronounced than ever, the stupid genetics that I inherited from my parents had served no real benefit in my life. Blushing was a completely useless gene, it was almost a disease because it wasn’t exactly welcomed with wide arms like the many other perfect genes that I so happen to be lacking.

I didn’t acknowledge that there was still a tall figure next to me, and I was too much of a coward to face this person. Who, obviously thought I was from the special school down the road and got lost. I brushed imaginary dust off of my clothes. See I can act normal, every one brushes off imaginary things.

“Uh, sorry I didn’t look where I was going,” I mumbled, but I felt a strange need to keep on mumbling. So like the fool I was, I continued, “I never look where I am going, well maybe I do. Perhaps the floor likes me or something-“

I was rudely silenced from my pathetic mumblings by a velvety tone, “Bella?”

So this person–who I still didn’t have the courage to look at–somehow, knew me, and my name. The voice was recognisable, so I slowly turned my head to face this person that was obviously questioning my mental stability.

I was faced by a beautiful pair of green eyes, no. I was faced by sparkling; yeah that’s more like it. They were sparkling, twinkling, dancing, like thousands of diamonds in sunlight. To say it took my breath away, well that would certainly be an understatement.

But I knew these green eyes from somewhere, “Edward?” I asked, desperately hoping that I was correct.

Edward was the dude who saved me. Okay, he wasn’t a dude. Well he was a man, but I didn’t know if people called him ‘dude’. Anyway, he saved me in a non-cliché ‘you’re my savoir, oh, how will I ever repay you? ’-type way.

“So…” he started, and we fell in to this awkward silence when people say ‘so’ for an extended period of time hoping to somehow start a off a conversation.

I felt complied, so I said, “So…” in much the same fashion that he did. I even added to the affect by swaying from the tops of my feet to the bottoms. I didn’t have any pockets, and my hands felt stupid hanging limply from my shoulders.

“How are you?” he asked.

Nodding, like I was counting something in my head, I mumbled, “Me?” I asked, again showing how much of a moron I actually am. Because who else would he be asking? “Yeah I’m good, how about you?”

Wahoo this conversation is going somewhere!

He nodded, “Same…” he trailed off.


This conversation just crashed. How Ironic.

More awkward silence, Ugh, say something! Sway a little bit. No, actually don't do that he will think that you are backwards.

Then I realised that he left me his number on a piece of paper. I tried to call him a couple of times but I never really plucked up the courage to press that offending little green button on my phone, “Edward, I’m sorry I didn’t call you I-“

Again I was cut off, “Don't worry about it. So you’re new here then?”

No, I'm from the funny farm down the road. Couldn’t you tell? “Yeah, I just started today,” well of course I stared today, it was Monday for crying out loud.

His twinkling emerald eye looked at me, “Are you enjoying it?” he asked, somehow they twinkled even more.

“School, yeah it’s fantastic,” I said hoping that he didn’t pick up on my sarcasm.

“So...” and we were back to the prolonged silence again.

You know when you want to say something and you are mentally kicking your brain for something, anything that will start up some sort of discussion. Then you walk away from said person and realise that you actually had a list of things and questions you wanted to ask, but if you go and find them and start asking millions of questions they will eventually leave you standing there talking aimlessly to yourself? Well, now I envy that girl with the brown hair and the ridiculous questions.

Why couldn’t he walk away or something? This was getting so weird. The gauche ambience that we had reluctantly created was beyond awkward. It was the type of awkward where you would chop of your own left arm for something to say; literally I would give my fucking legs to escape. But of course, I couldn’t do that.

Edward, with more courage than me, started to talk again, “So, what is your next lesson?” he asked me in his velvety tone.

I think I was still blushing, “Physics,” I answered.

“With Mrs Carnell?” he asked a glint of hopefulness evident in his eyes, his beautiful green eyes…

I nodded, “I think so.”

He smiled. It was a simple smile, but enough to show his dimples and perfect pearly teeth. “Same, I could… uh, I could walk you there?” The smile was gone; he rubbed his hand behind his neck looking at me for an answer.

“That would,” I started looking into his glowing emerald eyes and becoming transfixed by their shimmering appearance, “That would be…”

Spit it out Bella.

“You, I don't have to. I was just thinking that you might not know where it is that’s all.” He said, defending himself.

“No, no, I mean that would be lovely. Thank you.” I wanted him to walk me there.

The smile was back, along with the silence. The bell went a few seconds later. There was something very strange, yet completely amazing about the silence we shared. Yes, it was awkward. but there was more to it than silence, if that was possible.

“Shall we?” he asked grinning from ear to ear, I nodded and he held out his arm gesturing for me to go first. We walked through the school not talking.

London Losses and Liberations