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Bella #2

Edward never came back, but he left Bella With a special gift-A Child. Little did he know that the daughter he never knew would look so much like his love, and would send him on a confusing and dangerous adventure when they crossed paths decades later. I looked at the mad who was giving my daughter a tounge bath. My eyes got caught at the tousled, bronze, to-die-for hair. I would be able to see it from a hundred miles away and still know who was the owner. "WHAT THE ______?!?! OH MY _______, ______!!!" ... That broke them apart. "Hi Mommy!" I glared at reneesme, who was looking at me like nothing had happened."Mommy? Wh-" I cut him off by holding up my palm into his face."What. Are. You. Doing?" Would Anyone like to make us a banner? We will Offer a sneak peak of the next chapter! A/U Edward/Bella

Disclaimer: Characters of twilight do not belong to us. If someone has done this story, tell us and we will give them the credit they deserve. Otherwise, It is ours. We mean no harm, We love to write, We come in peace. Please don't sue us. Everything you see under this username is made by us two crazy cousins unless notified as not. Just remember that we are two people, and not one person.

1. Chapter 1

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Preface-The Beginning of the End

The base of a log is hallow but strong. But a log of mine is dead and never existing. Some blissful people have a fabric of life to wrap their whole body r13; to keep them together. A fabric of life had never and will ever exist in my vocabulary.

In the silent town of Forks my future lies ahead for me and my daughter. I had sworn to myself that if he ever comes back he will not know what had happen.

Renesmee had ended my human life but started my immortal one. Edward left me after he used me. I felt so disgusted at my body for giving it to him. Then he left.... left me in the forest to somber and rely on the dead to come and get me.

Sam had come to save me and take me back home. I let him carry my body which was half there and half dead. It was a cold and stormy night so I was freezing. When Charlie had retrieved me from Sam's arms I found myself sliding into the darkness.

I was feeling a nudge on my stomach. Thinking it was Charlie; I ignored it and continued caressing the rope that guided me farther to the darkness.

That whole week was horrible because I was sick. My stomach was bloating. We couldn't tell what was happening to me because my stomach was so hard and bruised. Charlie went to workr13;worry always over his face. I shoved him weakly out the door as I persuaded him to go to work. I did not him to see me get any worse.

Then the day came. I had a feeling of walking to a meadow to just sit there and wait for something to happen. So I did. I was walking weakly for five miles arriving already seeing the moon up on the sky.

My water broke then as I entered the clearing of the familiar meadow. I didn't know I was pregnant. The thought never crossed anyone's mind.

Then again I was in love with a vampire and still am.

I had faded into the unconsciousness, dragging the pain with me. Then came the burning. From my past experience I knew that this was my one-way ticket to become one of them.

Those three days had been hard, competitive, and hot... But it was all worth it. I now had a daughter in my arms. She had my blush, and the curve of my hair. Her excessive growth caused her hair to lengthen so early. Her beautiful ringlets had the curl my hair. The color, on the other hand was a rich and painstaking bronze. My deep brown was visible, but still. Her eyes were gold, with splinters of bright green that sparkled in contrast. She had his skin and her face-held a mirror image of the angel who left. So he could never be forgotten.

Chapter 1

mo-om!!” Reneesmee flew down the stairs in a flash, by my side in an instant, with a frantic and worried look on her face.

I gasped only pretending to be surprised after she “scared me half to death” while I was frying eggs. I didn't eat, obviously, but Reneesmee had received that human trait. She had her father's speed, and could also drink blood, but the lack of it brought no harm. Her skin was pale, but enough to pass for a human. And she was extremely beautiful. She was a klutz, like me, more than only often. She didn't trip-she broke things. Let's just say she isn't allowed to set the table and we now use disposable plates..

“I can't decide!” She held up two hangers, holding complete outfits. One held a white skinny jean, a purple tee, and a black stud belt. The other had black skinny jeans, a blue razor back tee, and a sheer white crop top. She was truly Alice's niece.

I raised my eyebrow. “You want to ask me about this?” gesturing to my raggy sweats and large T-shirt that I was wearing.

She groaned, rolling her eyes wile throwing her hands in the air. “I don't know, I need opinions!”

“Um....Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe?”

“I'm serious! I want to pick the perfect outfit for my first day of school!”

Renesmee was now a hundred and five years old, but with the appearance of a seventeen-year-old. She enjoys and finishes high school-an experience she had always loved. Before then, I have been homeschooling her in the confines of our tiny cottage, a few miles deep into the woods. I enrolled her in Forks High. I would have enrolled myself, to watch over her, but it seems the past is too deep for me to relive. I would try to avoid it. She had her own car, and if any of the friends she made decided to come for a visit, I was her college graduate sister whom she was living with. My majors were literature and Business, with a minor in chemistry. Our parents were currently traveling..

“Ok, ok!” I had to help her somehow, or she wouldn't let me drive her today. “Do you want to show your girly side, Or not?”

“Um...both-but not too girly!”

I thought hard back to the Bella-Barbie moments with Alice. “Alright, wear the purple tee, jeans, and belt, with...are you up for wearing heels today?” She didn't have sorefeet like others did, but she usually preferred the more comfortable choice.

“I'm in the mood to show off today-Heels!”

“Then wear those silver four inchers you begged me to buy you last week.”

“She looked at the ceiling, then stared at the two hangars. “Not bad mom,” She said nodding approvingly. “Thanks!” She yelled over her shoulder as she bolted for her room to change.