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Bella #2

Edward never came back, but he left Bella With a special gift-A Child. Little did he know that the daughter he never knew would look so much like his love, and would send him on a confusing and dangerous adventure when they crossed paths decades later. I looked at the mad who was giving my daughter a tounge bath. My eyes got caught at the tousled, bronze, to-die-for hair. I would be able to see it from a hundred miles away and still know who was the owner. "WHAT THE ______?!?! OH MY _______, ______!!!" ... That broke them apart. "Hi Mommy!" I glared at reneesme, who was looking at me like nothing had happened."Mommy? Wh-" I cut him off by holding up my palm into his face."What. Are. You. Doing?" Would Anyone like to make us a banner? We will Offer a sneak peak of the next chapter! A/U Edward/Bella

Disclaimer: Characters of twilight do not belong to us. If someone has done this story, tell us and we will give them the credit they deserve. Otherwise, It is ours. We mean no harm, We love to write, We come in peace. Please don't sue us. Everything you see under this username is made by us two crazy cousins unless notified as not. Just remember that we are two people, and not one person.

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2-Edward’s POV

I broke the neck of the mountain lion I just caught. Blood lust was still in my head making this a very good distraction.

I sucked the warm blood from the lion’s neck, enjoying the ceding pain in my throat. I sucked it dry, loving every second of it.

“Ugh!” I threw the carcass of the lion hard enough that it flew about thirty feet away from me. I hate the joy that I feel when I am in a state like this.

“What, accidentally swallowed meat?” Emmett chuckled under his breath. His mind though was wandering somewhere else....

“No, and keep your thoughts to yourself,” I said, disgusted.

“Hey, it's not my fault I have something to do at night!”

Before I could pounce I felt Esme's soft hand on my shoulder. “Boys break it up, especially you Emmett. You already ruined a rain forest in Africa.”

Emmett bowed his head then pouted like a puppy. He didn't want Esme to break his new Wii purposely, just like last time.

“Come on, you have to continue hunting, you have school tomorrow,” Esme said, remembering about it made me groan out loud.

I didn't want to go back to the same school where i met-I gulped-Bella. Even the sound of her name in my mind made me wince.

We weren't supposed to come back here for obvious reasons, but we were forced to. No one had said anything about the move after Carlisle had announced it during one our brief family meetings. It had to happen someday, but i don't think any of us were quite ready. Whether it was of my reaction, or painful memories, I wasn't sure.

It was all my fault that I had left her. Victoria was trailing around Forks. Because of my over-protectiveness, I forced my family to leave and desert Bella in the process. I did eventually kill Victoria, but had I killed Bella eternally.

But before I did, I made love with her. It was a wonderful night. I sighed to myself as remembered Bella's sigh when it had ended. The whole night, I was touching her face, only to mesmerize at its beauty.

Then after three days, I left her. It was the worst thing I had ever done in my life, next to the fact that I told her I didn't love her anymore.

I spent time away from my family for over five years. I tried to distract myself. Every second, Bella was always on my mind. Always.

Then I decided to go back to my family and stayed there. Even though I was surrounded by happiness and bliss inside of me is like a war. A war between happiness and lament. I do not know anything anymore... I was always oblivious with my surroundings. Jasper was never near me for it caused him pain his face crumbling when even though he is ten feet away from me.

Everyone knew I was in some kind of pain. But only I knew how painful it was. Like there was a big black hole sucking me up if I didn't keep up.

After I was done hunting I went home alone. Then went straight to my new radio, lowering the volume low enough that I can only hear the background.
When it was time for school I went to my closet, putting on some fresh clothes mechanically. Not even bothering to turn off the radio, I went down the stairs ready for school.

“Good Morning Edward!” Alice said as I descended down the stairs. Her face was suspiciously happy, I know that she was hiding something from me. I stared at her warily. I noticed Jasper was right beside her. Neither both his mind nor his face unreadable.

“Hello Alice.” I crossed my arms across my chest, still staring at her. I tried reading her mind but it also gave me nothing. She was reciting the Gettysburg Address in different languages. She was on the Japanese language.

“Ready for school?” she asked, ignoring my confused look. I got the wave of calmness, knowing it was Jasper, I glared at him.

“I am. Where's Rosalie and Emmett?”

“They are already at school. Rosalie wanted to drive her new car.”
I walked briskly to the Volvo then drove to school. Nothing had changed to the appearance of the school. It was still the same brick-like structure that was surrounded by the parking lot. A Welcome Back sign was hanging across the front of the school. Summer vacation had just ended so we heard a lot of chatters about it, and the grumbling about their new schedules, before we even got out of the car.

After parking beside Rosalie's new convertible we were met by her and Emmett at the entrance of the main office. Since we missed the open house the week before that, we were to go to the office to get our schedule.

Just like over the years we were greeted by glares and stare. Walking down the hall to our designated classrooms were always an excitement. I could hear Emmett and Jasper murmuring numbers as they counted how many people who were opening their mouths, gaping in awe as we passed by. They were at the thirties.

But my mind was otherwise absorbed. I had remembered this hall like it had been yesterday. The wonderful days of my life being spent holding hands with the girl that touched my dead heart.

I stared at the wall where I had listened to Bella and Jessica's conversation. I had remembered how my smile widened as Bella confessed shyly to Jessica what she was really feeling about me. The smell of her blood as it traveled to her cheeks....

Oh, Bella. I love you and miss you so much, I thought. I hoped she could hear me, wherever she is. In the afterlife maybe....

The day went by so quickly that it was time for lunch. The bell rang, waking the sleeping students and announcing the only fascinating part of the day.

I slowly stood up, gathering my books with a simple swipe of my arms. I was in no hurry. If I was late leastwise I would have an excuse not to eat. I walked down the hall, intact on soaking in every happy memory that lay there.

“EDWARD!” Alice thought's called with a cheerful glee.

“What?” I muttered, careful not to use an angry tone. It had became a habit , so my goal was to avoid hurting my family's feelings.

“Could you hurry up? We're starting to miss you!” I sighed. She sounded so innocent. She could have been lying but she was my little sister. Besides, I would have all year to somber the precious times of my existence.

I entered the cafeteria that was enveloped by the noisy chatter of students. Alice rose, and caught my attention with a wave. Earning some few stares.

“Hey Edward!” she mouthed.

I gave my best to smile back as I made my way to the table.

Suddenly a flash of brown appeared before my eyes. It wasn't just ANY brown. It was a familiar brown. It was Mahogany, that shined streaks of red even in the low, indoor ceiling lights.

But it was impossible. There was no way this was happening. She should be dead by now. It couldn't be! Unless....

The beautiful woman, who left me shocked, was talking to a human boy. Only a few seconds had passed from when I had seen her. From what I could tell, she was also new here in Forks High, but I was too late in the conversation to catch her name. Just to be sure, I searched the boy's thoughts.

“She's pretty...” I snarled inwardly to myself.

“So...,” she asked. “What's your name?”

“Kyle Newton.” I rolled my eyes. Figures. He was too busy staring at her to me.

The cafeteria doors opened and a slight breeze flew in. It was barely noticeable to humans but enough to brush against her beautiful locks of hair.

A lovely scent flowed beneath my nose. Freesias. My soul rose as I knew for sure in this moment I had seen heaven. I knew that my sorrows were finally over.

“Bella? Is that you?”

I waited, hoping for an answer.

She replied with a silence. My frozen heart sank as she walked away leaving me unacknowledged, hurt, and abandoned.