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Bella #2

Edward never came back, but he left Bella With a special gift-A Child. Little did he know that the daughter he never knew would look so much like his love, and would send him on a confusing and dangerous adventure when they crossed paths decades later. I looked at the mad who was giving my daughter a tounge bath. My eyes got caught at the tousled, bronze, to-die-for hair. I would be able to see it from a hundred miles away and still know who was the owner. "WHAT THE ______?!?! OH MY _______, ______!!!" ... That broke them apart. "Hi Mommy!" I glared at reneesme, who was looking at me like nothing had happened."Mommy? Wh-" I cut him off by holding up my palm into his face."What. Are. You. Doing?" Would Anyone like to make us a banner? We will Offer a sneak peak of the next chapter! A/U Edward/Bella

Disclaimer: Characters of twilight do not belong to us. If someone has done this story, tell us and we will give them the credit they deserve. Otherwise, It is ours. We mean no harm, We love to write, We come in peace. Please don't sue us. Everything you see under this username is made by us two crazy cousins unless notified as not. Just remember that we are two people, and not one person.

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Bella continued to walk away from me and I couldn't help but follow. I didn't notice when I passed my table until Emmett called my name with a boom. I felt Alice's tiny hand crawl up my back, and grab the fabric of my t-shirt. Walking backwards, she tugged me to my seat.

“Edward, buddy, what took you so long?” Emmett gave me a mocking punch on the shoulder, but I was to devastated to hear him.

How, of all people, could Bella not notice me? If she truly was a vampire, surely she would have turned at the sound of her name. Then I remembered, that Bella could tell my voice apart from everyone elser13;smooth like velvet, she once described.

Had she known that it was me? Did she walk away on purpose? I sank lower into my seat with each negative thought. Dear God. What if she hated me ? I was an idiot, a monster, and I deserved this sort of punishment. I mean, I told her that I didn't love her anymore! No wonder she wouldn't look at me! Not only that but I left her crippled and shivering on the cold forest floor, breaking into pieces, wondering what wrong she had done.

By now I was slouching in my seat, the rim of the table already above my forehead and my legs almost sprawled on he floor.

Rosalie peered down at me partially confused, but uninterested. “What the heck?” she muttered. Her hand took the back of the chair and yanked it backwards, leaving my head to hit the tile ground with a thud. I didn't feel a thing but slowly I got up and rubbed the back of my headr13;to keep up with the appearance. I tried to sit back down, only to land on the floor once morer13;too late to realize that the chair was still behind me. A group sitting at a nearby table laughed as they watched the 'Perfect Edward Cullen' become a klutz before their eyes. Perfect. I had been rejected and humiliated on my first day of school in one minute. I sighed as I lay still on the cold ground, giving up and admitting failure.

Jasper's hand extended towards me. I graciously took it, and stood up. I grabbed the chair and finally sat down. “Edward, what's wrong?” he asked.

Emmett chimed in. “ Yeah, dude. What's up with you today?”

“It's okay Edward,” assured Alice, who already knew what I would say. “We're here for you. Isn't that right, Rosalie?” she glared at her sister.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, still without care. “Fine. I am sorry Edward. There, happy?” She scooted away to throw her untouched food and leave.

“Babe?!” Emmett called after her, unable to decipher his wife.

“It's Bella.” I continued, ignoring my childish brother.

“WHAT! BELLA'S HERE?! BELLAAAAA!! WHERE ARE YOU!? EDDIE MISS-” Emmett had once again drew attention to himself, along with more stares.

“Shut UP, you big OAF!” Alice's small, but delicate hand yanked him down by the ears. “Please, continue Edward,” she nodded, before turning to lecture squirming Emmett. “One more noise from you and I will make ABSOLUTELY SURE that Rose won't find you tonight.”

He did nothing but whimper a nod, as she dragged him out of the cafeteria.

“As I was saying, I may have seen Bella.”

“May?”, questioned Jasper.

“I only saw the back of her hair, but I am absolutely sure it was her! The color, her voice, even her scent! I can't believe it, Jazz.”

“Did you say hello?”

“I mean, I tried, but she was talking to another student. It would be rude,” I shook my head. “When she was finished, well, at least I thought I called her name, but she didn't answer me. It was like she didn't know me at all...like she was ignoring me!” I buried my head into my hands, moving them to my temples, rubbing them as if they would make the pain go away. Yeah, right. “Do you think I'm too late, Jasper? She must hate me now! There's no chance that she'll forgive me...” I let my head drop to the wooden table, making a soft BANG.

“There's only one way to find out. See if you can get a chance to talk to her, Edward, and tell her how you feel. I don't care when you do it, but you need to do it soon. And I mean today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. I mean it. Do it now before its too late.” He left me there, alone, to decide whether or not I would act upon his advice. He knew what was best for me, and I trusted him.

I continued to sit there on the unruly, and sturdy, wooden chair, thinking about what would happen if I apologized to Bella. Would she be easily forgiving, and forget what happened years before? Of course, I was only dreaming. Bella was a strong independent woman. If she needed to create a shield to protect herself from me, she would. She wouldn't be easy to recover. It's not like, at the sight of me she would run into my arms and kiss me like she used to. It's not like we would embrace like there's no tomorrow, ride into our meadow, get married and spend the rest of our existence happily together. No, as much as I wanted all of this, my sweet stubborn Bella would be much harder to retrieve.

I abruptly stood up, and the bell rang, just as I had expected. I ran slowly to the exit, not wanting to add more attention than I already had earned. I walked through the hallways, glancing around, looking for Bella. I finally saw her by her locker, casually pulling out her French book for her next class. A copy of her class schedule fell out without her noticing. When she was at least ten strides away from me, I picked it up, and followed.

I stood out side her classroom listening for something. I didn't know if she will ever love me again so the pessimistic part of me just wants to run away from here. I wanted to know everything she is thinking to make this things a little bit easier. But I know I can't get a prize fairly by cheating.

Bella was sitting at back of the classroom never raising her hand. She wasn't ever planned to be called on neither. She was just sitting there writing on something. She was fully absorbed. Maybe she was writing notes? Or is she writing a journal?

The end of the day finally came as my meter of hope ran low of ever talking to her. Really low. Her last class was P.E. with Couch Madison. They were playing volleyball and she had chosen to sit out. I chuckled under my breath. It was the same old Bella.

I was fumed for I haven't even seen her face. I did get a glimpse, but not long enough to get a good look and even enjoy it. I tried to look by using the student's thoughts who were around her. But their minds were occupied by the boring gamer13;that was never even closing to brewing hot. I also tried looking through the glass on the gym doors but she wasn't in a good view. Plus a rather large girl was blocking it.

'Hey Edward!' Alice thought as she was skipping through the busy halls of building A. She showed me images that I was to meet them in the car.

'Time to go,' she continued. I sighed then walked halfheartedly away from the gym walls that covered my only view of my love.

I got in the car and waited for my family to file in and to get settled. Then I drove out of the parking lot and went straight to the house.

“Edward... I know what you are planning,” Alice said as she stared at me, who was sitting in the front seat. I rolled my eyes at her. everyone knew that you obviously can't hide anything away from her.

Then I glared at her. “Stay away from this Alice,” hearing myself snarl.

“Wait, are you planning to slaughter town?” Emmett asked. I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw his giddy face. “Eddie!” he let out a playful gasp. “Daddy Carlisle will be mad!”

I growled. “Hey! If it's true Jasper and I want to come!” he said raising his eyebrows up and down.

Frustrated and annoyed, I dropped them off ten miles away from the house, forcing them to walk the rest of the way. As I drove away I noticed that Emmett was still standing on the empty road. Waving goodbye.

I headed straight to the street that I had hoped to drive through after all those grieving years. I knew that she was living here for she owned the house. She was the only one who could ever own it after Charlie died in a heart attack.

I came back after ten years, only to learn that she was gone, and had left Charlie alone.

“Hello?,” I knocked the door for the third time. I couldn't anticipate the fact that I was going to see Bella now. That I could finally smell her wonderful smell without the worn out wooden door of her house blocking it. I heard slow footsteps scrape against the wooden floor also accompanied by a grunting sound. 'Charlie,' I thought.

I knew that this was dangerousr13;that I was showing the youthfulness of my face in front of Charlie but I only wanted to see Bella. To finally touch her againr13;.

I was interrupted by the sound of whoosh as the door opened slowly and a stiffed gasp. I stared at Charlie's wrinkled face and distorted features. His eyes were in full surprise when his eyes laid on my face.

“What are you doing here?” he asked with a raspy voice. But he already knew the answer.

“ She's not here. She's dead.” Memories flooded through his mind causing his eyes to water. Then tears of pure sadness poured down on his fragile cheeks

I despised Charlie for only he could cry for the lost of my love.

I stopped the car a block away from my destination. Then ran and hid under the bushes in front of the familiar, white house just in time to see Bella get out of her car. She just came back from the grocery store. What does she need those supplies of food for?

She stepped up to the door, then laid down the grocery bags on the porch rail. She reached down to the pocket of her pants to get the keys.

Just like the old Bella the keys fell away from her grasp. I sighed in happiness as I raced her from getting the keys first. I got the key and then stood up straight in time to see her stiffen.

I didn't have a control on my own that when I saw her face I hungrily went for her hard, and soft lips.