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Bella #2

Edward never came back, but he left Bella With a special gift-A Child. Little did he know that the daughter he never knew would look so much like his love, and would send him on a confusing and dangerous adventure when they crossed paths decades later. I looked at the mad who was giving my daughter a tounge bath. My eyes got caught at the tousled, bronze, to-die-for hair. I would be able to see it from a hundred miles away and still know who was the owner. "WHAT THE ______?!?! OH MY _______, ______!!!" ... That broke them apart. "Hi Mommy!" I glared at reneesme, who was looking at me like nothing had happened."Mommy? Wh-" I cut him off by holding up my palm into his face."What. Are. You. Doing?" Would Anyone like to make us a banner? We will Offer a sneak peak of the next chapter! A/U Edward/Bella

Disclaimer: Characters of twilight do not belong to us. If someone has done this story, tell us and we will give them the credit they deserve. Otherwise, It is ours. We mean no harm, We love to write, We come in peace. Please don't sue us. Everything you see under this username is made by us two crazy cousins unless notified as not. Just remember that we are two people, and not one person.

4. Chapter 4

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The sound of the car tires rolling on the cobbled driveway had given me the cue to give out a loud and an exasperated sigh. You’re overreacting, Bella, I thought.

I scowled at myself for not trusting Renesmee to go out on her own.

The years were just passing by too fast. I was lucky to never have to think about having such a short time with my daughter because she would die of “old age”.

I heard the soft thud as the car door closed followed by the rhythmic footsteps of my daughter. My soft and sensitive ears heard her hands crawl into her pocket, fingering the keys.

I walked to the door pushing down a good laugh as my daughter dropped the keys onto the wooden threshold.

A soft whoosh had caught my attention. I scrambled to open the door only finding that she had someone with her.

I know mothers should be proud to see that their child—, who was new at school, had found friends and had invited them over. But no mother could smile at her daughter kissing someone, whom they barely knew, on the doorstep.

I looked at the man that was giving my daughter a tongue bath. My eyes got caught at the tousled, bronze, to-die-for hair. I would be able to see it from a hundred miles away and still know who the owner was.

“WHAT THE _________!!?!??! OH, MY _________, ___________!!!” (A/N For your convenience, please insert the words of your choice. A/N)

That broke them apart.

“Hi, Mommy!” I glared at Renesmee, who was looking at me like nothing had happened...

“Mommy?! Wh-” I cut him off by holding up my palm into his face.

“What. Are. You. Doing?”

She pursed her lips then looked at Edward who was staring at me around my palm.

I tried to keep myself from gasping out loud and keeping my face straight.

With these pair of eyes, I could see everything, and apparently I hadn’t seen the ultimate beauty of Edward. The tousled bronze hair, the black, accented lashes that framed his beautiful golden eyes; the lines of his nose, the smooth marble span of his cheekbones, and those seductive, full lips that I wanted on my own.

I wanted to touch every single aspect, just to make sure that they were real.

I thought this was one of my weird dreams.

But I haven’t dreamt in the past century!

This was not a dream. Edward was really on my doorstep, looking at me! I didn’t want anymore of this.

I pulled Renesmee inside and slammed the door on his face.

“Mom—.” Renesmee started but I help up one finger silencing her.

I stared at the plain wooden door until I could finally hear Edward walk slowly to his car, and drive away. I looked out the window to double check.

When I saw that the car was gone I let out a big sigh then turned to look at my daughter.

She was staring at me warily, probably waiting for me to blowup again. Embarrassment and guilt was written all over her face. Then, she looked to the floor.

“Do you know him?” That was the only safe subject I could stick on. I cannot just blurt out that everything she did were completely wrong. Ironically wrong.

She shrugged and said, “He goes to my school?” It sounded more like a question than an explanation.

Although she was purely innocent, I couldn't help but drop my jaw at her answer.

She was just kissing her father! And now here she is just shrugging her shoulders, like nothing had happened. She’s probably thinking how overprotective I am!

But it's not Renesmee’s fault— this was Edward's. It's perfect, of course. Not only is he trying to break my heart, my daughter's too! If that's the way it's going to be, there is no force on earth that will cause me, or Renesmee to come crawling to his feet.

“So why did you kiss him back?”

My daughter blushed. I could sense it more that I could see it because her head was still bent down, staring at the wooden floor.

“We will discuss this later. Why don’t you go upstairs, do your homework? Dinner would be ready shortly.”

She nodded then walked up to her room. I heard her door shut and a slight thump, her head hitting the pillow, muffling her piercing screams.


Was I trying to ruin her life?


Was he trying to ruin my life?


As if it wasn't anymore obvious. He breaks my heart, leaves, and years later he wants me to come back to him, after manipulating my daughter, and breaking her heart, too, within the process.


But one thing was for sure, it wasn't going to work. Perhaps, in that tiny pea-sized brain of his, he thinks he has the mind to pull the same stunt he did years ago on MY own daughter. I was like putty in his hands. One small glimpse and I could fall head over heels. If I couldn't defend myself, I would give my all to defend Renesmee.

The oven bell rang, and a pulled out the two steaks-with my bare hands. I've learned these past years, that immortality is really a useful tool for cooking.

And yes, I pulled out TWO steaks. Loving to cook, I didn't want to waste my talent feeding just one body. I needed more to do. So, I learned that I could actually eat the stakes-or any meat- if I cooked it REALLY rare, or plain raw. Not only could I cook more, but it made it less uncomfortable for Renesmee to eat alone.

“Renesmee!! Dinner's ready!” I set the food on the table, as she sat, hungrily reaching for her favorite meal. I slapped her hand away. “Ah, ah, ah! Chores first.”

“Ugh!” She angrily stomped her foot before quickly setting the table. It took her two milliseconds, using her vampire speed, so I didn't know why she had the need to complain.

Once we were all settled, I took a sip of my “wine,” preparing for the wave of tense activity.

“So?” She began, obviously not wanting an awkward silence. “Am I grounded?”

“No,” I said, with other plans in mind.

“Oh.mi.gosh! Thanks mom! I thought you'd be WAY strict about it, but I guess not! Hmm, I wonder what made you change your mind? Or if you changed your mind in the first place...”

I let her continue to ramble, seeing that she was exited. I waited a few seconds, patiently waiting for the right moment to drop the bomb.

“...But I'm SO HAPPY! I mean, I guess, now that he kissed me, we're officially going out, in a way....maybe I should kiss him back...I think he's pretty cute....and a gentleman! What do you think mom? Mom?” She reached over to wave a hand in my face, although I had been paying attention the whole time. It’s just that the thought, of Renesmee kissing HIM, my EX-BOYFRIEND, and HER FATHER...was just completely ridiculous and absurd. I forbid it to happen.

“You are never to see that boy again.” I said, a bit too sharp than I had intended.

She dropped her fork, as I watched it fall on the floor. Her mouth fell open, and remains of her chewed steak collapsed onto the plate. “WHAT!”

I winced. This wouldn't end well. “I'm sorry Ness, but-”

“But what? BUT WHAT, MOM?! Are you trying to destroy me? Do you realize I am in HIGH SCHOOL, and I have NEVER had a boyfriend my entire life?? I wanna know what love is like, Mom! I just got that perfect opportunity and you want to take it away from me?!” She was standing now, glaring me straight in the eye.

“I realize you feel this way Nessie, and you must know that I want nothing but the best for you. But I've seen hose types of boys,” I did my best to lie, “and they are nothing but trouble.” It was true, at least. Trouble might be a wrong word in this kind of problem.

She slowly set her fork and knife down, gnawing her cheek as if with annoyance.

“That's pathetic, Mom. One day, you’re gonna realize I won't be your little girl forever. And starting right now, weather you like it or not, I'm growing up without you.

Saying that I didn't understand her reactions would be a lie. Of course I understood, but I couldn't tell her the truth. At least not now. But in the mean time, I don't need her to be falling in love with...airheads like him. But as of then I wasn't so much worried. Renesmee knew better than to disobey my commands, and knew that I had ways of finding out if she did. I always let her have her freedom, but if I needed to go to such drastic measures, I would… I could hear Renesmee’s staggered gasps over the water faucet, sighing as it morphed into slow paced breaths of slumber. Wiping my hands I turned to my room. Freshening up and settling down in bed. Of course I couldn't sleep, but with the many pillows propped up against my back and around me, my laptop was cozily humming on my knees, with piles and piles worth of documents jumbled in its system.

I was writing a book-using a human pen name, and an extremely small publishing company. My professional pictures were photo shopped copies of my face, done well enough to look like a cousin I never had. She still had my features-hair color, eyes, enough to know that it held me. The face was longer, a little more roundness to the cheek and nose. She had better style than I, but her curves were frumpier than mine, but still fairly attractive. I wanted to put my college degree to good use without gaining too much attention. It was enough to get by and a pleasure, of course, to see my creations in bookstores-on the clearance shelf.

The main characters of my latest project were Jacob, and his best friend Nick. I bit my lower lip, trying to hide a smile that no one but me could see. Jacob was a close childhood friend of mine, and Nick and I met shortly after the... incident. They both were close and extremely helpful as I was bearing Nessie, and formed a certain liking for me. They were of course, upset with each other about this, but because I wanted to stay friends these negative feelings were put to the side.

After college, it seems as if I was dying to see someone. I felt so confused and lost and I needed a shoulder to cry on. Nessie was furious on me, I didn't want a relationship with any of these men, and yet I still had these strange feelings buried so deep inside I was too hurt to dig them out and decipher them. If I was perfectly fine without any of them, then I would feel like a complete fool and waste, stressing over nothing. But on the other hand, how could I choose just one?

My thoughts were interrupted when a handsomely chiseled hand rapped on my window, perfectly in sync with my steady breathing before the knocking picked up its speed. I curiously peered towards the glass, crossing my fingers that it was my fate that hid on the other side.